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    i know - try many different options to fix that problem; nothing was working

    aerofly for some reason seem unable to load the lower mesh lod files into the sim above North 60 ; only display the higher lod creating voids; although the files are there.

    talk to ipacs !! :saint:

    Good day all;

    thank your for all your images and suggestion; we got the message.

    As you know I worked on this scenery with Colin and Phil to bring Boston into Aerofly;

    There is always room from improvements; we know that; but to put things into perspective; to add the airport all that you see there ; we had to go trough challenges which not only related to placing objects but involved software coding; even tracing tarmac lines presented challenges with further coding adjustments needed; I am not going into more particulars as the list goes on and on those who make scenery for aerofly know it well.


    enjoy Boston; an update is always a good idea to adjust and modified bits and pieces.


    I just bought Taburet’s mesh too. The advantage of this cultivation of course is that it is Scotland wide, so i thought i’d keep Taburet’s cultivation and remove the hebrides cult, but then i had none at all. Perhaps Taburet’s doesn’t extend to the islands?

    Hi Phil;

    when tested as the buildings are osm i could see them; not many as i believe the areas are not heavily edified; i reckon the ordnance survey data do not place trees there; but need to check it out to be sure.

    hi Schnuffelduffel

    first let me say; apology to forum admin i have to re register after my old email stop working and could not get a new password;

    i am well aware of how much work it take to edit photorealistic scenery to good standard where it is required. Maybe you do not know; i made (that im aware of) the first ever photorealistic scenery for the whole of Italy back in 1999; and it was a 6 months ongoing work, after that i done many others not only for fs series but also for condor simulator; i think i have done enough to know it in 25 years of doing scenery.

    to keep the conversation short; not every simmer need a whole country to fly in photorealistic; quite few simmers are only interested in the area they want to fly; it can be 3 4 or 6 tiles, with aeroscenery is its not rocket science to cover an area you are interested with photorealistic; you can than edit as pleased if want perfection and time to spend.

    it is another matter if you want a whole country covered at good quality without textures clouds or distortions; this is what i was talking about; look at the outer hebrides project on this very forum a typical usage; the project is local to give an example; and yes if you want perfect textures some editing it might be require; especially water or any distortion correction; but should no more than 3 or 5 tiles to cover the outer hebrides; and will surely not take 10 000 hours of work.

    By the way; having said that; yes the mesh should fit every airport without bumps or problems; all the cultivation have been cleared at airports.