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    Hmmm. Don't know. You are clicking on the Countries? Using the World Map, when you hover over the various islands, how many airports does it show for Cuba (3), Dom. Republic (11), Bahamas (18) etc. in the large black box with white text.

    Same age for me, but no Michael. ^^

    Guys, if you need me to clean up and remove some obsolete downloads from, please send me a message here or over there. ;)

    I think we should clean up, because new users have there a hard time.

    I think maps with tiles are ideal. If you click on a tile, you will get all relevant files - always displayed in the current version. (dream)

    FSCloudPort has solved this with the maps - but I know that ist there easy with the airfields.

    It would also make sense to have as clear a structure and naming as possible in the ZIP files. flightxtreme has provided a good structure for the Czech Republic:

    • all folder names start with a 3-digit identifier and the „_“ as fourth digit
      - „ele_" for elevation
      - „img_" for images
      - „cul_“ for cultivations
      - „apt_" for airports (who likes it exactly - and it works; but you can leave it out at airfields, too)
    • then follows the tile designation
    • then follows the understandable geographical name

    For example: This way even beginners can sort Prague folders with the files quickly and correctly.

    - ele_09_8a00_a980_prague

    - img_09_8a00_a980_prague

    - apt_09_8a00_a980_prague

    - cul_09_8a00_a980_prague

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    Well then, as the third Michael in the round with "only" 61 I just checked how many folders "building_textures" I have:

    - 615 folders

    - 2,57 GB

    Altogether I would like it better if there were only 1 folder "buildings_textures", e.g. under xref. On the other hand the 615 folders with 2.57 GB don't take as much space and then it is much easier if each part has its own folder "buildings_tetxure“.

    Tschüss, Michael

    I do it similar in the folders „documentation“, „images“ and „places/cultivations", but I go from left to right from big to small:

    - Lofoten is the generic term

    - the numbers are the subcategory

    This has the advantage that I get different areas together when numbering - and not different numbers.


    Will WIN versions of scenery (such as ORBX) also work in FS2 for MAC?

    I have not yet conclusively clarified this question for myself.

    • In general I think that everything works that fits into the system of "elevation", "images" and "places".
    • I have already downloaded the free elements from ORBX, as far as they are for the mac.
    • And I have downloaded the payware Innsbruck.
    • But I don't know how it is with the sceneries in WIN who have to installed with an exe-file.

    Tschüss, Michael (III)


    - and did you generate the path, because I do not have these directories (/Users/my_username/Library/Containers) under my username

    Go step by step:

    - open FINDER

    - click on "Macintosh HD"

    - click on „User"

    - click on your username

    - click on "Library"

    - click on "Containers"

    - click on "com.aerofly-fs-2-mac"

    - click on "Data"

    - click on "Library"

    - click on "Application Support".

    You should now see a directory "Aerofly FS 2" or something similar, in which among other things this is contained:

    - folder „addons"

    - folder „aircraft"

    - folder "scenery"

    - File "gc-map.mcf"

    - File "main.mcf" (see also

    I put the directory "Aerofly FS 2" in the sidebar of the FINDER, so that it is not always so cumbersome.

    Now it goes on with me in the directory "Aerofly FS 2" in such a way:

    - All additional freely downloadable airplanes I save into the directory „aircraft".

    - In the beginning I saved all free downloadable sceneries in the directory "scenery" into the subdirectories "elevation", "images" and "places", but in the long run I didn't like that.

    - Therefore, I now save all annoyances in the directory "addons" in the subdirectory "scenery".

    This is how it looks for me with the example of the sceneries for the Czech Republic:

    Tschüss, Michael (III)


    - but where do you buy the scenery?

    I download the freely available sceneries from here:


    - and did you generate the path, because I do not have these directories (/Users/my_username/Library/Containers) under my username

    No, I only picked the path out of the system, because the path is part of ASFS. I'll try to give you a short description tomorrow.


    - and will FS2 simply recognize the sceneries and offer usage?

    Yes, no problem. Even with an update nothing gets lost.

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    I store the Paris Scenery in this folders:

    • /Users/my_username/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 2/addons/scenery/fr/…
      • …/elevation/paris/...
      • …/images/paris/…
      • …/places/paris/...

    Hi! :)

    Is anybode here and have the time to made the Sicily-Airports ( we have only one in FSCloudport ;( ) for my ( comming soon ) remastered Italy-Photoscenery? :)

    Many thanks in the name from us all! ^^

    Now FSCloudPort has six airports (different authors) in Sicily:

    - LICB

    - LICC

    - LICJ

    - LICP

    - LICT

    - LICZ

    The fine tuning only makes sense when the photo sceneries are available.

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    IPadOS is now available, has IPACS or have any forum users tried it with FS2019, FS2 and (original)FS?

    Yes, I do:

    - ASFS...........: OK

    - ASFS 2........: OK

    - ASFS 2019..: after an iOS-Update I ASFS 2019 works only after delete and reinstall

    OK Maverick (yes I know, wrong plane), we'll try to catch up to your top gun mad skills.^^

    Did you also try to land a C130, with full reverse, and maybe JATO. Oh wait we don't have a C130 :( and even less JATO:(although I hear they could be relatively easily implemented.;)


    Here comes the C130. ;(8)

    Bei einigen Flugplätzen lässt sich sicher etwas machen, weil diese von TomSimMuc sind und er kein Problem damit hat, wenn da noch etwas verbessert wird -- wenn es überhaupt noch etwas zu verbessern gibt (TomSicMuc macht das generell schon sehr gut):


    At some airfields something can be done, because they are from TomSimMuc and he has no problem with it, if there is still something to be improved -- if there is anything at all to improve (TomSicMuc does this generally already very well):


    Sur certains aérodromes, quelque chose peut être fait, parce qu'ils sont de TomSimMuc et qu'il n'a aucun problème avec cela, s'il y a encore quelque chose à améliorer - s'il y a quelque chose à améliorer (TomSicMuc le fait généralement déjà très bien):

    - LFKF (Figari) (

    - LFKO (ProprianoTavaria Aerodrome)

    - LFKS (Solenzara Air Base) (https://www.sia.aviation-civil…202%20LFKS%20ADC%2001.pdf)

    - LFKG (Ghisonaccia Alzitone Airport)

    - LFKT (Corte Airport)

    LFKF ist soweit mal eine wenig aufgehübscht mit den Gebäuden, die FSCloudPort so hat.

    Nun fehlen erst einmal Images und Cultivations, vielleicht kann das ja jemand zuliefern?

    Wenn die Images vorhanden sind, dann kann ich auch die Flugzeuge und Gebäude noch besser positionieren.


    LFKF is so far a little bit pretty with the buildings that FSCloudPort has.

    Now images and cultivations are missing, maybe someone can deliver that?

    If the images are available, then I can position the planes and buildings even better.


    LFKF est jusqu'à présent un peu joli avec les bâtiments que possède FSCloudPort.

    Maintenant qu'il manque des images et des cultures, peut-être que quelqu'un peut nous les fournir ?

    Si les images sont disponibles, je peux encore mieux positionner les avions et les bâtiments.…83bb006ec6ff?OpenDocument

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    Hi, Michel,

    I think you are missing the folder "scenery" in any case. I think you should try this (please use exactly this spelling -- and no apostrophes in the folder name):

    moi: >>> addons/scenery/fr/elevation/corse




    moi: >>> addons/scenery/fr_corse/elevation


    ................................................. ............places

    Which airport would you like to have?

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    I use ASFS2 on a Mac. My experience is that there are clear rules in the addon directory:

    1. Level: the special folder "addon"
    2. Level: the special sub-folder "scenery"
    3. Level: parallel sub-sub-folders for countries (e.g.: de, fr, us, uk, ...)
    4. Level: the special sub-sub-sub folders "elevation", "images", "places"
    5. Level: free sub-sub-sub-sub folders for further subdivisions for individual airports, individual towns, individual regions -- for example:

    Tschüss, Michael (III)