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    Hi so if i buy the new MacBook Pro can i just use trackpad and keyboard for the MacBook Pro or would i have to buy a separate addon/accessorie like a yoke or joystick please let me know thank you so much kind regards

    I use aeroFly FS on a MacBookPro. If I just want to fly or try something for a short time, I just use the keyboard and the trackpad. But if I really want to have fun, then I use devices from the Thrustmaster Airbus series as additional equipment.

    The refueling in air is a nice idea. Good positions are either for practicing near San Diego and Pearl Harbor - or in the middle of the Pacific for the transfer from e.g. San Diego to Hawaii (whether someone flies that in the sim?).

    Anyway, now you would have to be able to have an identifier fly with you to find the target as well. I have already tried to simulate refueling with the simulated traffic machines in Hawaii - it was a disaster.

    Tschüss, Michael

    Dear IPACSers,

    I think it is a great pity that Steve ( larrylynx) is now withdrawing. :( He has done so much for our community with his helicopters - especially for those who love to fly helicopters. Thank you Steve, I enjoy flying your models and hope that this will continue for a long time. :thumbup: :)

    And thanks also to Jan (@JetPack) who, from my point of view, has always been positively supportive and, in my opinion, cannot be blamed for this development. :thumbup: :)

    And so it is a sad and thoughtful goodbye today, :/


    Dear IPACS Team,

    I would be happy if someone from the team could answer my question.

    Bye, Michael

    Moin Jan,

    in the STEAM version (20210102) for the Mac, the Thrustmaster Airbus Quadrants 1&2 and 3&4 are displayed differently:

    • The Airbus Quadrant in the switch position 1&2 is recognised as a thrust lever (see also the logo) and thus has
      - the reverse function and
      - the button "Eng N" and the button "AB off“:

    • The Airbus Quadrant in the switch position 3&4 is only recognised as a joystick, there is
      - neither the reverse function
      - nor the two buttons:

    => Is there any way that the Thrustmaster Quadrant in the switch position 3&4 can also be used like in the switch position 1&2?

    => And how is the "AB off" button triggered - and what is that function?

    Mir geht es wie higgy. Natürlich weiß ich, dass es verlockend ist, immer etwas Neues zu haben. Doch ich bin schon jetzt nicht in der Lage, all das zu nutzen, was wir haben - und langweilig wird es mir mit dem Vorhandenen auch nicht. 8)

    Ich genieße das, was wir haben - und freue mich auf das, was noch alles kommen wird. :)

    ————— deepl translation —————

    I feel the same as higgy. Of course I know it's tempting to always have something new. But I'm already not in a position to use all that we have - and I don't get bored with what I have. 8)

    I enjoy what we have - and look forward to what is yet to come. :)

    I have since received the Thrustmaster Airbus Quadrant:

    • All switches and the both thrust levers, including the reverse thrust, work for me.

    However, there are differences in the thrust levers between the Aerofly FS 2 versions from the App Store and from Steam:

    1. In the version (20200117) from the App Store I did not manage to put throttle and thrust reverse on the thrust levers at the same time. :(

      I solved it by putting throttle on the thrust levers …

      … and thrus reverse on the red buttons on the thrust levers:

    2. With the version (20210102) from Steam it fits as it should.

    I will occasionally try to program the switches Eng directly in the gc-map.mfc.

    The artificial runways can be hidden by deactivating the files "…_rwy.tmb". I do this by adding "___OFF" to the end of the file name, e.g. EIDW - Dublin Airport:

    - from: rap2108m68m_rwy.tmb

    - to___: rap2108m68m_rwy.tmb___OFF

    The texture resolution in the cockpit is a function of device specs as far as I know. On the best devices you should see a higher resolution.

    We also have to balance the texture size for all aircraft. They take up a ton of space and we can only load so much into your device memory before the app is shut down by the operating system.

    I just looked at this on an iPad. The texture volumes of the different planes are already very different. While on a DASH 8 I can see the text pin sharp, on the LearJet or the G90 it is much more blurry.🔎