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    Je ne peux rien dire sur les logiciels commerciaux car je ne travaille qu'avec un système de traitement de texte et FSCloudPort (j'ai un Mac).

    Comme je n'aime pas les pistes et voies de circulation artificielles, je les cache dans tous les aéroports de FSCloudPort. S'il y a assez de bonnes images disponibles, c'est plus amusant pour moi.

    Pour cacher les cultures sur les aérodromes FSCloud, il y a déjà quelques messages dans ce forum. Souvent, les créateurs des cultures sont heureux d'être informés des possibilités d’amélioration.

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    Today the new version "Aerofly FS 2020" was released in the Apple App Store. :-)

    Unfortunately the overlay buttons can only be seen in this version if no external controller (I use the Nimbus) is connected. Therefore it is still not possible to set the co-pilot officially with a controller.


    Is there any plan to change this so that external controller and co-pilot are not mutually exclusive?


    In this article I have described a WorkAround, but without a WorkAround it would be better:

    Overlay for autopilot etc when using controller

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    EGNT ( NEWCASTLE) just finished it if you would like it. and there is more bridges too for city centre. the swing bridge and the high level bridge .:)

    What trick do I use to get the slightly floating and slightly sunken planes onto the surface?

    The corrections of [autoheight] false/true were unfortunately not successful.

    Thanks, Tschüss, Michael (III)

    try this:

    I probably expressed myself a little unhappy. Currently, version 2.4.19 (about 2 months old) on the Mac is up to date. If the 777 is integrated, version 2.4.20 would be created, which could be released as a complete version again.

    An alternative would be to add only the 777 and install it like an external plane, but for that the 777 probably got too many features that interfere too deeply into the software.

    We would love to bring this to Mac but there are technically issues on the Apple store that makes it impossible for us to update the base aerofly without uploading the entire aerofly and at the moment this just never completes without an error message. We have tried for two weeks without success and obviously contacted their support but didn't yet get the help we needed. Unless this is fixed on their side we can't do much here, not in our hands we have tried everything. But we have not given up yet on the Mac side, we'll just have to find ways around this.

    Mhm, and what is the problem with uploading the entire software?

    Tschüss, Michael

    Scotland landscape looks great the way it is. The clubfoot are the airports. We can live with the FSCloudports, but they are not acceptable for a commercial product, neither from IPACS nor from ORBX. From what I recall, this was also one of the hurdles (or maybe even THE hurdle) why ORBX stopped development of TE GB for AeroflyFS2. They can build upon base airports in Prepar3d and XP which are not "great" either but sufficient as a base. Modelling a complete set of GB airports would have been far above their resources.

    Realistically, we wan't see a countable number of detailed aiports in GB from the community. The best we can hope for would be an extended FSCloudport version with more options like taxiways, parallel runways, and more. A big stumbling block are certainly the limited (and mostly even misused) airport buildings. We need true terminals, jetways, and all that, and as far as I understand it's IPACS' responsibility to provide those assets. Or, could some talented guys add these to our building library for use in FSCloudport themselves?

    Kind regards, Michael

    I see the advantage of FSCloudPort in the fact that everyone can choose from a map which airfield they would like to download (and it would be optimal if this also worked for the sceneries).

    That's why I think it would be nice if we could expand FSCloudPort further. I wish I could do that (and I'm happy to help):

    - more objects (e.g. different terminals, different vehicles, different other airport specific accessories like carts, lamps etc.)

    - the creation of pure heliports

    These points can be set up and used relatively easily.

    It is more difficult with the creation and textures of runways, taxiways and aprons, because the basic software has the problems with the overlaps.

    Since I switch off all artificial surface textures anyway with good images of airfields, this is not so important for me.

    Tschüss, Michael (III)