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    MartinM It's been a while since I used WMR but I believe there now is an option to bypass the cliff house and startup with SteamVR. Just avoid the SteamVR home and use the void. You need to make sure your SteamVR for wmr and graphic drivers are up to date as well, which I'm sure you already know. If you get it all working fine with OpenGL maybe then try switching the settings back to Vulkan. Most other reverb g2 users do not seem to have problems running Vulkan and find that it performs better than OpenGL. Good luck sorting this out mate and cheers.

    Thanks Tom. Yes, i do not start SteamVR Home. I just launch SteamVR for Mixed Reality. I have the latest NVIDIA Driver installed. Switching to Vulkan freezes or worst case gives a BSoD.

    High hopes on AFS4 now 😉


    I got a new PC last weekend since then I am trying to get AF2 back to life. While all the other sims are back to work as normal, AFS2 keeps crashing.

    In fact it works flawless without VR. As soon as I start the VR version, SteamVR launches for my HP Reverb G2. AFS2 is not making use of OpenXR obviously. Once I launch the flight, steamVR freezes. I still can hear the engine running, but the display I gone. After a few moments the systems closes or we end up in a bluescreen.

    All other apps appear to be running correctly in VR. Looks like a very isolated issue

    DxDiag is attached

    Stop crying guys - The new FS will be shown when is ready. IPACs does not like to commit timeline and deliverables for their projects. Thats how IT projects worked 30+ years ago ...

    I am old enough to remember those days. If one of my project managers in my IT team would manage his project that way he would have one second chance and then -> fired

    So, lets sit and wait and in the meantime try to plan around AFS4 by taking into consideration other options ;)

    Gewaltig würd ich nicht sagen 😉

    Mein Interesse besteht darin, dass FS2 der einzige sim ist der meine G2 bei voller Auflösung betreiben kann, ohne dass ich dabei unter 90 fps falle.

    Wenn FS4 mir die für mich fehlenden Features für die Schweiz und Gameplay liefert investiere ich gerne.

    FS2020 ist optisch super aber auf 60% Auflösung macht das nicht as real as it gets. XP liefert super frames aber bis man zu Fotolandschaft kommt ist es ein Gebastel.

    Ich brauche etwas brauchbares für die Schweiz wenn ich nicht real fliegen gehe

    My shortcut looks like this


    O:\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\bin64\aerofly_fs_2.exe" -othervr -lang=de

    In the main.mcf the following VR related is set

    Make sure G2 is ON

    WMR is running

    SteamVR for WMR is running and SteamVR does see the headset. The SteamVR Status windows will show you if you have tracking or not

    Make sure that OpenXR is not using SteamVR but WMR

    My wishes are far more generic


    • Realistic weather
    • Seasons
    • Water simulation
    • Realtime + Online player traffic
    • EFB Interface for Garmin Pilot and Foreflight Mobile

    Aircraft / Rotocraft:

    • Well simulated Blackshape Prime with Rotax 914 Engine Variant
    • Jetranger B206 B3

    Switzerland DLC Update:

    • Updated Swiss Autogen
    • Updated Swiss Ground Textures. Summer/Winter would be a good start.
    • LSZG with high detail

    Aerofly FSS is by far delivering the best performance on my Reverb G2. No need to cap the rendering resoultion and still getting awesome frames.

    Its really a pitty that the siming have such a great basis, nothing has been made out of it.

    • Switzerland would deserve an update - not done
    • Weather engine - promised and still not done
    • Water physics - nowhere
    • TE England - abandoned

    The highlight of 2020 - > EC135 without Swiss Airforce livery - sux

    HH125 never delivered to private customers

    For a short time, we were able to convince Tabu to give it a try. Meanwhile he abandoned the sim. Too bad.

    Its still way to complicated to create a simple airport like LSZP or more complex like GCTS.

    I have big hopes in FranceVFR. Their sceneries area really good. But if it does not sell, then they will abandone again too