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    Exactly, it’s on PC but that’s cos they can be beefy and are able to run aerofly with scenery that graphics-intensive. I’m personally hoping for Oregon and Washington next since they mentioned it when AF 2020 came out, but we’ll have to see what IPACS has in store for us players next 😉

    Jan said they won’t bother making a new aerofly game for the sake of this new graphics chip...

    Upgrades to the current one, yes, but not a whole new sim...

    my bad didn't notice it. But even though imagine if they add it for pc and mobile it would really sound more better. I love flying over Europe regions especially near Swiss and France.... I hope ipacs didn't forget new York its there for pc neither Android nor ios has it 😕

    yeah well NYC has been mentioned to be quite hard to model in mobile, I think simply cos there are so many buildings in downtown New York that it would be so memory-intensive and cause a lot of lower-end devices to simply give up. Anyway I’m hoping the next region is the Pacific Northwest and 3D buildings for Phoenix and Tucson. (Existed in 2020 but were removed when Arizona was made into hi res scenery)

    In offline mode, the plane's shadow is a square.Problems come up from time to time, no.

    I don’t think that’s because you’re offline, I get the exact same thing on wifi, the shadow only appears as a square at high and low altitudes. I’ve been waiting for someone to bring this up, thank you 👍

    It’s a shame the level of ground resolution is not the same throughout the the region.

    It would be good see the same level of quality across the UK region as California and Switzerland.

    In general the 2021 mobile is nothing short of amazing compared with 2015.

    Good points, wanted to offer my opinion on all these.

    1) this is the exact reason I have the UK region but I don’t use it, the scenery looks like it’s been stitched together and there’s no consistency in ground textures, as opposed to the US or Switzerland where the ground is one uniform texture. I asked Jet-Pack about this and he said that it just came from where the region had been mashed together with different sources so I’m guessing this is why we get noticeable squares on UK ground.

    2) follows up from 1), I’d prefer a more uniform ground texture before I fly in Britain. Other than that the airports look amazing, especially my joke airport of LHR, with the tower and T5 and Concorde all modelled to an incredible level of detail.

    3) I would also agree there, 2021 has come a HUGE way from original Aerofly 1 or even FS2, which, when I got it, I thought it was the best sim ever because it was the first one I’d seen with a proper lighting system and working cockpit instruments. Still has a fair way to go in terms of regions though, and maybe a few more aircraft could be added to the fleet as well. I’m thinking expand to north Florida for Orlando and Jacksonville, maybe NYC in a future release, and then the Pacific Northwest with Oregon and Washington that I thought was going to arrive with FS2021 but we got south Florida and the uk instead.

    I’d be open to future discussions on this topic, IPACS did an amazing job with this sim and they never fail to impress, but there are still a few features that are missing which could make Aerofly even better :)

    Update in 2022? Wouldn’t that be a new version then instead of an update? I’d imagine 2021 gets at least 1 or 2 big updates (confirmed by IPACS I believe) before a new sim gets released. Jet-Pack/Jan said that they’re working on a new update currently somewhere but we don’t know when it will arrive in app stores 🙃

    I was gonna ask almost the same thing, but wanted to know which regions may be in the works for a future update. It’s been a fair few months and I wanted to mention that the PNW on the map still looks as hi res as it did in 2020, so I’m gonna assume that’s the next region in progress. Since we have Florida now, it would be amazing to at least do Miami to Seattle, southeast to northwest, since we don’t have New York yet and cannot fly LAX-NYC for example. I also see that infinite flight is hopping on the 3D buildings trend now, so IPACS might want to think about another region with a few more cities in the not so distant future ;) just a couple words of advice from me, this sim is still one of the best on the market and I would be glad to wait a few more months if another region was announced

    Yup, definitely need weight and balance settings as the fuel in the A320 gets used up and it has cold and dark, so having that functionality of being able to choose how much fuel you take AND be able to properly run out (have engines cut out at 0KG) would just send realism sky high (unintentional pun, don’t mind)

    Plus if rain could be a thing, since A320 wipers are functional, then that would be super cool as well. All in good time though, as we don’t know what IPACS has up its sleeve for the next big update to Aerofly