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  • Hey there,

    Was just wondering if you knew anything about the android situation?

    If you know, how long do you think we have to wait? Before February or after then?


    • I don't Know. I'm a player, not an official. But I don't think it will be long. Around March, man, if you like to simulate flying, aerofly is no longer the first choice, I feel.Developers are relatively lazy, so aerofly has a lot of minor problems, aircraft lighting problems, airport lighting problems, taxiway lighting problems. The problem of the wrong position of the aircraft lights and the display of the engine speedYou cannot set the weightNo ground service system.

    • I fully support the payment, so that developers have the motivation to do more things, I do not want to hear, because it is free to use, so we can not go to urge.This is not good, the United Kingdom area, Miami area fees I support, if the global area fees I support.Do not discuss free with those guys together, we have to pay the user is the price of their own pricing developers.

    • March!?! oh god.

      i guess i better get myself a sub for RFS or something then

      :( I just wanna fly over London lol

    • infinite flight

    • To expensive lah!

      I will just re download 2020? :D