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    I was able to successfully convert airport runway etc.

    Two issues so far:

    1. My airport name does not show up on map.

    2. No Orientation option in AFS4 TSC

    <[float64][orientation][270]> does not work.

    I noticed the TSC formatting structure is a bit different after running AFS4 Content Converter.
    Is there an airport TSC example we can use? Currently SDK only shows Object example.

    This is using AC3D with TGI Plugins from AFS2 SDK. Perhaps this is also part of the issue?

    I really enjoy what IPACs has done with the major addition of airports, the cultivation is very well done from what I've seen in quite a few of my favorite areas.

    While in VR, the new airport lights have an extremely short render distance. They do not luminate unless you are within 110 -130 meters.

    The water masking feels rushed and does not appear as smooth as Aerofly FS2.

    Hopefully they receive a touch up in the future.


    Aerofly FS2 vs Aerofly FS4 - Florida Keys GIF

    Just tested custom project and only images and xref objects work properly. Airport runways incorrectly positioned and nothing else such as trees, 3d models and autogen building appear.

    This was to be expected as IPAC's has already told us this, just need to wait for SDK.

    I've moved on from this Cayman Islands thing. Not gonna bother, FS4 is just around the corner next week so no need to deal with it.

    Understandable if you have moved on.

    As our private message shows, you might actually have an odd bug on your end, or the installation is still incorrect.

    I will post the install instructions since it might be beneficial for others.

    There are two official ways this install structure will work.

    Last thing to verify and check would be to make sure you see these folders after 'cayman_islands_v1'

    1. Documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons\scenery\cayman_islands_v1

    Edit: Original download does not have 'elevation' folder. I added this for testing purposes.

    2. SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\addons\scenery\cayman_islands_v1

    Edit: Original download does not have 'elevation' folder. I added this for testing purposes.

    If these paths do not work, then something else is wrong or not working.

    Logically you could take all of these folders within 'cayman_islands_v1' and place them within

    3. Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery

    However, you would have to create parent folders and rename them with proper naming convention.

    This can be done but requires proper understanding Aerofly FS 2 folder structuring.

    Same, this happened about a month ago in Aeroscenery. The only other test would be to see if a zoom level 15 image shows any results. Sometimes missing images are due to region having bad source data.

    Hey Andy, I would recommend disabling any addons and see if the issue persists.

    I'm assuming Chicago O'Hare is an addon from FScloudport? Can't remember if Airport is default IPACs or part of Orbx Meigs addon?

    If issue still persists, delete the .TM log before restarting sim, then try to replicate the same scenery that causes issue. If sim crashes, it should be

    picked up by TM log to which should explain whats happening

    simulator:log [Aerofly FS Wiki]

    My first flight sim experience was with Aerofly FS2 in VR. Absolutely changed my life and gave me a new hobby in which I still enjoy very much. I personally think the R22 Helicopter is one of the best experiences I've had in sim. The F-15 sunk my stomach the first few times as well ;) Thanks IPACS!

    MAC was missing the 'addons' folder.


    1. We created an 'addons' folder within 'Aerofly FS 2' folder.

    2. Then within 'addons' we created 'scenery' folder.

    3. Then all the 'US_HI_XXXXX' folders were placed within.

    Just did a test and everything seems to load fine in the sim.

    Here is the folder structure for US_HI_maui for example.

    Each Island Download should simply be a unzip, drag and drop using their own naming convention 'US_HI_Example'

    Hopefully the reinstall works for you. I've had it happen to me before as well. Folders accidently get mixed up.

    This file will not unzip??

    For part4, in the directions.…s-part4-big-island-final/

    You need to highlight both both Zip files and extract them together at the same time.

    We had to split the files due to a 3GB upload limit.