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    Oh yeah, I’m thinking the feature is cold and dark on the 777 and 747

    Cold and dark on 777 is great, but that's not a "new major feature". I think it might be ground service in airports, like push back vehicles, cargo trucks, etc… as developers have mentioned this before.

    Check this:

    3) Push back: This needs to be done right. We want the push back truck to have it's own physics simulations so that it will be impossible to have the wheels pointing in one direction and have the truck moving in a different direction like you see in "other simulators". We also don't want to constantly teleport the aircraft during push back "like in other sims". The push back truck should obey all laws of physics while it is attached to the aircraft. We don't have it in the sim because we do not want to just hack this in and cause us a headache later on, we want to do this right. The system for loading physics and the push back truck model should also be able to load e.g. an aircraft carrier or other moving vehicles that you can land on, a glider winch, a tow plane, a fuel truck, etc. Combined all this will take less time to implement than hacking in each of these features. But we're still busy with other important features.

    We have integrated a new mechanism when presenting the swap chain, the current limit frame rate button now works a little different. We have to further fine tune this to ensure that if devices support >= 60 FPS constantly for over 5 seconds, that they don't drop back to 30 FPS. But if there is one frame that is slower than 60 FPS, we will then default to 30 FPS which saves power.

    Thanks for the reply. Now it makes sense why my frame rate drops to 30 FPS. However I think the method you mentioned to save power has a litthe problem. My device's refresh rate is 60 Hz and I think it's powerful enough to run Aerofly at 60 FPS in most cases, but it doesn't mean it can always run at 60 FPS in the game. The frame rate changes betweem 55 to 59 FPS all the time. If this mechanism you mentioned is integrated, I will still drops to 30 FPS, so will those devices which can run between 30 to 60 FPS. Why not use the usage of GPU as reference? For example, if the load on GPU>80%, then trigger the 30 FPS lock. Otherwise, turn if off so it can always run at the highest frame rate possible. Or, just make a button in graphics setting to give option to users of whether to use this "power saving mode" or not. I hope my suggestions can help you a bit.:)

    Hi, I met a problem in the latest Android version of Aerofly FS 2020. Even if I disengage the "limit frame rate" in graphics settings, the frame rate sometimes still drops to 30 fps. Before this update, my frame rate can always reach 60 fps. I don't know whether it's a strategy to reduce power consumption or a bug. I would appreciate it if any developer could help me explain this, thanks!

    I have a suggestion: add "Start from cold and dark" option for Q400 and other small general aviation planes like C172, Baron 58 and King Air C90 GTx. This can add so much fun and reality to the game experience. Since all these planes' engines and circuits can already be shut down, I guess such an option won't require too much programing.