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    Kommt auf den Heli an. Beim T-rex 700X mit dem großen Motor kannst du knüppeln, bis der Arzt kommt bzw der Lipo stirbt. Die Drehzahl bricht nicht ein, selbst wenn ich grobmotorische TicTocs mit übelstem Timing mache. :P

    Pimax brought out a new beta software today that fixed it.

    Now the good stuff: This is definatly the best RC Sim VR experience I had so far.

    Aerofly RC8 + Pimax 5K+ is a real winner.

    I am so very sorry Thoemse! I did not realize I was responding to the RC8 forum..

    No worries. Maybe they get it fixed. It should be a minor thing, I just hope they are willing to look into it. This is the very first VR game that does not work with this headset. The main problem is that it is not on steam. That being sait neXt sim works perfectly fine with it in VR without being on steam (but with SteamVR).

    The Pimax 5K+ is a SteamVr Headset so I thought this should work.

    Apparently the game does not hook though. Steam VR tries to start the game but it doesn't actually work and only shows a splitscreen on the monitor. Positional tracking works though.

    I am trying with the regular launch options -othervr.

    Any workarounds for this?

    I'll have to try get my money back otherwise. The sim is worthless to me to use it flat.

    Fantastic news! Pimax released a new beta PiTool and added a Vive only mode for just these reasons. It works now! Wide FOV high res VR flying - fantastic!