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    This thread is only for admin to see what is wrong with my game and why it keeps crashing.

    My main device (never mind the iPhone I don’t really use it for aerofly much) is a 2018 6th gen iPad 9.7

    The problems I am having with aerofly is whenever my aircraft is in colorado (bearing in mind the game never crashed before the update) is that the sim constantly crashes and resets. Load into DEN, crash

    Spawn at Buckley AFB in an F15, crash

    Fly over the state from SFO to DEN in the 77W for a full flight, game crashes.

    Like I said, these problems are only happening after my game updated recently, they never occurred before. I also believe it is the scenery as I can fly in any other state like Cali or Utah and everything is fine. Just colorado causes a crash.

    Hope this helps with fixes

    admin also devs can you please solve the issue of the game crashing when entering colorado on slightly older apple devices? I use a 2018 6th gen iPad 9.7 and an iPhone XR and every time I load into colorado or fly around the state the game crashes. I have to avoid flying here for this exact reason so can you fix this pls so we can fly the length of the map without the game stopping so suddenly? Much appreciated

    Are there any plans to fix colorado making some iOS devices crash? I’ve just tried loading in at Buckley afb south of Denver and the sim just instantly crashes. Is this something to do with the update or is it a question of devices and hardware?

    Flight sims ( Aerofly, XP10, RFS): *exist*

    Also flight sims: *there is one imposter among us*

    (Hinting at what was said about IF. Plus I am part of BAVA, don’t take it too far 😉)

    Oh ok thanks

    What about the runways for the usaf academy field and game crashes over colorado? I’ve since tried again approaching into Buckley afb only to have the game crash again. Is this going to be dealt with soon?

    Third time, trying to load in 17R at Denver Intl with a 77W and route to SFO, game is still crashing

    Device is iPad 6th gen 2018 running iOS 14.0.1

    Thanks if any devs see this and are working on a fix

    Trying to fly an F15 out of KAFF and there is no runway selection is this a bug or intentional?


    Edit: I’ve also found that every aircraft I’ve flown post update doesn’t really follow the nav route, always off to the left or right by about 3nm can someone fix this pls

    Hey guys I’ve mentioned this topic a few times in other threads but I’ll make a new one just for ease of convenience. My question is this: does anyone else want weight and balance settings (or maybe just an addition to the FOB of the a320? I’m just asking this because I always thought that 7620 kilos of fuel in the a320 is not very much. Can a dev reply with why this is and maybe then explain what could be done to raise that number to maybe 10,000kgs or 15,000 that way we can fly properly with the 320 without the fear of running out of fuel because we only started with 7.6 tonnes? Or maybe in a future update introduce weight and balance once most aircraft have the ability to shut down engines so then engine failures can happen due to lack of fuel?

    I keep saying, you devs are the best, these are just my ideas for how to make this sim even more realistic. Hope they get considered🤞

    Yeah the ORIG is original airport. Then you pick DEP which is your SID (departure) Then scroll to DEST which is destination airport and pick a runway. Then you pick ARR which is STAR (arrival) and then APP for approach.

    Screenshot this or find the tutorial, it’s quite easy

    True tho the detail and realism in aerofly is just ridiculously good for a mobile sim. The way the screens look, lighting in cockpits in the dark, now engine cutoff, the 3D buildings and incredibly detailed airports and cities surrounding them. Any devs if you’re reading this, you guys did an awesome job on this sim and the update and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Thank you for such an amazing game. We really appreciate it 🙏🙌👏

    Oh yeah IF has a similar sound when you takeoff, you can hear the tyres gaining speed on the asphalt before they lift into the air. Type of rattle squeaky sound I’d say