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    Hope it's ok to post multiple times, I thought to keep one item per post, for clarity.

    Uk region has tiles that are quite lowres compared to the rest. Eg West or Bristol, but there are quite a few

    Oh yeah, well first there’s the lines on the actual map itself which are from when the scenery was acquired by IPACS. As for the lowres part, there are multiple areas I’ve seen this, where in-game the terrain switches from well-rendered to blurry. One part near Denver, another in LA mountains, near Big Bear and San Bernardino airports. Must be normal because some areas don’t need hi resolution because there’s nothing there in some cases. Cities and big areas are higher res though, which is all that matters 😀

    admin i turned off traffic and clouds, had to disable the flight info and flight trace before I could load into Heathrow but when I did man did it feel nice to see the Concorde and Terminal 5, the ATC tower, however I don’t have planes parked on the ramps at all, this is probably memory ie I need a new device at some point, but yeah removing clouds and traffic seemed to solve the app crash issues

    Dear developer,I downloaded all regions successfully, but I don’t know why after I click Egll airport, the app can't loading and end the app

    I have the exact same problem when I try to load into Heathrow the game crashes no matter if it’s on short final takeoff or above the airport at a custom altitude the game will crash before even loading in. admin  Jet-Pack (IPACS) pls help!

    I reinstalled the game last time because this was happening - I was into rewarded with my regions refusing to download. This is after the latest update. Not a problem with downloads as such, but the fact that whatever I try to do at Heathrow, the game crashes. Is anyone else having this problem?

    I spawn near Southend at 41,000 feet in a 777, I get near the airport - game crash

    Spawn on the ramp at Heathrow - crash

    Spawn on long final for 27R - crash

    8000 feet directly above in a Cessna - crash

    I tried stansted to see if any other big airports were crashing but onto Heathrow seemed to. This was a problem before the update too but I thought I’d try the same thing again post update only this time to be met with the same result. Anyone else having this issue if so pls let me know here, or if a mod could tell me why this is happening that would be great too


    Sorry I had the wrong plane. I had chosen the B-777 in FS2021. Is there a list of aircraft that can be cold and dark? Thanks Reinhard

    There’s no list but I can give you all the cold and dark aircraft now:


    Learjet 45

    King Air C90

    Baron 58


    That’s it but I’m hoping that over the lifespan of this game we get cold and dark for the 777 and 747, and maybe pushback at some point too.

    Still no joy. Won’t download any terrain.

    Devs are working to fix the bug, it’s been mentioned that it may be a bug with apple’s servers and that Apple won’t be really available to help with the issue until the 5th of January so just be patient and then hopefully by the end of the month everything should be fixed, and maybe AFS2021 will be out for android

    You guys take as long as you need, gfilip makes a good point. If you were to update the game again like you did for the past version, then you could fix “Colorada” in the in-app purchase screen. It’s also weird how when the game released, I had every region downloaded except from hi res scenery and Switzerland, every region worked fine. It’s only when I tried to spawn in near LHR and the game kept crashing, that I was forced to delete it. After which, the downloads became stuck at 0%. In other words, I had no problem and reinstalling the game because of crashes caused these download problems

    Yeah I had the EXACT same problem. Shut down iPad, reboot iPad, open aerofly (no other apps running in background apart from aerofly) (all regions are uninstalled) press to download Florida (only region which started downloading) only to get to 80% and then drop to 70! Kept flickering between so many different numbers I thought it was making 2 or 3 downloads at once! Eventually it came up with the “thank you for purchasing South Florida enjoy your region” screen. I go to the map, Miami intl and executive are there “great it’s downloaded” but the download screen kept showing that it was in the middle of installing.. My Florida also uninstalled after I restarted the device again. No other regions want to download, even when Florida is started individually it doesn’t even fully install. All this happened because I deleted the game because I tried loading into LHR on final for 27R and the game kept crashing. Also while trying to install these regions the game crashed upon launching several times. admin  Jet-Pack (IPACS) hope all this feedback helps with solutions

    Edit: my main aerofly device is a 2018 6th gen iPad 9.7 which has 128GB storage and I believe about 2GB RAM.

    Edit: shut down the iPad overnight and south Florida has actually installed! I bet the other regions refuse though, FL was the only one that would download when all the others were trying to at the same time.

    Yeah mine handles it ok (current issue is that it keeps crashing upon launch of the game) but apart from that it ran the game fine. Might look it upgrade this iPad tho because it’s a 2018 9.7 and I’ve seen AviatorGamerYT with so much more airport detail (like many more varieties of aircraft at the stands) with his 12 Pro Max. Anyone recommend an iPad Pro or newer generation of iPad which wouldn’t make aerofly 21 crash because it actually has enough ram to run the sim properly? 😂

    Yeah even when I leave the download for a while it’s just always stuck at any from 0%, 1%, 2% completion and doesn’t move any further. Disappointing consider i had all but hi res scenery downloaded, I delete the game because it keeps crashing and now regions won’t download :(

    Edit: South Florida was the only region which tried to download first, I’ve gotten all the regions back to uninstallment, now Florida seems to be actually working 😁 will edit further if any other regions refuse to download after this

    Edit #2: got to 80% on south Florida, the download then went back to 70, then almost restarted the download, flickering between several different numbers as it tries to install. Then went all the way down to 20 something, like 22 or 23%, currently flickering between 76 and 53 % completion at time of second edit

    New post: even when I get all the downloads back to “download for free” they still all end up trying to download at the same time. Florida is stuck on 1%, all the others are at 0, not moving an inch. Really regretting deleting and reinstalling the game now because I had every region apart from the hi res scenery downloaded and now nothing’s working. iPad 6th gen 2018, latest aerofly version, iPadOS 14.3, at least 50gb of storage free. This is so frustrating

    Slight problem.

    I know that the crashes in UK scenery were fixed, but my 2018 iPad just crashed about 7 times when trying to approach Heathrow. The first few times I spawned at altitude trying to bleed speed and altitude when far out from the airport, cumulus clouds on “full” seem to make the game really laggy. After turning those off I tried again, bearing in mind I was in a 777 at 40,000 feet and speed wouldn’t stop increasing despite having spoilers deployed. Got to around 522 knots and the game crashed. The last times were spawning on final to 27R. The loading screen wheel moves, then stops for a second or two and then the whole app crashes. Either the game is still bugged, or it’s fine and it’s my device that needs replacing. US scenery is mostly fine, although I think it crashed when I was tryna fly and F18 from KNZY to KNQX, app crashed somewhere over Southern California. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m reinstalling the app and ensuring nothing is running in the background

    Friend do not hope to have aerofly 2021 ... The developers only work to satisfy their customers ios ... Android devices do not exist for them .. I am resigned to having the new version better try to buy another game

    Dude it’s not like that. Both versions got Aerofly 2019, same for 2020. iOS came first, android will soon follow, don’t be so rude about these devs, they work hard to give us good quality sims