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    So far, I don't have these problems. My SetUp is:

    I noticed that it ran rounder when the graphic settings increased.:/ I will test this in the coming days.

    Apple seems to have a good day today. After the iOS version 20.19.41 of ASFS 2019 :thumbup: the update 2.4.15 with 33,8 GB for macOS is now available :thumbup::thumbup:. I am curious about the extended system depth of many airplanes.:)

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    Since ASFS2 exists, I miss two points from ASFS1 in ASFS2:

    (1) winch launch for gliders

    (2) gliders with fold-out engine

    I miss both in ASFS2. And I think it's a good idea to use both as a basis for further develpments:

    (3) A catapult start on a carrier is similar to a winch launch for gliders.

    (4) The landing on an carrier can either be simulated by (2) with a virtual fold-out motor with counter thrust or by (1) with a virtual winch launch in the opposite direktion.

    Bye, Michael

    Hi Jake,

    the carrier-crew says "Thank you" that they have a little more space next to a starting plane.:)

    And the pilots are happy to start without touching the water.:)

    At the catapult track C1 it still bounces a bit at the beginning.<X

    I like the changes of the file names and I have adapted my tsc file accordingly. (Please note: for the two files "nimits_decals1.ttx" and "nimits_decals2.ttx" the first "s" could occasionally be changed to a "z").

    In my tsc-file "uss_horten.tsc" I adjusted the coordinates so that the planes at the catapults C1 and C2 follow exactly the catapult track. Do you also complement the C3 and C4 catapult tracks?

    Thanks and Tschüss, Michael

    ... I find the whole lowercase work flow kind of a shame, just to suite Mac users, what year is it? ...

    I'm a Mac user and so I'm happy if a file works on my Mac. :)

    Please don't misunderstand: You can also use upper and lower case for file names on a Mac. But the Mac-system is case-sensitive. If in a tsc file a file with the name "nimitz-carrier" is called, then

    - the Mac only opens a file "nimitz-carrier.tmb",

    - while Windows opens "nimitz-carrier.tmb" and "Nimitz-Carrier.tmb" and so on.

    Bye, Michael

    Hi, Jan,

    thank you for your advice.

    I've finished my tsc-file so far that you can use it for other purposes as well. And before I make this file officially available, I would be happy if some people want to test it.

    In addition still some references:

    - Please load the file "uss_horten.tsc.txt" into the directory where the original file "Nimitz landing.tsc" is located.

    - Please take this file out of operation by renaming it (e.g.: to "Nimitz landings.tsc__OFF").

    - Then rename the file "uss_horten.tsc.txt" to "uss_horten.tsc".

    Currently I have all catapults set up as runways to distinguish them from the parking positions.

    But I will add a variant which shows the catapult locations as Parking Position.

    With an F-18 you can start best from the catapults C4 and C3, C1 is still possible, with C2 you get wet.

    A landing with the F-18 doesn't work yet, the carrier is simply too short - but with a Cessna it's also possible.

    I'm looking forward to all feedbacks.

    And in the next days I will also publish the files for other naval ships.

    Bye from Michael

    Our other Michael (ussiowa) has some ideas on adapting the papi lights to make them useful for holding the glide path.

    That'd be good.:)

    I tried to use the PAPI as a replacement for the OLS (optical landing system; nickname "meatball" or "ball"). I can adjust everything so far - except the altitude at flight deck level.

    Because for this I have to define a ground and it lifts the complete area around the carrier. :(

    Also I don't get the landing deck (angled deck) set to the height of the upper deck for the automatic approach aid of ASFS2 - the automatic landing approach always goes to sea surface (MSL).

    Bye, Michael (III)

    I am still looking for the possibility to position the frames for the landing aid. This could then be used to practice recovery operations.

    Bye, Michael (III)

    For the carrier of Apollo 50 (in reality USS Horten, in ASFS2 USS Nimitz) I have already found the possibilities to display the 4 catapults and the landing deck. ((see also my articles "relative positions ..." and article "hide some start positions")

    I am in the process of determining the distances and bearings for all absolute coordinates so that the aircraft carrier can also be used elsewhere and with a different course. I think I will be able to publish the tsc file soon.

    Bye, Michael

    To simulate takeoff and landing on a carrier I have these thoughts:

    In reality, the aircraft carrier is the active part during catapult take-off (acceleration within 2 seconds) and landing (brake deceleration by the safety ropes within 2 seconds).

    In ASFS2 I would transfer the activity to the aircraft as a compromise, because with the F-18 the safety hook can be unfolded already today.

    (1) Landing on the carrier:

    The braking delay when hooking into a safety rope can be simulated if the safety hook is unfolded during the landing approach and then the wheels have ground contact.

    (2) Catapult start:

    Similar to landing, you could also work with the safety hook during take-off (even if this is only a temporary solution).

    The catapult launch can be accelerated if the safety hook has been unfolded on the ground while stationary. When the landing gear is retracted, the safety hook should also fold in automatically.

    Bye, Michael

    The Apollo 50 team has also upgraded the aircraft carrier USS Horten (model USS Nimitz) so that a F-18 can roll, take off and land on the flight deck (roll and take off already works :), landing is still a problem;(, but more on this soon).

    I set up the 4 catapult runways "C1", "C2", "C3" and "C4" as well as the runway "L" on the carrier like on the original.

    But now there are altogether 20 positions for the selection to the start (4 positions per runway), which is nonsense however on a carrier. Only 5 positions (framed GREEN in the screenshot) are possible:

    - starting position at catapult "C1"

    - starting position at catapult "C2"

    - starting position at catapult "C3"

    - starting position at catapult "C4"

    - landing approach to runway "L"

    How can I hide the 15 positions not needed on a carrier (crossed out RED in the screenshot)?

    Bye, Michael

    PS: if everything fits, I will publish the tsc-file

    I hide the two runways deliberately(!) because I like the original view more than the artificial runways (but that's just my opinion.). And this solves the problem of crossing decals, as a kind of workaround.

    But of course it would be better if FSCloudPort has no problem with crossing runways even with visible decals.