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    Steam mal schließen (komplett exit steam) und wieder starten. Alternativ Rechner neu starten.

    Steam hat oft diesen Bug, dass es nicht von selbst auf die Idee kommt das Produkt herunter zu laden.

    (English: Restart Steam)

    I restarted everything (computer + steam), it doesn't work.

    At the time of purchase, there is a "download" function that returned an error message (as if it couldn't find the product).

    The problem is that you can't find again this "download" function when you leave this page... and of course Steam doesn't automatically load this addon...


    Is the version located on the France VFR website compatible with the Steam version of AFS2 or do I have to wait for it to be released on Steam?

    For example I have the Steam version of AFS2 and I bought all the ORBX scenes directly from ORBX without going through Steam...It works.



    Thank you for the tip Antoine...It's fine, I have the updated version.

    Now I just have to wait for the Ile de France VFR AIRPORT Pack DLC on Steam (unless I'm mistaken, it seems not to be there yet).



    I just bought France VFR Paris IDF. I did the circuit in Lognes where I flew some time ago with a friend pilot on Katana. Everything is there, the highway as a landmark then the circuit with the famous red and white checkerboard on the roof of a building. Great! :thumbup:

    I can't wait to see the update and go to Chavenay where I flew a few times on DR400.

    Also, I will try to find the complete circuit around Paris with all the constraints of heading and altitude. It was quite say the least...8)

    Thanks and Regards,


    I don't have any fuel flow indicated when coming from cold & dark, although strictly sticking to the startup procedure from the manual. When selecting ready to taxi, takeoff or in air, fuel flow works. Did I miss something?


    Yes, I noticed that... The trick is to put the electric fuel pump on the HI (high) position.


    I just found out that I have a copilot 8o.

    I am literally bluffed by the copilot function.

    Makes a short flight to Switzerland with a flight plan.

    Sits in the back seat above the Duchess wing in relax mode. Loved the take-off moment, the approach over the roofs of the houses, the trees, the landing. The feeling is incredible, whaou, omg!

    Fun and brilliant! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:8)

    Thank you...


    We haven't received updated files from Just Flight yet. So to my knowledge if you select ready for taxi it is cold and dark and when you fly and exit the sim and resume the flight it's also cold and dark in the air. Or if you change repaints in the air it's cold and dark, too. They are still using a hack for their cold and dark state.

    Ah ok, understood. Good to know...

    Thank you,


    I'm considering buying the JF Turbo Arrow (25% discount on Steam).

    Does this aircraft benefit from the new options of AFS2 such as the possibility to start a flight with the aircraft C&D?

    Thank you and Regards,


    You can have the release version and the text shows "your opted into beta". Because you probably are still opted into beta, are you not?

    Bingo, yes I was in beta. I just disabled the "Beta" option in Steam, everything is ok now. No more message...

    Thank you.


    That sounds like you already have the latest version. Updating from the last beta to the current release may have been a very small download, maybe you just missed it? Why do you think you did not get the update?

    Thank you for your answer Jan.

    After launching Aerofly I read "You are in the Steam Beta Channel 'Beta'".

    I don't know why, I thought the last update was the release version...:huh:

    Sorry for the interruption. Btw, it seems that you made a huge step ahead with this update. I'm rediscovering Aerofly FS2 for good.:thumbup:Thanks again.