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    Sorry but maybe You should learn math first. The Subskription to X is much more expensive than Aerofly per Year. I wonder what You all always have with X? I've played X and I'm not convinced. There are always Users who write here in the Forum and complain and then say that X hase better Concept. Then change the Simulator. Something like that is extrenely annoying. IPACS has this Pay Concept and it's a good Thing.

    Yes at all.

    I tried XP12 and yes there's a tremendous wow effet about rain, snow, animated train/road traffic and so on.

    Their A330 is horrific and to have an A32x that is good you also have to buy the ToLiss product that is more expensive that XP12 itself.

    After that, you also have to take your charts and buy a Navigraph subscription to prepare your flight.

    Time, time, time, time.

    I finally prefer Aerofly for its few seconds way to prepare your flight plan. For its parallax way to move the view inside the cockpit without being forced to set up, down, left, down, turn, go forward, go backward separated commands. For its MCDU cheats (thank God). For its simplified Cold & Dark. For its correct usage of the full screen mode on Mac. For its highly high definition A320 cockpit. For its dynamic moving view in the cockpit.

    But, after pushback is done, rain will not be rejected. Because with XP12, I know that rain & co is quite a piece of cake.

    But two toys I would really love for Christmas please .... Spawning at gates with the airbridge correctly positioned, and pushback (with or without a tug would be fine).

    I bet you’ll be granted as you’ve just wished.

    For pushback, it is needed to have a new view from the truck as it could have been spotted in the teaser video. Lastly, they completely reworked the views. It’s a sign…

    I can confirm that rain, soaked surfaces, water drops on wind-shield, snow, road/train traffic are working so fluidly with another flight sim on the same computer where Aerolfy FS 4 runs fluidly too. The other flight sim makes the computers hotter and use 12 GB RAM :) where Aerofly FS 4 keeps it kind of cold (almost no fan use) and only uses 6 GB RAM :cursing: . I dream of a full usage of the capacities of my Mac where all the RAM can be used.

    I watched at some videos where the V1 callout is said by the plane.

    Plane or copilot, the “100 knots”, “V1” and “ROTATE” callouts could be appended to the simulator.

    Oh. I have to check this. Before I made an automatic script that takes the freshly created screenshot to move it in an easy to access folder. So. It means that PNGs remain and use storage

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    A few days ago, a passenger opened an A321 door at 200m from the ground while the plane landing. When the difference of pressure the plane unlocks the doors.

    Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    On Steam, they talk about a version:

    Where as Aerofly about of section talks about a version:

    Before quitting the beta on macOS, I received an ultimate update. No other update in regular channel.

    The other time, on Mac, in the beta, one of the updates was skipped. It looks like on of the latest official releases is skipped too.

    Steam is blurring my mind, so I may be mistaken.

    Best regards — Thanks