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    What do you mean by this?
    VNAV is armed before takeoff and engages at 400 feet above ground after you have already rotated and lifted off?! And even if it engages, it's just a flight director command, so why should VNAV stop you from rotating the nose during takeoff, I don't understand what you mean? You are flying fully manual, right?


    Usually when Lnav and Vnav are pushed in during takeoff it's to help show the right indicators on the altitude indicator display. So you're taking off at the correct angle and all that kind of stuff. It shouldn't be sticking you to the runway at all as you can't activate the features until you're in the air and the autopilot is able to be turned on. Can't you just push the buttons and turn them off?

    Yeah I can turn them off but having them enabled just won’t let me ever get off the ground. I found myself at 190 knots unable to pull up just because VNAV was engaged.

    Here’s a picture from a week before the latest update. Almost 60 frames a second dynamic lights on my iPad. Now I have no dynamic lights with a so-called update that didn’t update anything. It only took things away. The update says dynamic lights are not going to work on older devices. I have a sixth generation iPad it's only two and a half years old. Fix this please it has worked every year and it worked FLAWLESS Until your latest update.....I mean downgrade. How can I get a refund? Pay all this money every year barely any improvements and one of the most amazing things about your simulator you just took away from thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of IOS users. Please fix this..I'm so let down IPACS. IPACS Support

    What happened? My sim is pretty much okay apart from the fact it crashes about 10 minutes into most flights if I don’t restart and clear all background apps pre-departure 🙄

    No, if you only use the menu it should be fine as well. Maybe delete the old route and create a new just to be sure there are no remainders of a previous route.

    Keep in mind that some discontinuities on the route are expected during approach. Some segments are coded as manual segments or ATC vectors.

    Yeah i had to delete the old route, make a new one. It all links up now though :)

    What is happening here? I have en entire route pretty much filed, and yet the last few waypoints don’t want to connect to each other. As well as that, some of the runways in Amsterdam are permissible as landing runways but yet like in Boston, aren’t marked in blue. Lastly I get this strange blank menu when I click on a runway which has literally nothing on it but seems to want to contain runway info. I think the route planning in aerofly 23 is a bit broken sometimes and could do with a touch up.

    I was actually going to ask about this because similar to what OP mentions, the BA version in particular never came with GE CF6s, rather only the Rolls Royce RB211s. Same with the 787, BA only operate Trent 1000s. Perhaps a sound update and engine redesign for some airlines is needed.

    Thought of this last night, but was just wondering, since the AUTO LAND and MAX CRUISE in the Concorde aren’t functional, whether this will ever be a thing. Of course autoland can be done with the copilot, and MAX CRUISE has been replaced by MACH HOLD, but it would be nice if these buttons had some functionality of sorts :)


    The drag curve is U shaped. At low speed you are on the left of centre so a reduction in speed gives more drag. Try going faster to get less drag. You can set up an agressive rate of descent with full throttle and once you are at 290 knots or higher resume the climb but only at a rate that does not lose speed. Above 30,000 feet you are more vulnerable as being Mach limited your Indicated Airspeed will fall with increased altitude and you are moving left on that drag curve. Once you are that high make very small altitude increases to keep the speed up.

    Oh okay I see now. Thanks for the explanation.

    Just a quick post since I'm using the 787 for pretty much the first time, plus something I need to ask regarding the 747 on a flight I did a few weeks ago.

    So first on the 787, is there a way to change the flight number displayed next to the artificial horizon? The FMS seems partially functional on this part as it lets you type in a flight number but once clicking ACTIVATE then EXEC(ute) it does not change. Just asking because the Triple 7 lets you type anything in and it would be nice to have a custom flight number displayed rather than what I've seen so far where it displays UAL123 or BAW787 as a generic flight number.

    Second, I found the 747 struggled to keep speed at high altitude. Just on the Autopilot alone, not the inbuilt co-pilot, I took a Lufthansa 744 from Seattle to Frankfurt and found that at several points during the flight when I tried to get it to cruise higher than let's say 36 or 37,000 feet, it would just end up stalling/getting really low on speed (like 180 to 160 knots indicated, even) and I kept having to enable the GA thrust limit in order to get full power to maintain flight at FL410. Don't know what I did wrong, maybe I put it into the CRZ thrust limit a bit too early but at any altitude from 39,000 to 41,000 feet it just would not keep stable and level flight without becoming dangerously low on airspeed.

    help appreciated,


    Hello IPACS. I am loving your work. Back in September I think it was you released an update for FS2022 that fixed the Landmarks display amongst other things for Android users like me. I use a Lenovo Stylus Yoga 11 Tablet. I upgraded to FS2023 a week or two ago and again have no Landmark labels displaying on my machine. Could you please apply whatever fix you did for FS2022 to FS2023 so I can see them and work out where I am flying please? I do not want to wait till September 2023 to see them. ;(

    Just want to check you know where they are as a setting. Not in main settings but next to the altitude up and fast forward buttons when you start flying :)

    Just started flying the Concord and it’s awesome.

    Does the VS work different on Concord compared with other aircraft?

    I’ll choose say FL10 take off click ALT/AQU and VS with AP engaged then the aircraft starts to climb at 500 ft/min but I can’t get it to climb any quicker.

    On other aircraft you increase or decrease VS with a roller control but how do I do this on Concord ???

    Take a look at the tutorial, it’s kind of wild but it’s basically a little white rocker switch near the artificial horizon indicator that you drag into place. I’ll attach a photo.