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    good day gents;

    I am surprised to read that the photorealistic ground texture is a problem when with aerofly fs2 is the easiest of the all simulators to create coverage with aeroscenery.

    It will be very difficult for anybody to provide scenery of large coverage with orthos:

    one problem is the licence and problem 2 is the distribution as the files for a detailed coverage are huge.

    anyway; cultivation is the hardest bit to make in aerofly fs2; to make this scoltand cultivation coverage took me 4 weeks of solid hard work; it uses os forests data; buildings; and electric pylons are from osm each tile cutted one by one.

    believe me it was not easy; and probably will never do again !! ahahahahah

    by the way; all airports areas are clean with not invading objects; the mesh is smoothest around airports areas; but I admit some bumps can be possible after compilation.

    Hi Jakob;

    glad is working out for you ! sure 5 m data produce some great mesh; even if aerofly max resolution I think is at 10 m max; 5 m data always pick up more details; is worth the extra effort.

    I have a question about "19 M Mesh-Italy": After the correction, the size of the mesh file has shrunk from 3.57 GB to only 875 MB. Why?

    Then I noticed that in the corrected "19 M Mesh Italy" all "maph_09 _ * ..... tth" and all "maph_11 _ * ..... tth- files" are missing. Does it have a reason?

    I want it to cut waste of hd space; as aerofly use photorealistic; run few test to find out what could be the best 19 m mesh display lod; and 7 8 and 10 work out well; 11 was actually not really needed as is for 9.54 resolution data or below; while Italy data are 20 m.

    Ray, is there also a possibility to create Austria_mesh with 5M? In a lot of important areas, that would be a fantastic thing.

    will do; at the moment 5 m data for Austria are not yet available; it might be prohibitive cost commercial data are already there; but we talk about $$$ $$$ $

    we can always ask Bill Gates; as he like flight simulation; if he is interested to buy for us ??


    Hi Jakob;

    thanks for your help

    they all should work together; as Austria is higher resolution mesh than Italy; try rename the Italy mesh as zz_italy_mesh19

    It did work telluride; scenery folders with zz in front of their name such as for example zz_19_m_mesh_italy will load first; this should work if you like put anything above it.

    telluride runway I have done is hand edited - point by point matching the real one on its sloping caracteristics.

    nice one!

    but there is only one telluride runway out there as the real one; and that is the one I have made.

    Hello Ray, any chance you could make an example of how to flatten elevation spikes?

    There are quite few different ways of doing it; the easy way is to patch up the original elevation model used to make the mesh with another dataset; for example if the mesh is dome from aster dem data; you can download another source such as srtm and cut that bit of terrain out using microdem or qgis software - any of the two can do it

    you than load the original elevation model and on top you put the patch you cut out from the different source; usually spikes are caused by bad datas; but with geoconverter they can pop up here and there even without bad datas.

    microdem can do anything you want and need really and is free: a video to give an idea

    this is a good video to grab the principle:

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    good day

    post here the coordinates of where you see the spikes and we'll fix it.

    that will save time to go around and look for them.

    any spikes you see post coordinates here and they will get flattened like pancakes !

    just give few days to allow time to get it sorted.


    by the way how about sloping runways rather than flatten runways ???

    it complete change the dynamic of your take off and landing; more work involved to get It right

    How does this Mesh compare to the Switzerland DLC? Is 19m mesh higher quality than whatever IPACS used? Thank you.

    not sure the Swiss Dlc mesh resolution; can not say; did not have time to compare with default; mesh; but default should be less than 19 m; having said that; 19 m in aerofly usually pick up more details on high raised terrains than flatlands.

    try it; and let us know.

    good day

    this morning spent more work to find a solution to the 'failure of lod below lod 10' in mesh over Scandinavia

    cut data in different ways shapes; size; right on the lod border or not; all to no vail

    although over Tromso a full set of lover lod tiles was kindly compiled by the geoconverter; they do not load in the sim;

    as this is out of my hands; I have to live it as is for the moment; until this problem is resolved by ipacs.

    I have the data ready as soon we get this nuisance over somehow I can re-compile and load files into the server.

    yes; I have done lots and lots of test for a couple of days; solid 12 hours each day; to try and find a solution to that problem

    is not because the two block of mesh meet; as I can see this problem happening in some other areas too where we are far away from any meeting points; the sim just do not display those lower levels of mesh in some areas; it only show a lod 10 tile view; without the lower lod display you reverse back to default mesh - flat ; that is what you see; when this happen.

    geoconverter can be nervous at time (we love it to bits) but you know sometime is funny; same as you take a girl out; it can go all nice and well but it can also go all wrong; when compiling the mesh the count of the tile is not right; for example it count 400 for lod 9 but only produce 300; that could well be the problem we basically missing some tiles at lower lod; for some reason it love lod 10 and compile the whole set. That is why we see always that lod 10 tile showing - but not the lower levels in some areas.

    It would just enough be able to compile a whole set of lower lod; even at 9 - that would sort out the issue.

    I can keep trying with time.

    Glad to hear Michael;

    on my end; work well; I just noticed a slight retard on the flat parts of Sweden in loading low lod tiles; it might be my pc; as usually I test on a donkey; rather than performance machine;

    courtesy from J De Ferranti data

    make sure you make a backup as this is a big file to keep uploading; there will not be more uploads of this scenery; the mesh is now called Scandi_1 and Scandi_2 - Scandi_2 is the new block added to complete the whole region

    feel free to put it online if you like; that will be great if possible.