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    My system loads the OpenGL library at start-up, I notice there are also vulkan shader directories, how do you activate use of vulkan?

    I see nothing in the menus, drivers are Nvidia 417.71, 2080ti



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    I took a risk and purchased RC8,

    After starting steamVR it seems to work with my Samsung O+, Application Resolution adjustment is set to 140% at the moment. I am getting a solid 90FPS on the '4D' AMA Muncie site, GPU utilisation is 63% and CPU around 40%, The graphics engine is clearly better than RFX (which will not run 90 FPS in many of the 3D fields in VR mode), I will make some further comparisons with NeXt, RF8 and AccuRC.

    I see the RC8 specification mentions Rift and Vive Headsets, does it work with WMR headsets (and maybe Pimax)?

    I have a Samsung Odyssey + headset that I use with other model sims.