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    Agreed, in my PC newbie days when I was 30 and got my first PC (Im 57 now), I encountered GPU issues because I didn't know what I was doing. I decided not to make them my forte. Since then, Im completely literate. My inside man at MS HQ in Redmond, W, taught me everything I know. He's from this area where I live. We go way back me and him. BUT, you can always learn more, learning is a lifelong endeavour.

    Since 3-4 Years, Lenovo and HP have migrated toward "standard" components usage in their Legion T5/T7 and Omen Tower. Due to this, the housing and components are ATX and mATX standard. Exceptions here make the Y-Light. This is a three pin connector. But using a 25cent 2-Pin connector cable does the trick to bring it to life even with a standard ASUS mainboard.

    The latest generation T7 does perform very well. Don't think anyone would need to overclock a i7-13700KF CPU like in the good old days ;)

    Even radiator and cpu cooler are today ATX standard. No hassle to reuse these.

    There are still vendors which do not use standard connectors and housing. My neighbour bought an Acer two years ago. He struggled to change the PSU as mobo connector was no standard ATX 24-Pin ...

    Lenovo Legion T7. All fits perfectly well.

    Nothing to complain about fitting the 850w PSU adding a Z590 ROG Strix Mobo and maintaining housing and connectors. Lenovo has done a good job on that end.

    My PSU is 650W. How do I know which other PSU to get and what my MOBO can handle....? How do I find out what my MOBO specs are...? Safe to assume its made by MSI for Lenovo (so I'm under the impression)...? 🤔

    The PSU I gave you will work on your Mobo. Lenovo Stock is FSP Fortron

    An option would be to start a system around what you want rather than on the restrictions of a tired life span limited unit. With a new fully spec’ed PSU and GPU installed, when at a later date the motherboard, cpu and memory get upgraded you will be free from the PC ‘manufacturer’s’ straight-jacket. I’m using a continuously evolved PC from 25 years ago!

    Lenovo's cases are ATX standard. I am having a Z590 ROG Strix E Gaming in my T7

    Why not look up your power supply on line? It might be able to provide two 6+2 or 8 connectors.

    Is it modular, that is do the leads come off individual sockets? Are there unused sockets or is there a spare lead tucked away out of view?

    The PSU in Lenovo T5 28L Series provides only one PCIe power cord. Lenovo GPU only have 1 connector required. MSI designed this dedicated to Lenovo. My 3070 only had one connector too, so does the Lenovo (MSI) 3060Ti.

    When I switched to the Zotac 4070Ti I had to change the PSU even having had an 850W already installed.

    If you go with a Lenovo Spare Part 4060, you will indeed only require 1 connector.

    Do yourself the favor of getting a FSP / Fortron 850w Hydro Pro. This will fit in size and have suffcient connectors

    FORTRON FSP Netzteil Hydro G 850 PRO 80+G 850W Modular ATX/schwarz, FSP Hydro G PRO 850: Computer & Zubehör

    As an alternative you can go to the newer one which is featuring PCIe 5.0 readiness.

    I have a Lenovo T5 26L, T7 34L and a Legion 5 Laptop. In the T7 housing I was able to fit a 4070Ti just with 5mm space between the front fan and the card. So, pay attention of the card length before buying.

    The 4060 Ti will require a new PSU. Lenovo has limited space in the standard housing. I had to use a FSP/Fortron 850W PSU (15x15cm) to make it fit. My 16x15cm would not fit physically. FSP is the Lenovo PSU supplier anyway ;)

    I get it, but I think they're pretty good (Europe and USA). If this was the case across the entire planet or in multiple areas, then this would be sufficient as a default setting. Gamers who want to enjoy realistic rendering should probably try MFS2020. But I prefer Aerofly for its specific gameplay and sophistication. But I'm sorry that we are limited by the borders where we can only fly. Understandably, it's a lot of work. But I hope that something is happening and in time we will see new regions or continents from IPACS in FS 4.

    Well, its not this simple - Switzerland in MSFS2020 is no better. Mixed fall, summer and winter textures. The downloaded textures using Aeroscenery from Swiss Geoportal are more consistant than anything else,. but have a watermark. I can life with this, better than snowy textures in summer ;)

    I have now found Lukla (VNLK) again with me :) , I bought it from Aerosoft. I have also noticed the shifted positions :( and I have no idea why it no longer fits. :/

    I have now made it fit again for me by creating three additional files (I use the two pairs of files marked in bold.): :D

    • vnl4__lukla__parkposition_4.tsc/.wad
      ... is Apron #4 (unfortunately only displayable with the symbol "H")
    • vnl5__lukla__heliport_1.tsc/.wad
      ... is the heliport for small helicopters on the upper terrace (unfortunately hidden in LOCATION by heliport #2)
    • vnl5__lukla__heliport_2.tsc/.wad
      ... is the heliport for heavy helicopters on the lower terrace with access to the runway.

    With your file the scenery works?

    Hello guys,

    Have this country high-resolution textures?

    Thank you very much!

    The textures are not the primary issue. The cultivation is. If I recall right my memory, anything above Bodo is flat. No houses, no trees, no airports

    Das habe ich mir auch so gedacht,darum gehen die bei MSFS.. weil es nicht Deutsch ist!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

    nana, auch wir in der Schweiz müssen Strom sparen. Ich war neulich in der Tierhandlung und habe mir zwei Hamster mit Hamsterrad gekauft. Wenn ich viel Strom brauche zum Zocken, setze ich die Katze daneben. Dann sind die Hamster schneller unterwegs ;)

    I noticed the same. Since the last update, custom textures are not always being loaded correctly while flying. I reported this earlier. I moved the custom images from the user folder to the sim main scenery folder. For Switzerland it appears that this did the trick.