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    We are working on several things at the moment for all the mobile versions and all the desktop versions not just iOS or PC. This also includes new scenery and aircraft but also 'big new features'.

    Thank you so much IPACS. The entire mobile community both on Android and IOS love your simulator, the graphics overall have no match, ideas like engine start/stop and more regions have been floating around within the IPACS team as well is really reassuring to hear.😊

    No, the lights don't add lag, there are not actually that many. Only millions of buildings have an impact and only if they are not split up into groups.

    Trees and lights can be rendered very quickly.

    We would really appreciate having more taxiway lighting and trees in and around airports, higher end devices can handle it very well. This problem can we countered by having a PC like options menu for things like shadow settings or tree settings.

    That would be huge! Especially if we could download navigraph data similar to what another mobile sim with the third to last letter of the alphabet allows to be done. Aerofly has the best systems sims so far especially for the A320. Would really love to see it continue growing to allow further flights like SFO/LAX to HNL etc.

    Agreed but it is essential for cross country navigation... without it flights are just a straight line that set u up for the final approach at the end which is not how flights work. Having a departure that we can fly with speed and altitude restrictions and an arrival would make the sim even more realistic

    Hi there

    I've noticed that multiple SIDS and STARS practically don't exist at airports and tons of waypoints, VORS and NDBS are missing from all across the map. Hopefully the team would look into it.

    Yes... but I'm a programmer if you ask me "a or not a" the answer is always yes.

    The consumers really don't know what they want 😂😂...our wishlist is endless and we can go on asking for new features completely ignoring what's right in front of us so I guess we should just leave the devs alone as they know what they're doing.

    It’s low in day time too, if you look at the newer 777 it’s more detailed and HD. I think they kidu need to update the textures.

    Nah it's not lower during the day...maybe that depends from device to device but the a320 textures on my phone remain high at all times of the day except night

    That sounds a community we shouldn't be pushing the devs over the edge with requests..I guess we've eaten up too much of your time anyways 😂 so as of now we're just excited as to what's up next

    That's fantastic!!! Giving us the total freedom to choose and customize the aircraft we fly is beyond any competing simulator. I would like to thank the entire team of Aerofly for recognizing this!! Also why we're at it...what about liveries??

    That is indeed a different topic but we also plan on adding that at some point.

    The options system that we programmed covers everything from different engine type:

    Swap jet with piston if you like, different wheel sizes, different landing gear (ski, floats, wheels - for when those are added), external loads or modifications done to the airplane (e.g. added weather radar oder additional equipment,...). Pretty much anything that you can think of.

    It is not intended for the cold and dark option (that doesn't change the aircraft equipment) and it is not intended to cover different aircraft variants (a320, a321 for example - those should be different aircraft in the menu, once added). These are separate functions that are not yet implemented.

    That sounds there is a possibility of not just new aircrafts but also more variants to existing aircrafts

    We never specify any release dates because we rather finish something than release an unfinished product at a set time. I'm not sure when this will be added but I think this will be part of the usual update cycle and not a new app. Most of the code to load up these options is already in the mobile version as we speak. Just the menu needs some final touches and we of course need to create more engine models that we can swap, etc.

    That sounds fantastic... knowing that we're close to something that opens up doors to much bigger things is always exciting 😁