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    The artificial runways can be hidden by deactivating the files "…_rwy.tmb". I do this by adding "___OFF" to the end of the file name, e.g. EIDW - Dublin Airport:

    - from: rap2108m68m_rwy.tmb

    - to___: rap2108m68m_rwy.tmb___OFF

    The texture resolution in the cockpit is a function of device specs as far as I know. On the best devices you should see a higher resolution.

    We also have to balance the texture size for all aircraft. They take up a ton of space and we can only load so much into your device memory before the app is shut down by the operating system.

    I just looked at this on an iPad. The texture volumes of the different planes are already very different. While on a DASH 8 I can see the text pin sharp, on the LearJet or the G90 it is much more blurry.🔎


    After looking at this Oahu scenery addon, plus the fact that FS2 now has 2x heli's, I decided to buy/try this again (not even on a Steam sale, lol!). After a full day of flying a R22 around Oahu I gotta say I'm very glad I gave FS2 another go.

    Many thanks to the developers of the scenery and of course FS2 developers as well. I'm having a ball with this now. Cheers.

    There are more helicopters:

    I made a comparison on my iPhone 12 mini:

    (1) Version 20.21.11, which worked fine, plus the update 20.21.15, which was simply played over it:

    - app: 4.02 GB

    - data: 15.49 GB

    - total: 19.51 GB

    (2) Deleted version 20.21.11, then installed version 20.21.15:

    - app: 4.02 GB

    - data: 7.75 GB

    - total: 11.78 GB

    When looking at the values for data, it is noticeable that they are twice as large in case (1) as in case (2). I suspect that in case (1) the sceneries of version 20.211 were not overwritten by 20.21.15 and are now only ballast.

    => This suggests deleting version 20.21.11 completely before installing version 20.21.15.


    I'm actually looking at a multiplayer flight sim to play with my 6 years old on two IOS devices, together. He's expressing interest in flight sim. In the process I stumbled across Aerofly FS 2021 that looks amazing -I know it does't support multiplayer-.


    I started "virtual multiplayer flying" with Aerofly a few years ago with my grandson (then 7 years old) and we still do it today.:)

    Virtual in this case means that we fly side by side on 2 devices in the same airspace. Yes, it requires a little imagination - but it's still fun.:D

    I haven't had any problems so far and I don't have them now.:)

    The update worked for me::Daumen:

    • The "Restore purchases" button is now missing, but at the same time all the regions I downloaded are available (had to download again):
      • 1/5: Utah/Colorado
      • 2/5: South Florida
      • 3/5: United Kingdom
      • 4/5: Hi-res aerial photos
      • 5/5: Switzerland
    • The memory requirement is:
      • 4.02 GB for the app
      • 15.5 GB for the data

    @threads: Sorry to hear you are having issues. We have updated the Steam version yesterday. Did you try that version on your Mac? The version number should be Version

    This Steam version works for me on my MacBookPro.😀 Can this possibly also be due to the fact that I always update the beta version there since January 2020?:/

    Otherwise, I (rather) use the version from the Apple store.^^

    Let's assume that no one would have created this DLC. Then this DLC would not be missed by any user. Now someone has created this DLC and made it available for free. So everyone can download the DLC and try it out. And if you like the DLC, you leave it on your computer, otherwise you delete it. Neither by the one nor by the other one arises a damage. Just because you don't like a DLC, you don't have to leave the whole simulator.:/

    I am glad about all who support this flight simulator actively with adons.:)

    Oops, I could have thought of that myself:X(


    • tm.log.txt

      (63.13 kB, downloaded 12 times, last: )

    Here are my results:

    I save the additional planes in this directory on the MacBook Pro:

    - /Users/username/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 2/aircraft

    - Note: this is not the "addon“ directory:

    /Users/username/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 2/addons/aircraft

    The AH64A Apache version 1.00 only works for me with the STEAM version of Aerofly FS2.:)

    With the Apple version of Aerofly FS2 I unfortunately only see the red cube STOP.:(

    However, in the Apple version of Aerofly FS2, the first version of AH64A Apache works for me from 2020-07-20 (…php?entry/1004-ah64a-wip/)

    Unfortunately, I do not know at the moment what the reason could be that as of update 2 I only see the red cube STOP. It should only be a small adjustment.:/

    Hi I have just installed on my mac FS 2 (non steam) in the add-on airplane directory. I can select a flavour of the Apache. It even tells me loading apache helicopter but when it starts I have a cessna plane :-(... Any idea what goes wrong? I have used the latest 1,0 version

    Thank you for this information.

    Can you please show the lines with the error messages for the airfields from the tm.log? Maybe I can adjust something for the airports where I am involved.

    Okay, war nur eine Frage!!;)



    ich kenne nun nicht genau die „Spielregeln“ von ORBX, daher ist der Hinweis von Jan, Dich an ORBX zu wenden, auf jeden Fall richtig.

    Ich selber würde mir die tsc-Datei für Innsbruck suchen, die irgendwie wie „lowi.tsc“ heißen muss, diese kopieren und als „lowi.tsc___ORIGINAL“ abspeichern. Anschließend würde ich in der „lowi.tsc“ die fragliche Position korrigieren. Das wäre mein WorkAround, hinsichtlich der offiziellen Zulässigkeit kann ich aber nichts dazu schreiben.