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    Thank you for this. Your F-18 is a lot better and more "user friendly" than DCS's.

    Thats no comparision. DCS does feature an in depth F/A-18 simulator, rather than a toy to fly around. Having flown the F18 simulators in Payerne, I prefer systems depth and flying by the book. Each aircraft has its own HUD. Neither the F16, F15 HUD nor anyone else is identical IRL, it should not be in the sim. That why it is called simulator after all. Take Warthunder, there you can fly hundreds of planes with the same HUD, same HOATS settings and same features ...

    After the last update I am no longer having a display when switching to Vulcan. OGL is OK

    I can hear the sound, I can see the mirror on primary screen, but I cannot see anything in my Oculus

    VRM is Hardware, driven by AFS2.

    Stick, Collective, Pedals, Seat and the motion platform. The have a H125, R22 and the SH09. Too bad that they don't give us the H125. The screens however are VR ;)

    The DLL works for the VRM platform ...

    Another thing that is a bit tricky. In VR, the handles sometimes cannot be moved. It sometimes misses the focus and the collective does not move unless you reload the Lynx.

    Well don't go flying a real r22 if you think this Lynx is hard to fly as my real R22 is a squirrel compared to this Lynx! I can land the Lynx on a ship and platform now, very stable and consistent. but you do need to spend some time getting the feel.

    I don't like the R22 IRL, I am flying it here as it is the only Helo until today. But since I use hardware for the sim, my R22 has a stick :-)

    This was asked in another topic but this seems the better place to ask it: will we get airports included in the France VFR scenery ?

    I don't think so. The P3D V4 sceneries never contained detailed airports. Was more like legobricks. If I recall right.

    Looks like a great addition to me. The sceneries are great for P3Dv4. I'ld love in this sequence please.






    I have placed the request for the new Altitude client at IVAO Dev team. As this is a new client, I suggested them to at least try to support with limited features.


    FP filing

    and position report on IVAO Webeye

    There would be no weather and certainly no traffic

    Actually they got already the SH09 Helicopter from Kopter Group Mollis in AFS2 ... a pitty that there is no release to the community of these gems ...

    There is an AS350 which I have flown personally in AFS2, this year, Jan. It is there, has a professional flight model. I understand that Airbus might be the roadblocker to release it public. I am pretty sure that neither Mointainflyers nor VRM are the roadblockers either. I strongly assume that it is not you, IPACS. In the end, neither the R22 Mountainflyers livery was released, which is available, neither we have seen here an attempt to release the As350. As least no effort has been shown in the forum.

    2. i will load up a Flight Plan from simbrief (pln document) and it Say „run Time error 713 you Need the MSSTDFL.dll to install this in your machine“ but in my folder is the dll...

    Same issue for me. Cannot load a flightplan

    I received the key for AFS2 ATC within about 2 days. RC4 however, which is required, I have not yet received, even after having requested in multiple times.

    Short -> I give up here.