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    2) Q400 CDU :

    Pages: weight of the plane - Fuel - Passengers -pussback?

    and for all the pages like in the real plane it is planned that it is modeled?

    Just like you I've flown the Majestic Q400 (a lot!) and the latest AFS2 beta brings enough options to the Q400 to forget about P3D and the Majestic Q400, not because everything is working in AFS2 right now but because the things that I like to use are modelled now (after modding the tmd to cold and dark). I am sure that in the future weight, fuel, pax, etc. will be added to the FMS too. (The main thing I am looking forward to right now are Direct to's and a working VNAV page).

    One funny thing though: you mention pushback. But in that case you aren't talking about a realistic simulation of the real plane anymore but about a Majestic feature that had been added for convenience: in the real world you don't use the FSM for pushback! ;) I do hope the upcoming ATC will open the door to realistic real world pushbacks: that would surely be a lot better than simulating another simulation by using the FMS for pushbacks. ;)

    Ground power works as long as parking brake is set

    Really! Interesting! So as it is now ground power should be available as long as and as soon as the parking brake is set? Didn't know that! Up to now I completely disregarded ground power (when going from cold and dark to ready to taxi and also during shutdown): I will test the ground power this coming weekend!

    Thats BS, sorry.

    It's not BS that you should blame Sasa for this: you should blame IPACS because IPACS installs that folder into the Documents folder and apparently wants add ons to be installed into it. That everyone should stick to M$ design I fully agree with. And also that you should have a choice. All I was saying is that you can't blame Sasa for following IPACS guidelines. ;)

    I am not spending 8GB of my One drive for the sake of a wrong configured installer. No program, addon ever has to go in my Documents. Thats bad habit of devs to store program code there.

    You can't blame this on the developer of Lukla: this is how IPACS has designed it! The installer is perfectly fine. JustFlight also installs its plane into that folder. So this is how it should be, at least according to IPACS. So Sasa did everything by the book. Afaik the folder is already created when you install AFS2: it isn't added by add on developers.

    The company that does NOT do things by the book is Orbx: they create their very own folder inside the Steam folder for their scenery. I think that actually is bad habit.

    I do agree however that people should have the option to install things where they want to...!

    Back to Lukla: I'd also like to see a list of planes that you can use to fly anywhere in this scenery. The only planes I fly in AFS2 are the Q400 and sometimes the C172. I might use the freeware Piper Cub too. I don't feel like flying the other planes at all so if the mentioned three can't be used to get around Lukla I won't be getting it. No use in buying scenery I can't fly over with planes I like. ;)

    I am a bit surprised by this, I have to say... seems so far the King Air C90 is the only plane you can use and that one can't even be used on ALL airports...? Why build scenery for a sim in which you can't really use that scenery...?

    That's because you added two spaces to that line... :/ Did you copy the line from my post and paste it into the Search field of notepad or did you type the line...? You should copy it so it matches exactly: add just one space and you won't be able to find it. I found the proper line in your q400.tmd immediately after copying the relevant line from my post into the search field.

    This is how the line looks (ignore the number in front of it which is added by the forum software):


    And this is what you posted in your post:

    <[input_switch] [SwitchMasterBattery] []

    See the added spaces?

    And would you like to give me your .bat file that I will modify. it would be very nice, I think your idea great.

    Here's how I did it. OBVIOUSLY you have to change all paths to the ones on your PC!!!

    The following information can easily be seen in the code below but I will explain it anyway, just to be sure. ;)

    - My edited Q400 files are backupped on my computer (!) in the folder 'D:\Downloads\Aerofly FS 2\Q400 Cold and dark'

    - In that folder there is a folder called 'Edited' which contains the edited q400.tmd and a folder called 'Original' which contains the original 4q00.tmd

    - The .bat file will copy the q400.tmd I want into the appropriate AFS2 folder which in my case is 'D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\aircraft\q400'

    - It will overwrite the existing one without a message or warning

    - Create a new file with something like Notepad and copy the following code into it. MAKE SURE to change all paths to match yours

    - Save the files and rename them to (for instance) 'Q400 edited.bat' and 'Q400 original.bat'

    - Place them anywhere you like (like on the desktop)

    - Double click on the one you want and that should do the trick

    Here is how my bat files look. First the one to enable the cold and dark cockpit:.

    xcopy /s/y "D:\Downloads\Aerofly FS 2\Q400 Cold and dark\Edited\q400.tmd" "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\aircraft\q400"

    And here's the one to restore the default Q400:

    xcopy /s/y "D:\Downloads\Aerofly FS 2\Q400 Cold and dark\Original\q400.tmd" "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\aircraft\q400"

    should you add your lines of code to the original file (copy) at the very beginning of the file. which contains 39178 lines. Or create another file with only your lines of code.

    You shouldn't add anything! You need to only EDIT the lines of code in the existing original q400.tmd AFTER making a backup of it! All the lines I posted are in the q400.tmd already: the only thing you need to change is the Value of each posted entry: change it into whatever the line that reads '//change to' says!

    Example (to have the master battery switched off by default): check these lines of code: you need to search in the q400.tmd for the first line <[input_switch][SwitchMasterBattery][] (just copy the first line in the search field) and then change [1.0] to [0.0] as indicated (in this case it will be the third line of the entry). I only left that second line (string8) in so you can check you are editing the correct entry and which line needs editing (in this case the third).

                    <[float64][Value][1.0]> //change to 0.0

    After editing the lines should look like this:


    Bonjour Jerry ,

    Please, give me your file, or show here all the lines you changed for cold an dark.

    And would you like to give me your .bat file that I will modify. it would be very nice, I think your idea great.

    Merci beaucoup.

    All the changes are posted already in my various posts above! You may have to click on Display More to seem them all. I think it's better not to share this file and to let people edit their own file so they know how to get things done after the next update (which may render the file useless). It won't take more than 5 to 10 minutes to get this done and you're good to go.

    I will post the content of my .bat as soon as I get the change (hopefully this evening, otherwise somewhere this week).

    I hope these features will be not much difficult to code and bring in the game.

    These features are extremely hard to code, specially ATC: IPACS has been working on ATC (plus AI, I presume) for the PC version of AFS2 for a few years already and it will probably still take quite some time before we see anything of it. A lot of developers have tried to create an ATC addon for other flight sims, like FSX. P3D, XP, and although there are some nice efforts NONE of them are perfect (not even close) and they have tried to get if perfect for decades... which shows it is EXTREMELY hard to get done.

    Anyway, IPACS has been working on it for a long time already but I don't know though if IPACS will add ATC to the mobile version whenever it is finished for the PC version: I can imagine things taking to much space for a mobile game...

    I think I am going to try to add authors and see how it actually works. Another idea which occured to me was collapsing the C-P-M-F-A fields into just one including entries C, P... etc. saving place as well, perhaps at the cost of clarity though.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I definitely would prefer not collapsing those fields! As it is now it is extremely easy to find for instance photoreal scenery: it was in fact the first thing I thought when I visited the site. ;) When all those fields are combined in one it would make it almost impossible to quickly find things you are looking for. Just my 2 cents. ;)

    The lastest beta introduced a few FMS screens in the Q400: one of them is the flight plane page (FPL). Instead of using the Navigation page to enter the plan into the FMS it's much more fun to enter it manually! Because not everyone might know how the FMS works in this regard here's a short tutorial showing a few possible options to get things done.

    To plan the flight you'd best use the Navigation page anyway. After planning the flight erase the plan again by clicking on the circular icon in the top right corner: this way the FLP page of the FMS will be empty once you enter the cockpit. Using the FMS to enter the flight plan isn't easier but more fun! ;)

    This is the short plan I created for this tutorial:

    We'll fly from KKIC (Mesa Del Rey) to KSFO (San Francisco). When you create a plan in AFS2 the sim will add an automated waypoint after the departure runway and before the arrival runway. Make a note of all waypoints but remove those automatically added points! I wrote this on my piece of paper:

    KKIC runway 29

    UAD (this is an NDB)

    SJC (this is a VOR)

    KSFO runway 28R

    Now remove the plan from the Navigation page and step into the Q400 cockpit. The FMS should look like this:

    We are at the FPL page already and the first field is ready for input. There are two ways to enter data into each field: you can type it in or select it from a list. We'll start with typing.

    1. Type KKIC and press ENTER

    2. Type UAD and press ENTER

    For the next waypoint we will use the list option: using the list you can enter VORs, NDBs, airports and more: make sure you know what kind of waypoint you are looking for because you won't find a VOR in the NDB list ;) which is why I wrote this down on my piece of paper.

    3. Press LIST and then press the LSK next to VOR (top right LSK): you will see a list with VORs beginning with the one closest by

    (LSK stands for Line Select Key: these are the buttons to the left and right of the FMS screen)

    4. Press NEXT until you see SJC in the list (it should be number 12 on the second screen)

    5. Type 12 and press ENTER: SJC will be added to the flightplan

    6. Type KSFO and press ENTER: we also could have used the LIST option for this (KSFO would have been number 41 on the 6th page!) but typing waypoints and airports usually works quicker: using the list is simply fun to do sometimes. ;)

    Now we will select the departure and arrival runways

    7. Press MENU

    8. Press the LSK next to DEPART: you will see a list of all available runways

    9. We want runway 29 which is number 2 so type 2 and press ENTER

    10. Press the LSK next to FPL which will bring you back to the FPL page: the correct runway will be entered in the plan: you can check the heading and AFS2 will have added an automated waypoint in between the departure airport and UAD

    11. Press MENU and then the LSK next to ARRIVE

    12. Runway 10L has been entered automatically by AFS2 but we want runway 28R so press the LSK next to 10L: you will see a list of all available runways (if there are more runways they may not fit on one screen: in that case use NEXT and PREV to see the rest of the list)

    13. We want runway 28R which is number 2 so type 2 and press ENTER

    14. Press the LSK next to FPL and you will see runway 28R has been added to the plan: AFS2 will automatically add the final approach fix into the plan (which is always placed 10 nm out of the runway in the runway heading)

    15. Press the NEXT to see the next page of the plan

    Press PREV to go back again or NEXT to cycle through all pages of the plan. You can also press FPL to do this.

    That's it! Now you know how to enter a flight plan manually into the FMS and how to use the LIST and MENU options to add waypoints like VORs or NDBs and even airports and how to add or change departure and arrival runways. This way you can change the arrival runway even during a flight!

    Take note that the plan in the FMS is linked and 100% the same as the one on the Navigation page so if you can't get things done using the FMS you can always go to the Navigation page and edit/change things there.

    PS In the real world FMS whenever you type in an airport or waypoint you will get a screen showing you more information about the airport or waypoint so you can check if you are entering the correct one: you have to acknowledge that screen before you can enter the waypoint into the plan. The current FMS in AFS2 doesn't yet do this. Maybe in the future. ;)


    Somehow one of the images is repeated below (the one from step 14): don't know why or how to remove it but you can disregard it. ;)

    Another tip: create a .bat to install the edited q400.tmd or restore the original one. I just did that and with a single click I now have either the default Q400 (for whenever I want to resume a flight or get in the air quickly) or the cold and dark one (for the real deal). You can even switch states with AFS2 already running: as long as you are on the runway you can run that bat, hit the Reload aircraft button and you will have the other state! :)

    I have to say that since the latest beta I am very happy with Aerofly FS 2. Specially the additions to the Q400 FMS and the fact that you can now truly set it up cold and dark (and by that I mean editing the main.mcf so it is cold and dark right after loading) has tipped me over the point of no return. And by that I mean that if you want to find files relating to other civil flightsims in my home as of today you will have to open up a drawer and dig for some external hard disks with archived old software because that is where my other sim files have been moved to now. The only item related to those other sims that's still on my desk is the checklist I made in the past for the Majestic Q400 because I can use 95% of it right now for the Q400 in AFS2.

    I am not saying AFS2 is THE sim to get for everyone but that it is THE sim for my current use. It's very personal, of course. It's far from perfect (as I said it just tipped me over) and lacks quite a few things but what it offers right now is what I want from a flightsim nowadays. The one and only thing I really do miss is weather... and I'm also looking forward to the upcoming ATC but for my current use AFS2 is THE sim. The fact that Orbx's TE GB is coming up and an Arrow with a GNS also helps here. ;)

    Looking forward to whatever else will be coming to AFS2!

    Don't expect a full fidelity recreation of the real world device but it can do quite a lot. Direct to, flight plan editing with adding waypoints or removing them, plenty of nearest lists, simple airport diagrams, maps and more.

    It works together with the default navigation route of Aerofly, so if you screwed up you can always fix it by going to the menu and change the flight plan there and it is in sync of what you see in the cockpit.

    The usage of the device is not very ergonomic, that is true and I managed to replicate that.... so yay?

    The benefits of creating our own implementation is obviously that we can use both, the cockpit and the aerofly menus, to change the flight plan. We use the exact same database, so even if we change our databases it won't create a conflict. And when a user creates more airports these airports will also show up in the GPS device and all of the (M)CDU devices that we also added.

    Plus we can just change something internally in our navigation without having to worry about breaking any of the just flight aircraft, which is great.

    Amen and YAY to all you said! ;) The link to the nav menu is great indeed and also that it is AFS2-native! (I'm so happy I left the other sims behind with their complicated setup and linking of add ons... well, I do miss the weather, of course. ;) ) Direct to: nice, hope to see that in the Q400 sometime soon too (simply deleting a waypoint isn't exactly the same thing, I found out ;) ! But for now I am really looking forward to this Arrow: nothing beats a Piper for GA imho. Give me a Piper and a Q400 and I have all the planes I need: great to know my wishes will come true soon! ;) (And as I said, gimme weather and I'll be in heaven. ;) )


    Pardon the abundance of ;)

    Holy cow! That look's GREAT!!! Revolutionary for AFS2! Can you actually EDIT things too in that GNS or only look at those screens?

    I do suppose this plane is compatible with the new 'AFS2-systems' (introduced by the beta)? Unlike the now broken Duchess (which hasn't had an update (not even a word about it) since day one...)? (I know that plane was made by another team but still... ;) )

    I see I missed two settings:

                    <[tmvector2d][Range][ 0.0 2.0 ]>
                    <[float64][Value][1.0]> //change to 0.0
                    <[float64][Value][1.0]> //change to 0.0

    If I missed some more settings let me know! ;)

    I'm not sure it is possible to start the fms in the off position.

    As I said many times it is our intention to keep the default tmd file aircraft state as "running" because a lot of things depend on this. And if we add the option to load the aircraft cold and dark then it won't be via default tmd, there will most likely be a different configuration, like the clean, takeoff and landing configs.

    Okay, thanks, I am happy with what I’ve got right now (as far as the cold and dark Q400 is concerned) so no problem. I noticed I do get the startup screen of the FMS when I turn on the batteries which is quite nice already. This beta is a very nice step forward when it comes to systems! :)

    Is it possible to share your file? I would love to also enter into this cold and dark cockpit😊

    Don't know if it's wise to share the file because things may stop working (or even worse) with any next update but below all are the changes I made to the q400.tmd (simply using Notepad). I was clever enough to save them all. ;) You may have to redo all these settings with every update but imho that's a small price to pay. ;)

    - I copied the first (original unedited!) lines of every entry that I changed up to the line that needs editing. I use the first line to find the entry and the last line is the line that needs editing (in the tmd there may be more lines following it). Behind the // you can see what the number should be changed to. I left the lines in between for reference.

    - The order is a bit random.

    - Make a backup of the original file first!!!!!! You need to put that original file back in case you do NOT want a cold and dark cockpit! Because...

    - ...all other default states won't work well anymore. So you cannot for instance reposition your plane anywhere else during a flight and I also think this setup only works when you place the plane on a parking spot. To solve that last problem (on an airport without parking spots) you should enable developer mode and assign a button to the Reload option it gives: this way you can quickly set the plane cold and dark also in places where it doesn't go cold and dark automatically (like on a take off runway).

    - Finally, it takes a second or two for the sim to apply all settings so when you start the sim things will be running for a very brief moment. Slightly immersion killing but it is how it is. ;)

    Now if someone could tell me how to turn the FMS off so it is cold and dark too...? ;) Would be nice because it is odd to turn the batteries on and see the FMS working immediately. EDIT I see I missed the control lock which (afaik) should be 'on' with cold and dark but I can't find that relevant entry either.

    BTW The line numbers are added by the Code tag of this forum: disregard them!

    Continued (because a post can't contain that many letters):

    EDIT Since this topic became more about getting the Q400 cold and dark and some people might miss the given information I renamed it from 'Q400 FMS off?' to 'Q400 cold and dark!'

    Original post:

    I edited the q400.tmd and after making 44 changes I now always have a complete cold and dark cockpit whenever I get into the plane, thanks to the new beta. Nice! The only thing I couldn't get done is to turn of the FMS. Whenever I turn on the batteries all screens etc. are off (PFD, MFD, ED, MCDU, STBY COM, etc.) but the FMS is on right away. Not a problem at all, of course, but it would be nice if I could have that one turned off by default too (by editing the q400.tmd). Since you can actually turn it off this should be possible! If someone could tell me how to get this done I'd be much obliged. ;)