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    They didn't say anything about release dates or work progress though, so don't be disappointed if it doesn't get added in the near future 😄

    I’m not one of those people who complains and constantly asks if features are ready…hence why I used the phrase in the cards as in saying it might be a thing in the future. Read before you comment.

    @Jetpack , how I wish we can fill in fuel by ourselves. Most times the fuel for short flight are a lot making the planes pitching up at cruising altitudes.

    devs have said already weight and balance settings are in the cards for aerofly but it will take them time as every single aircraft needs to have its physics tweaked so they all handle properly when very light or very heavy

    RR Trent ? I assume this is model wise and not in the TMD. To adjust an engine in the TMD is no easy task so I would suggest what ever engines are in the A320, If they are RR Trent they hey presto! problem solved. Visually it will make no difference as you can add a kitchen sink and it would still fly :/, Might not look so pretty though.<X

    A320s were never offered with Trents…those longer looking ones you see would be the IAE v2500, the same as what we just got on the A321. The 330 would either have a Trent 700, CFM-56 or PW4000.

    Other than BA (Euroflyer?), I am slightly disappointed that a Jetstar livery was not included. Also, instead of government liveries or duplicate Air New Zealand liveries, perhaps we could have gotten VH-VOZ? (Virgin Australia 77W)

    I like the fact we got an NZ livery because I wanted to use a white livery over the all blacks edition (static aircraft in the standard white can be seen at New Zealand’s airports) so I like this new one also it seems like it’s a very new one given the blue and green touches in the tail paint

    It’s been a while since I’ve checked this forum, and what a surprise I got when I saw we got a brand new A321 at such short notice AND several 777 repaints, many of which I’ve wanted for ages (Egyptair, JAL etc)

    Quick question though: how come no BAW livery on the A321? Big British operator, has a livery on the 320 (maybe this is why no 321?) uses the IAE engines and G-EUX- registrations. Nice to see air transat, wizz, heck even SPIRIT of all things just sad my favourite British flag carrier didn’t get a paintjob. Oh well, the future is always there…

    Not sure why asking for one airport needs such in-depth reasoning but you made this post on March 23rd, I see this one as a duplicate.

    How about adding a cabin for Aerofly? This is from a competitor's work: A380,(Key information has been blocked to prevent misinterpretation and promotion of other works

    infinite flight a380 rework ^^ aerofly 380 could do with a touch up soon tbf, one big thing i found is the engines sound really almost too quiet on the aerofly one, but this competing one uses generic GE90 sounds, so i think ipacs has an advantage if they can get trent 900 sounds for this bad boy sometime

    So i thought i did everything right, but this time im in cruise with the MAX and i just can’t seem to get rid of the cabin altitude alert. I’ve been fiddling with the packs and ISO valve but none of them seem to remove the warning. Tutorials and PMDG website hasn’t helped, although i fixed the same issue on the NG before, can’t remember how. Help!

    Edit: i set the cruise altitude while still on the ground as well and that obviously has done something

    i get app crashes most if not every time i fly on battery power, always right at the end of the flight.

    iPad Air 5 2022

    was on Medium graphics settings, 80% pixel density, frame rate limited. no idea why, app crashes cant be hardware related because mine now has an M1 chip and 8 gigabytes in the RAM department, plus not even running it at the highest sim settings. anything you can look into Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    i would say probably -300 as it's the most popular variant, maybe the NEO if the devs feel like branching out.

    PW or Trents (Cathay use the Trent the most, as for other airlines like swiss or AF you'd have to find which ones they use - also could that pave the way for airline specific engine configurations? some airlines use trent 1000s on the 78X and others also have the RB211 on the jumbo but in aerofly they all get the GEnX and CF6 respectively)

    whichever variant is most similar to the 320 that will be easiest to copy-paste.

    Delta, Air France, KLM, Qantas, Swiss, Eurowings, China, Air Canada, Aer Lingus, Finnair, Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines. (forgot about CX and TK but yes those too, maybe at the expense of eurowings or smth)

    Liveries I'd love to see:
    Etihad 77W

    Korean Air 77W

    Kuwait Airlines 77W

    Egyptair 77W

    Garuda Indonesia 77W

    Air NZ 77W (white livery rather than existing all-blacks livery)

    Japan Airlines 77W

    thanks :)

    Oof- I forgot that it's the -10 on the sim lol

    no problem - a -9 would be nice in future, but also that 777 livery would be feasible though. In addition to Korean Air, Etihad, Egyptair and Kuwait Airways which also operate 777-300ERs but do not have liveries present in the sim yet.

    Yes, this has been reported before and is already fixed internally but is not yet in the public release.

    Hi Jan, I'm cruising at 35,000 feet in the MAX 9 right now and it's in the CRZ N1 limit, which the FMC says is 95.6%. Am I being stupid or is this a bug because the engines are only using 81.3% (267 knots indicated) should the limit therefore be around 81.4%? just wondering because 95 and a half % N1 seems a bit high for a cruise thrust mode.

    also what has been amended in terms of the new 737's power at altitude as was mentioned in another post? did that mean even if in CRZ as opposed to CLB 1 or CLB 2, at altitude it will be able to maintain current airspeed without bleeding back?