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    With this wonderful method of animation, multiple different flight paths or straight line traffic models could be made with a basic centerpoint facing North South East or West direction. Then these could be shared, allowing users to simply adjust geo reference in tsc for their desired locations. Here's to looking for the tutorial and our wonderful community users who have 3dsmax :)

    Started at Marathon International in the R22. Within 5 seconds I immediately bursted out in joy! Great touch and go Jeff! The airports are alive! It was nice to join a trio of fighters in the F18, but they seemed like they were drunk ;) Thanks again for the wonderful add on Jeff! Very fun!

    I'm a Mac user and so I'm happy if a file works on my Mac. :)

    Please forgive me, that was one of my PC vs Mac jokes ;)

    I just tested your new TSC and can see that C1 does have some wobble. There must be something underneath the deck? Otherwise that should be smooth as butter..

    I can definitely add C3 and C4 onto the deck.

    I've finished my tsc-file so far that you can use it for other purposes as well. And before I make this file officially available, I would be happy if some people want to test it.

    Bye from Michael

    Michael, I love your work you've done on starting positions for the carrier, very impressive!

    I've made a few fixes and adjustments to the carrier model:

    Fixed all the runway edges so there is no collisions or sinking below deck.

    Added two catapults decals back to the front of carrier.

    Added a simple night texture

    Removed/moved a few Crew members

    Download Nimitz Carrier Fix Remove/overwrite old folder. For additional Starting Positions download Michael or Jan's .tsc files.

    Jan we could have used you during development ;) I find the whole lowercase work flow kind of a shame, just to suite Mac users, what year is it? I can rework the missing gap in the flight deck. Non the less thanks for the tips and advice. Now we need a flying space shuttle :)

    I've recently been flying XPlane 11 in VR and I did all the setting adjustments and tweaks to boost performance. At first it was nice to fly with different lighting, clouds, moving traffic, etc. But the moment I got to anywhere populated my computer was struggling to achieving just 20-25 fps. You can just forget flying Downtown London because that was around 8 to 10 fps <X. This to me is a 1st world problem :D

    It really makes me appreciate that Aerofly can actually provide a quality VR experience. I honestly don't want go back to anything else (VR wise)

    If other sims can't perform with current headsets, then they might not stand a chance with Higher Resolution headsets in the future. Here's to hoping other sims can optimize and improve to the Aerofly standard.

    post here the coordinates of where you see the spikes and we'll fix it.

    any spikes you see post coordinates here and they will get flattened like pancakes !


    Hello Ray, any chance you could make an example of how to flatten elevation spikes?

    The fix came from redo doing the landing deck. Thanks to TomSimMuc for acquire the working file. The original had holes and double faced surface. Alot of crazy detail was inside the carrier that needed to be delete to save some room. Soo many textures involved that it made converting a long process.

    Interested to see what you are doing to the carrier. To answer your question, I don't think you can remove the landing positions as they are more internally placed once you place a starting position.

    I 100% agree with you Fabs. Everything in AF2 files is encrypted making it hard to customize the little things. This method IPACS uses also compresses the toc files down to a smaller size, saving alot of room. Have you used the Photo detect trees method? That would be your best bet. You could probably get the Grid area covered and edited within a day or two (yes I know that long) then fine tune edit your trees in Nabeel's scenery editor.

    I might be able to help you with the trees because I too edited San Francisco awhile ago. ( I find myself saying this in alot of peoples posts but it's true :D)

    I went the Detect Trees From Photo method and I even edited out all the main problem areas. Unfortunately I deleted the TOC file when I reinstalled AF2.

    But I still do have the work folder I made! 8)

    This helps ScenProc not place any trees in the blue areas.

    Working Folder

    If you know how to use Detect Trees Through Photos, then I can send these to you. I unfortunately cannot help you since I have a few personal projects that I really would like to get done.

    Or perhaps some other wonderful fellow Aerofly user can take over and convert the area making it better? Community Project???

    Here are the three main work folders covering Map_10_28c0_9d00 area.

    North San Fran

    Mid San Fran

    South San Fran

    Vegetation folder is what you're looking for. Example: Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\scenery\vegetation

    By doing this you lose alot of trees. Otherwise there is no specifically editing IPAC .ttc files since they are encrypted.

    I use AeroScenery level 10 to check which grid I need to remove since it's very fast and easy.

    As of right now The Reverb is the highest resolution headset out right now. I would stick with it and keep waiting. I would like one as well, but like you said they are fixing the big issue right now and of course no other company is offering that high of resolution yet. I am a big fan of OLED though. Night and Day color difference compared to LCD panels, and well I believe Reverb is LCD?

    New Beta Release v1.1.1

    This (possibly) fixes the issue with missing USGS tiles.

    Did three tests of Grid Size Level 10 on USGS and can confirm that the missing tiles glitch is now fixed. Thank you very much Nick! However Zoom Level 16 is not a good friend of mine ;)