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    I just tried it n I'm blown away...

    OMG!!! This is some really big news...Cheers to the entire team at IPACS for achieving something that's never been done or seen before in the history of mobile flight excited to see this on android soon enough 👍🤞❤️

    I’m expecting they will. When 2020 came out they put up a post telling us that OR and WA are being worked on for the next game. I’m not sure about Arizona though, New York and Florida aren’t modelled but Arizona is, so I’m kinda hoping they give us AZ as well, since some of 2020’s scenery (monument valley and Grand Canyon) stretch into Arizona and these got modelled with 2020, so I’m hoping we get the rest of the state pretty soon

    Hope so too🤞

    Thank you IPACS. This is great news for everyone. I may suggest releasing the beta onto mobile devices as well so that we can be certain nothing drastic goes wrong when the update comes to mobile.

    Perhaps we should get liveries that are seen on the west coast of the U.S... somewhere we can actually fly in the sim. For example. Alaskan airlines a320, Frontier, Allegiant etc. That'll be easier for the developers to add because these airlines use the CFM56 engines on their 320s hence adding the livery won't be that troublesome

    @MasterOneLew, Rdx015: The things you mention has nothing to do with the problem Overloaded reported. The fact that A320 and some other airplanes have lower resolution textures in the cockpit is simply our texture budget limitation. For each airplane we try to stay below a certain amount of total texture storage. We will try to increase this in one of the next updates, but there is always the danger that on slower devices we will reduce performance considerably. Keep in mind we have to ensure Aerofly FS runs fine on a wide variety of devices.

    Thank you for replying to our comments, we just wish that we get a flight deck where we can atleast read what's written on the panels, doesn't necessarily have to be an HD cockpit like it used to be but atleast something we can work with especially given the new cold and dark feature in the upcoming update. Aerofly has done something no other sim has been able to achieve by creating highly detailed study level aircrafts, now that's something for default aircrafts!! As a fact I know the team at aerofly would take this minor issue into consideration for the next update 😊

    I believe this is a previous update that has decreased the quality of some things, like aircraft cockpits. I think everyone has the same issue and it’s very difficult to read the switches in various aircraft, whereas the 747 is fairly clear, but the 777 has an incredibly clear cockpit.

    Exactly!! Devices that are rendering scenery and the external model of the a/c at 60fps are unable to load the cockpit....? I mean previously it was able to load the flightdeck without any issue but then some update came along and it severely decreased the cockpit graphics to a point u can't read anything in the flightdeck except for what's on the display screens.