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    I think if you're willing to purchase Thrustmaster T.16000m FCS Hotas combination then that would be a great investment. I'm currently using a way cheaper version of that and I am completely satisfied, especially with heli flying. I would love to have a honeycomb yoke to experience, but that's a different story.

    I love watching people's reactions in VR, it's a great feeling. I noticed a few people in the video were super impressed. One thing I've always noticed even when letting my friends and family fly in VR, is that some people forget to look around and only keep their head looking straight ^^ I usually have to remind them that they can look all over. Strange phenomenon!

    So it just dawned on me after searching for 30 minutes. Do I have these missing people installed??

    Are they located within the "Cultivation Addon for Hartman's Bodo Area 1-8" download??

    This is such a fun idea, I just don't want to look for these missing people if they are indeed missing ;)

    What is important in the end of the day is

    - the surface material should be named according to the __airport__outside structure (see airport tutorial) => soft flattening

    - vertices must be painted black for the flatten to be transparent in AFS2

    Is there a tsc setting to make the area completely flat without sinking deep into the ground?

    With autoheight set to "false", my ground poly is indeed now flat and smooth. However it has to go underground to do so.

    Perhaps with this method, a larger ground poly needs to be created to help hide the abrupt sinking look?

    With autoheight set to "true" it seems to not flatten the ground at all?

    In regular Steam Aerofly Channel. Tested multiple aircraft, multiple locations. No crashing, I think we have a stable Vulkan again!

    Many thanks for the fix. Hopefully others report back with the same results.

    Besides, as you have certainly observed, there are numerous more errors which I don't understand how to get rid of.

    I've noticed this too. I will receive an error stating Missing .tmb file, when in fact that specific .tmb file is in the correct folder.

    I'm more than happy to help test and figure this problem out. But I just don't think it's user made scenery given my last test.

    So far it seems most users reporting on this specific forum are Nvidia users.

    Is this happening to anyone with an AMD graphics card?

    @ZoSoChile: The instant crash with Beta on your machine is strange: There are still users sceneries being loaded and we also see this strange error: scenery/places/usa/co/ktex_telluride/.tmb not found. So something is broken here. Could you please rename the addons folder and scenery folder in your installation to ensure no user sceneries are loaded?

    We currently think all those crashes are related to user sceneries. What we would like to find out now what sceneries we need to install to be able to reproduce the crash, so any help would be appreciated here.

    I tested some more. All addons, removed. In both Aerofly Folders.

    Vulkan / Aerofly Beta Channel

    Only one IPACs aircraft: b58

    Only one IPACs scenery: nv

    These are the only two things installed. All default, never tampered with.

    Random Airport: Crash tm.log

    Video example of folder structure and crash:

    Ran a few more tests.

    Removed everything 3rd Party. ORBX, JustFlight, User Created, etc. Everything is now IPACs default!

    1. Beta channel: with Vulkan. Immediate crash. tm.log

    2. Regular channel: No crash. Multiple IPACs locations, and aircraft. 5 minute test.

    3. Regular channel: Reinstalled Just Flight Aircrafts back into Aircraft Folder. Instant crash. tm.log

    4. Regular channel: Removed Just Flight Aircrafts. Immediate crash.

    Conclusion: Good Luck figuring it out! ;) Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. One thing is for sure. It came from that update the other day.

    Removed every user/3rd party addon besides JustFlight Aircraft.

    Switched to Beta, Updated Nvidia Driver, restarted system.

    Tested multiple IPACs Southwest USA locations since they should not be heavy on system.

    All crashed and failed immediately in Vulkan.

    Memory overload issue


    Little late to the party.

    I've been flying the R22 lately which works fine.

    Just realizing that many other aircraft crash within seconds of loading in Vulkan. No matter the location.

    OpenGL works fine.

    The current working settings for Google images in FSET

    [Service2] #Google Maps

    ServiceName = GE

    ServiceCodeing = qrts

    ServiceUrl =

    Referer =

    UserAgent = Mozilla/4.0

    ServerVariations = khm0,khm1,khm2,khm3

    The carrier model was reworked in the Apollo project so it could be landed on it. As far as I know there shouldn't be any problems. The original version of carrier does in fact have the double sided faces which is causing the collision crashes.