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    @gonzo84: Vulkan in general should run much smoother than OpenGL. However if you exceed the available GPU memory, our Vulkan renderer might be slower. It really depends on your GPU and Aerofly FS settings if you should use Vulkan or not. In general do not use Ultra or Insane quality settings if you have <= 4GB of RAM on the GPU, especially when using VR.

    Hi Admin, thanks. I cant see why I am seeing this issue in Aerofly then.

    As stated earlier I have 16gb of RAM and 8GB GPU (GTX 1070).

    But for me, if i setup graphics to the highest I can for fast smooth experience in OpenGL and change to vulkan I experience the issues above.


    Just to update after experimenting, I can get vulkan to work only I have to lower the graphic settings in order to stop the flickering / black side bars when moving my head. But going back to openGL with every graphic setting on ultra it runs smooth?

    Is vulkan meant to be faster / smoother?

    What happens for me using Vulkan...

    With high settings (or same as OpenGL), its smooth until i move my head at which point the image in the HMD sort of freezes and black bars appear in the "area" im turning my head into until I stop moving and then it goes back to normal. So say I move my head left, the image freezes and as i turn my head left black comes in from the left to right until i stop then the black disappears and the image comes back. Go back to OpenGL and all works fine.

    As I said earlier, 1 week old PC with up to date drivers.



    Assigning an axis works just fine. The flaps will stop at the next setting if you move along the axis slowly and will move to full up or full down if you move the axis control to the end. I'm not sure about assigning individual settings. 8o


    Ill have to have a play later regarding this. The axis would be a better solution but only if it sets the flap settings linearly over the axis, is this the case?

    E.G. 5 flap settings will be split along the axis at even positions?


    Hi, is there a way to assign separate keys / buttons to individual flaps settings rather than up/down?

    so F1 = Flap setting 1, F2 = Flap setting 2 etc...

    Or (ive not actually tried this)

    What happens if you assign an axis to the flaps (is this even possible?)



    It’s been asked many times and I agree, I love getting into to the sim for a flight but soon start to miss flying with others.

    Fingers crossed!

    I decided to try Vulkan tonight for the first time . But it sounds like what happened here was ex’s what I experienced so I instantly switched back.

    I got black side window effects when I moved my head and low FPS. I took my headset off and noticed this wasn’t happening in the Aerofly window?

    My system is new PC build (1 week old) With only Aerofly and steam installed currently and all drivers were downloaded a week ago.

    I5 4460

    16gb ram

    Gtx 1070

    512gb SSD

    So I have done another little video showing its current development state.

    Although, it is very difficult to record in VR and show it in its entirety. So again this video has some "jerkiness" to it but its simply because there is a lot going off whilst recording I guess, and this is only the left eye so doesn't quite record what im seeing!! So I will try to release a Beta version this weekend for anyone to try, including the "navigation / flight path creator".

    Anyway, the red circles are waypoints (starting at my local glider airfield) and the black line is to the next way point (in this case it is a triangle back to the airfield). The blue line shows the current direction to the airfield.

    Ahh I see ok.

    So the current version that I have ready now, lets you import a flight path (or as I called them, tasks).

    The flight path / task I create using another "in-broswer" web app which I've have developed, however if fswidgets or someother software allows you to export the flight path - I can then make it so you can import that into my Nav Device and it show over the map like it already does.

    Basically - a list of way points (long, lat) and anything else such as alt?



    Keep thinking. 8o I am interested in seeing if your visual map can support a picture in a picture type box that we can feed active data. It would be outstanding if we could get a flight plan overlay on the active map with a box on the same screen with some text data.

    This would be a whole new level of important data for the pilot, whatever the craft he/she may be flying.

    I guess I can make it do anything you want (within reason of course!!) but feeding in data wouldn't be an issue or fetching data from "somewhere" either offline or online also wouldn't be an issue.

    I assume by flight plan overlay you mean aeronautical charts?

    Another feature I have implemented is it records the flight data. I thought seeing as I am capturing and processing the flight data I might as well save it in a format which you can then see the flight path back in google maps ETC. - not sure if will be of any use to anyone else.


    Thank you for the comments. I like to think (hope) that IPACS might be working on wonderful features such as multiplayer or ATC etc.

    However, I do agree that there is a nice community of modders on here from what i can see in my short time which is great. I actually had no idea about sceneProc and Aerosceney at the time of buying so when I found those I really was over the moon.

    One thing I also developed which I really liked, was using "leapmotion" hands in Aerofly VR. If i get chance I will get a video going, it was more experimental than anything but the concept worked, however unfortunately "virtual interaction" with switches and knobs wouldnt be possible so it would require physical switches to actually touch and interact back with Aerofly to keep the immersion.

    And my last idea for gliding was multiplayer competition using a plugin but without the visual aspects of other gliders in view, just the actual "real-time" data. However, i then realised this wouldn't work because thermals and conditions wouldn't match. :(


    Hi Michael, I actually never really thought about using it in other aircraft's as I thought i was only the glider suffering with no nav, but as its stands as this is an overlay it will work in any aircraft.

    If its better than what is already in the C172 I wouldn't know as i dont fly the C172, however being the developer I can of course implement any features into it.



    Hi Phil,

    This is basically a low level overlay, which interfaces with OpenVR - it is still an overlay nonetherless - however it is not an overlay designed to "show" a window or browser from the desktop. Think of this more of a software navigation device which has built in VR overlay feature for Aerofly.

    However, since starting this, I have found a few quirks with "overlays" and Aerofly, so this has now become very much much suited for Aerofly.

    You can also now (using the Aerofly hands) simply pickup the device in the cockpit and position it wherever you like ETC. Works really well.

    The actual mapping / navigation is also being done by myself which means I (or we) can have complete control over how we want it be.

    I guess this could be made more "universal" so it fits with other aircraft too, but essentially I am developing this very much like the real stand-alone nav devices which are on the market such as the LxNav or the Oudie (…uct/product&product_id=77)


    Hi Mark, as I am mostly interested in gliding, I am trying to tackle this very problem myself.

    Fortunately I am software developer so I am developing own VR overlay navigation device, it connects to Aerofly to retrieve the data and overlays my device in VR.

    This is currently only for visual navigation (moving map) & tasks (flying to waypoints) and currently aimed towards gliding. The tasks or navigation routes will be done online in a web browser and then saved for use in my navigation.

    You can fine my development thread here: Glider Map / Nav App (just playing)

    Here is the last video update i did, however it has come on quite a bit since and later this evening I will be doing another video showing its current status.



    Small progress update.

    Done a lot of work on the actual VR overlay code itself and a then just made the map actually look like a device.

    The video below shows some jerkiness/elastication but again in VR this does not occor so its just from the recording.

    The video also seems to show the Nav device bigger than what it looks like in VR, in VR I have it so it looks something between a phone and a tablet.

    Next few days I will be adding actual Tasks/point to the map.

    Using aeroscenery and scenproc you can get the whole of the UK quite easily. I have downloaded all the midlands but I used the cultivation from IZOJUB which is really good! The imagery is huge so it’s easier to just use the tools and do it yourself.