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    Does this just tune for ILS approaches? If I was flying in the Cessna heading to a VOR that I manually dialled in and then went flew near an airport would it then autotune to the ILS if I was within a certain range?

    Or would it tune into VOR's automatically as well?

    Well done on the release of the latest version!

    Quick question - is there anyway to set a custom default zoom? The behaviour when double tapping to recenter appears to be inconsistent - sometimes it will go back to the default zoom, sometimes to the current zoom and sometimes to something in-between the two.


    Sorry if obvious, but could somebody let me know how manual vs assisted rudder control varies? What does it assist? Is it just in coordinating turns or am I missing the point?


    Firstly to the ipacs team, well done on the new release. It's excellent!

    Can I just check something with regards to the autopilot in the C172? Am I right in saying its not capable of following a set route? When I hit the NAV button with no VOR tuned, it seems to aim for a random heading.

    Was just wondering what the purpose was for the 'NAV GPS' and 'GPS APR' buttons on the top right of the instrument panel? It allso has 'NAV' lit up to the left of those buttons.


    Sorry, another question from me, couldn't find anything with a search or in the wiki. In the controls page in the settings, there is a option to turn 'auto trim' on or off. What does this do / how does it behave?

    Thanks again

    In that case the runway is sloped to the side.

    If your device is properly calibrated you still have propeller effects that cause the airplane to roll to either side. You can assign aileron trim to make it fly straight but as soon as you change power or airspeed this trimmed state will change due to other propeller forces and torque values.

    That would make sense, don't have the same issue on different airfields. Thankyou!

    Sorry for the lack of my knowledge, but the bank to the left on the ground is intended due to the realistic propeller physics. If you were to look it up it’s an actual effect in the real world of aviation.

    Thanks, I think that's right, you'd expect to apply some right rudder during takeoff but didn't think the artificial horizon would show the aircraft as banking when it was on the ground

    Excuse my ignorance, but I'm attempting to fly the C172, using a steel series nimbus controller and find that the aircraft will bank, quite severely to the left and needs continuous right aileron to ensure straight flight? Is this normal?

    I also notice that on the ground / stationary the artificial horizon is 'banked' as well, showing a left turn.