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    The screen door was a compromise I had to live with using the Samsung but the colors/brightness was worth it. Now the G2 also has great colors but no more screen door.

    Agreed, I've tried different headsets since and nothing seems to beat the vibrate colors and blacks of the Odyssey.

    Improved resolution is the only benefit with the Reverb.

    I see someone on posted about 'ReShade' tool compatible with Aerofly. Might be worth tinkering with.

    Planning on a 3080 upgrade when they're back in stock (guessing 2-4 months).

    Hi Ken, I hear you on that one!

    So after some more tinkering around. Turns out there is a bug with the new Reverb G2 along with WMR.

    It automatically puts your headset render resolution at 150% so that's why I wasn't achieving the constant 45FSP. It's needs to be set at 50% (which actually means 100%).

    I'm sure they will fix this.

    I've been playing around with these settings. Some give, some take.

    VR Flight SIM GUY explains a bit more detail.

    Also to be noted that with the Reverb in many detailed sceneries my system specs are not always maintaining 45 FPS.

    In VR it's a way better experience when everything is consistent and smooth.

    Good excuse to upgrade the horsepower.

    I have tested the Reverb G2 with Aerofly and overall it's a great visual upgrade.

    Being able to read all the fine details in the cockpit as well as looking in the distance with more clarity was drastically noticeable.

    The Reverbs colors in the day time are wonderful! Very impressed with that. However, night time feels very grey.

    Comfort level is better than my Odyssey+

    The Reverb offers '90 hz' and '60 hz' settings.

    If you use motion reprojection on '90 hz' then you will get 45 FPS which makes everything run smooth while maintaining visuals.

    At first I was running at '60 hz' with motion reprojection, capping it at 30fps which was causing horrible visual experience.

    Now I'm back at 45fps and the experience is great!

    Everyone's experience is different, just thought I'd share my two cents.

    With Apache v5 I don't seem to get the black screen but the sim just doesn't move. I can get in and out of Dev Cam, revert back to menus no problem. Both the original and new Royal Paint job seem to cause the sim to freeze and stutter differently. Sometimes I can load into 1st person view and yet sometimes the Apache doesn't load at all.

    It's been done for months. The islands are plagued with clouds in the images, most have been edited and touched up. Now we have a content converter issue, which creates non-matching colors with different zoom levels and grid sizes around water. These are just a few issues. The task would have been much easier if the satellite images were better.

    Rough Idea but,

    Perhaps IPACS could open up the Plants Folder which could allow USERS to edit plant files and create custom folders? :/

    This could also help Summer Plants match custom Ortho images that do not blend well together.

    Example: "Custom_BROADLEAF_AUTUMN"

    Who knows it could be a mess? But it would be great to try!

    Thanks for considering :thumbup:

    You can create airport runways with AC3D. Way more affordable than 3DS Max. It would be great to have a simple runway/tarmac creator. But of course someone has to do the hard work to even make something simple. For 3D models there is also the free version of SketchUp.