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    Not so good from beta. Buy app gives ‘item not found’. 2019 works well with less demanding devices, it did have its place in the family.

    True, I did not consider that view initially. I hope that the IPACS team looks into that aspect and makes it available again as it would be a good option; unless they change something soon. Of course, we should show patience as always as good things happen with time.

    I'm sure that they will have a plan to accommodate for people with all devices :thumbup:

    Just recently into flight sims. All I can say is that Aerofly is well ahead on the rest as far as mobile goes and the only thing I miss is the ability to fly global. Their physics and interractive cockpits (love the airbus a320...) as well as weather comes close to the best pc flight simulators a few years old. Also to those that think a true simmer doesn’t play on mobile I use an ipad for all control and connect the screen to an Imac and find this setup simple yet great fun. Hope Aerofly will answer the few limitations as i love to play it.

    I agree, I have tried/used X-Plane and IF, and am a convert to Aerofly. They have an exceptional experience+graphics that are insane. I have even used X-Plane Mobile in an instructional setting, and agree that for someone who is more with experienced with mobile flight simulation, Aerofly is the best out there.

    Especially when simulating transport types, Aerofly beats all else. IF and X-Plane don't even come close to the accuracy of simulating the flight software of the 320. I've never seen another mobile sim that lets you practice flying in normal, alternate, and direct law. Not to mention the fully functional live cockpits with functioning flight directors. I could go on forever, but I'm proud to use Aerofly :)

    (Not hating on the others either, every application has it's pros and cons, I just prefer Aerofly after trying them all).

    Generally if there’s AFS 2019 in your iOS device and if you change your device for a new one, the new device will reload AFS 2019. Even though it is no longer available.

    The low price of AFS2020 may seem: it’s the Black Friday price, the Christmas price, the new price because AFS 2021 will come soon...

    Good ideas there. I don't plan to redownload AFS 2019 since I already got AFS 2020 anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Anyone else notice that Aerofly FS 2019 is no longer on the app store for download? I bought it and it's no longer there. Plus, Aerofly FS 2020 is now cheaper. Before posting this, I saw it go to $2.99, now it's up to $3.99.

    I'm assuming this indicates some big news in the next coming days/weeks for Aerofly's mobile platform(s)?

    What do you guys think? (I made an account just to post this)