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    Yup, definitely need weight and balance settings as the fuel in the A320 gets used up and it has cold and dark, so having that functionality of being able to choose how much fuel you take AND be able to properly run out (have engines cut out at 0KG) would just send realism sky high (unintentional pun, don’t mind)

    Plus if rain could be a thing, since A320 wipers are functional, then that would be super cool as well. All in good time though, as we don’t know what IPACS has up its sleeve for the next big update to Aerofly

    • QNH should be in inHg in the USA, the same way it is automatically done for altitude transition in function of the region

    I agree with most of what you have said, still slightly confused by the “bling blang” sounds you mention but oh well 😂

    France and especially Paris and Toulouse would be amazing, just seeing the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées and also the Airbus factory would be incredible (I’m part French and am from this area in the south of France ;) ) I expect this could be done as none of us were expecting the UK or Florida for AFS2021 but we got them anyway, I personally was expecting an extension of the US map north to the Pacific Northwest.

    Just with the Baro, you can set the different units by pulling on the switch I think; you can switch it from 29.92 hPa to 1013inHg, that is a thing. Also pushback would be cool but JetPack has mentioned that it would take a while to implement, especially into more than 300 airports across the US and Europe. IPACS would want to take their time with a feature like this, and include moving ground vehicles which physically reverse the aircraft from the gate, so this would be very cpu intensive and very time-consuming to put into the game.

    If anyone sees this that would be great but I just noticed that on the A320 in AF2021 the registration reads D-ACLF inside the flight deck instead of N369NW which is on the outside. No other livery on the 320 does this which is why I’m bringing it up.


    Well said and very true


    So, first I was flying the 747 and wondered why, after the recent patch that made all the cockpit text so much clearer (thx btw it really helps), the analog altitude gauge is still really blurry (forgot to insert image but there it is)

    Also, was wondering if, like the 777 and now the 320, the registration in the 747’s flight deck could change with each airline/livery, since the 777 has always done this and now the 320, would just make it a bit more realistic because flying a Delta livery with a KLM registration in the cockpit doesn’t feel quite right, if you know what I mean


    My personal ones would be:


    Adjustable weight and balance

    Fuel consumption in 77W and 747 —> cold and dark for those two aircraft

    Boeing GPWS callouts

    Tire smoke on airliners and fighters

    BIG MAYBE: An aircraft carrier so we can practice F18 landings and also trying to grease a 747 on a 600 ft carrier deck ;)


    Edit: 3D buildings for city of Phoenix and Tucson because they got removed in 2021 due to Arizona receiving higher resolution scenery

    Pacific Northwest, since the map in-game is rendered that far but in 2021 we got south Florida and Britain which I wasn’t expecting (still cool tho)

    Maybe NYC because Florida is a region detached from the others in-game already, as in it’s not connected to any other fly able regions

    And also maybe North Florida which would include Orlando and Jacksonville since we have the south and keys now

    Hoping that some of these make it into 2021 updates (like the cold and dark one for 2020) or in a future release)

    Edit: Jet-Pack (IPACS) thanks for the reaction :)

    I think tire smoke and adjustable fuel should be in this game, since the fuel would make flights so much more realistic, maybe 777 and 747 callouts and cold + dark for both of them, and then tire smoke would make landings so much cooler. Just my suggestions since something like pushback is supposedly very hard to model and implement (quote from another thread)

    Oh ok it’s a 2018 6th generation iPad 9.7. I discussed the specs with admin but I don’t quite remember them. 2GB of ram as well. By the way after the update all I seemed to get were more aircraft at the stands not more varieties. Just more Continental 737s and an occasional Northwest Airlines

    I haven’t been here in a while so I believe an old conversation regarding this issue with admin and FrankLFRS was deleted for some reason, but I just wanted to know (I have also just seen an update for higher text resolution on less powerful devices) whether app crashes at Heathrow are still a thing. I had to turn clouds and AI traffic off in order for the game to work, it’s been a while so I wanted to know if this issue was being worked on


    Edit: Jet-Pack (IPACS) could you move this post to a different thread because I created a new one and it doesn’t make sense why it’s in an android bug thread when I use an iOS device