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    Currently I'm finding prices for a whole PC upgrade to a 2080ti and i9-9900k with 32gb of Ram a bit too high right now. Most setups are over $2600.. As much as I would like to upgrade for the bit of performance boost, I don't believe the 2080ti was a big improvement from 1080ti to justify. I will patiently wait til Nvidia reveals the next gen graphics cards. Of course I can't speak for others because this would be a great upgrade.

    Have you tried Motion Reprojection? Where the headset only runs at 45fps but imitates a second image to give the illusion of 90fps? That's what I use for heavy dense cities.

    BTW I have the same issue when xref are called from the airport TSC, meaning that there’s no way I can force autoheight to work properly.

    Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for but I did a few tests and here are some details. Again, I'm happy that we received a workaround fix for the XRef height adjustments.

    I made a test XRef and reset all objects heights to "0". I removed the Runway folder, and all XRef objects were perfectly positioned on ground.

    -We also had elevation problems around airports for the Apollo50 project.

    3D Objects TMB

    (Only with the AC3D airports)

    Placing objects directly into the Airport TSC that contains the RWY usually makes all of my objects flat and level. *Good

    When I create a separate TSC for the same 3d objects they typically are floating or sinking. Which then it is necessary to adjust heights. *Okay

    Even using <[int32][autoheight_override][-1]> seems powerless.. *Bad

    What a great test update to wake up to! I worried before I read this message that an update might cause issues, but..

    I did a quick test in the beta channel and all is good on my side! I looked around the area, tested a few IPAC's airports, ORBX airports, and everything seems to be positioned just fine. :thumbup:

    Progress made! Hopefully we don't find any errors with this. Thanks IPACS! :)

    I was flying the Piper Cub last night in VR and decided to step out of my chair and do some Tom Cruise Mission Impossible stuff.

    Then I had a positional error but it corrected itself right away (This also happens when just sitting in the cockpit). Still it can be very annoying when trying to immerse yourself. My WMR tracking is hit or miss. It's very easy for the issue you speak of to occur. The lighting is absolute key, and I don't have enough of it at my desk. Having the controllers turned on helps a lot more when there is not enough light. However, I never fly with my controllers so I just leave them shutoff. Only using the headset is the hit and miss. Sometimes I experience 6DOF other times it's only 3DOF. Non the less even with controllers turned on I still get tracking stutter issues occasionally.

    I believe you would have to go into each tsc. file of the specific area you are flying and adjust this line. 50000 is pretty good loading distance in my opinion. Of course you can always turn it up, but I'm not sure how optimal it would be in heavily populated areas.

    Or this is not the answer you're looking for?

    I'm glad to hear your opinion on the Reverb coming from the Odyssey+. When I bought and tested the Pimax 5k+ I hated it color wise and I believe AF2 didn't properly support a function that was desperately needed with Pimax. It's hard to use anything else after being spoiled with the Odyssey+. I really want to experience the Reverb's clarity but I know I will moan and groan about the grayish colors. Thanks again for the detailed review :thumbup:

    Tis the season and I was wondering if anyone knows of any Satellite images from Google, Bing, or USGS that managed to capture the area during Autumn season? Would love to fly over some areas with vivid colors. I'd even be interested in areas besides mountains that have captured winter snow images. Thank you.

    I've gotten this error since day 1. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    Then I noticed this would only happen to me in VR.

    Restarted computer, everything okay.

    Solution was to press Win Key + Y which switches from Desktop to Headset, allowing audio function in AF2 to comeback.

    I'm using Windows Mixed Reality with SteamVR

    There was an WMR update today which once again makes AF2 main menu warped and distorted while using Motion Reprojection.

    Hope this is your solution.