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    Is the ex-135 completely flyable with the virtual controls or do I need a physical joystick?

    I am a real helicopter pilot and I think its almost impossible to fly with virtual controls. Helicopters have so many degrees of freedom in their controls than a fixed wing and inherently unstable without razor sharp precise inputs. If you want to enjoy the helicopters on Aerofly you need to buy helicopter controls otherwise you lose 90% of the fun of this software. Please believe me that the helicopters here are as good if not better than commercial sims I have flown in.

    Thanks for the incremental updates as and when they happen. I think the regulars sort of know what you give up for the heli community.

    Amigo aerofly is a nice simulator .. But it has become obsolete with the passage of time .. There is no atc .. There is no global landscape .. There are no planes with functional fmc .. There is no real time weather .. There is no radar , the planes are half simulated .. There are no services on the ground either .. There is no pushback .. There is also no good lighting in the airports .. Aviation lovers are not satisfied with beautiful landscapes and high fps ... They want realism and aerofly is very far from having it ... They are very far from prepard .. Xplane and MFS2020 ... They should work more on the mobile version .. There they have a lot of potential .. Because in the pc version they are very far from the others

    Actually as a real life helicopter pilot the R22 in this sim is good enough to learn to fly a real R22, it performs almost identical to the real r22 . There is nothing better on terms of flight fidelity. MSFS doesn't have a helicopter flight model nor VR so for us heli simmers msfs 2020 is no better than FSX,

    I know this has been an issue forever but the annoying 3D clouds in VR when you move your head is really annoying me now I have the Lynx and I can fly IFR and up high.

    Is this on the developers list as it would certainly add a big tick if that can be fixed up ASAP.

    It's not just me is it?

    Quote from the Manual "I am an ex-Lynx pilot and this Lynx is a very accurate representation, sometimes too accurate. IF YOU JUST WANT TO GET IN AND FLY, NO CHECKS AND NO UNDERSTANDING THEN PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE AS THIS LYNX WILL NOT BE FOR YOU. IF YOU CRASH, YOU START FROM SCRATCH...SO DON'T CRASH...THERE IS NO IN-FLIGHT START OR ON THE RUNWAY START. It isn't possible in real life so it ain't with my lynx."

    Best part repeat : I am an ex-Lynx pilot and this Lynx is a very accurate representation, sometimes too accurate.


    Wow just wow I love it WOW! Dreamfoil drew me to XPlane ... this is the same quality for AFS2 . people will folow AFS just becuase of this.

    Wrong, as you can read from our latest developer blog we are also bringing new things to the desktop version.

    Hi Jan, how about helping larrylynx get his turbine finished, you keep pumping out fixed wing aircraft but we lack a turbine helicopter to fly at altitude. Please give him priority as he has made what you have refused to for all the heli simmers please?

    I am using Vulcan ( but it also does the same thing in Open GL) and it happens over the AFS2 scenery and Orbx but it only started when the small patch update was applied this week.

    I verifed all the orbx and its fixed but not in the non orbx areas so I am re downloading the South West USA region for FS2.

    It is a geforce 1080Ti overclocked to 1850mhz and its the latest Nvidea driver from geforce experience but again it only started after the AFS2 update ( I noticed Steam VR also updated ) .

    I get areas which used to be grass now as jet black areas all over the place.

    Wow this certainly adds something special to AFS2, very well done and it certainly would be something worth paying for if extended into other DLC's.

    In terms of a proof of concept it is a 100% success at adding that spark that was missing in AFS2.

    The only thing that would be even better l would be a couple of taxiing aircraft, would that be a hard ask?