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    The plane stalls flat. May be too centered forward ?

    I think that alone is not enough. That plane should fall out of the sky and crash. This is no Carf Eurosport with Vektorunit. It is a F-16.

    The fact that I have full rudder controll while having the nose pointed right up says a lot too. How do those rudders work without any air going over the surface? This works with a 3D prop plane because of prop wash but definatly NOT on a jet without vector nossle.

    Yet again I gave Aeroflight a chance and bought the update to RC9.

    I could go on and on about non existant flight physics and non existant stall characteristics but I'll present you this video of the 15kg heavy F-16 turbine jet instead.

    No go ahead and tell me that this is right....

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    Sorry, not my speciality.

    I just know that a delta can be landed nose up at a crawl.

    There's no magic to deltas. As they get heavier, they get faster. Yes you can go high alpha and land slow but not as extreme like this and what makes things worse: You don't even have to fly it high alpha to get it crawl in RC8.

    Mine lands faster than this and the nose is that far up that I actually have to add down elevator so the wheels make contact before the tail woth my real model. The mirage in RC8 has wings filled with helium.

    Beside the problem that I do not find any MB 339 I tried the Mirage 2000.

    She easily reaches 200 kmh in horizontal flight. All but slow for a 1.55 meter model.

    So your problem seems to be the VR or any other component.

    Said Mirage is an as good example as any. Does it feel right to you? Top speed is irrelevant. Try land it at slow speed! You can land it at crawling speed. A heavy turbine Mirage!

    I got a 2.7kg light 90mm EDF Mirage 2000 and while it can land slow flying high alpha it can never fly as slow as the heavy big one on RC8. If flying would just be as easy as in this sim, I'd never need to repair a model.

    I guess we agree to disagree then. Our main towing plane in the club is this PC-6 and yes the swiss v ersion flies over the field too. Maybe it is because I play in VR and something is off for that reason but I have yet to see it land at walking speed unless there is a lot of wind.

    Did you try the MB 339. If that is how a heavy turbine jet lands I have to sell my EDF versions having half the weight and buy a heavy turbine version so I can land it like a piper.

    If this is deemed correct I guess I wasted my money. :(

    I managed to get the PC-6 to a point where it feels better by reducing wingspan and adding a lot of weight. In my opinion the models should fly as close as possible to the real thing by default though. It is a simulator after all!

    You don't learn flying with training on hot airballons looking like a plane.

    Am I the only one thinking the 1:1 simulation speed is completely off?

    When flying the big MB 339 for example: A turbine jet that can be flown at walking speed? Landing like a trainer? I don't think so.

    The Pilatus PC-6 can me made so slow with flaps that it basically stands in the air.

    I got planes of all sorts, jets high deckers, rather big 3D machines but none of them can made to crawl like in RC8.

    It is supposed to be a sim to learn stuff but if you try to apply that to the real world it would lead to a stall and crash in 100% of the cases.

    Yes I changed simulation speed to 1.3 for now but why do I have to (and it is still off because the planes are too fast then - just landing speed seems a bit better).

    I play in VR btw - but that shouldn't really matter.

    Helis feel a bit better btw. They all come with 10kilowatt motors but other than that they are usable.

    I am so very sorry Thoemse! I did not realize I was responding to the RC8 forum..

    No worries. Maybe they get it fixed. It should be a minor thing, I just hope they are willing to look into it. This is the very first VR game that does not work with this headset. The main problem is that it is not on steam. That being sait neXt sim works perfectly fine with it in VR without being on steam (but with SteamVR).

    The Pimax 5K+ is a SteamVr Headset so I thought this should work.

    Apparently the game does not hook though. Steam VR tries to start the game but it doesn't actually work and only shows a splitscreen on the monitor. Positional tracking works though.

    I am trying with the regular launch options -othervr.

    Any workarounds for this?

    I'll have to try get my money back otherwise. The sim is worthless to me to use it flat.

    Fantastic news! Pimax released a new beta PiTool and added a Vive only mode for just these reasons. It works now! Wide FOV high res VR flying - fantastic!