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    In the screenshot of the official blog, I saw that the lights of the city would light up at dusk, rather than suddenly in the dark. The setting sun is in harmony with the lights of the city. This is the most visual content in the beta. good job

    To many of the errors found in the simulator, the developers replied that they were fixed in the developer version, or wrote excuses that this wax is not errors). And so what we have at the moment. No updates for almost 6 months! Promises to release an update after the release of aerofly fs4, which was already released some time ago. What's strange is that according to the developers, that all errors have already been fixed in (developer versions), what prevents them from updating the mobile version of the simulator? They used to say that they threw all their strength on FS4 for computers. It would be interesting to hear what excuses are now. In general, all this is very upsetting. They say that there are problems with the capabilities of mobile devices. Well, make modules for download, make them paid. Everyone who needs to pay, and even if necessary, will buy a powerful mobile device. Make the cabin textures in good quality, make them paid. You follow the very multifunctional model A320, but the textures are terrible. The A380 textures are great, but the plane is not detailed. What's the point? It turns out that you can make both well-developed systems and aircraft sounds, and textures! So do it on the same plane! There are a lot of seemingly minor flaws, but they affect the overall feeling of the simulator as a whole. Why is LSZH airport the most sophisticated airport simulator, does not have normal night lighting? After all, you even installed lighting masts, but they are not functional. If it's a matter of motivation, make the scripts paid. I hope for feedback. I'm sure many people are interested in the release date of the new update. We are all looking forward to the game program, and we are ready to pay for it.

    After the release of FS4, it will be updated and maintained for a period of time. After confirming that the game is stable enough, some content will be deleted and placed on the mobile device to ensure that the same problem will not happen again. However, as you said, it has been waiting for 6 months, and there is a very long to-do list to complete,

    Really hoping we get an update soon. Too many airports in the U.S. and Germany are glitched with the control tower view blocking the aircraft.

    This fault has been repaired once, but there are still many problems that have not been repaired

    Waited for four months

    Indeed, that’s why they should focus even more on the mobile version! So far they are ahead as a propper simulator.

    During the period when af2022 stopped updating, I saw that other simulation flight manufacturers have made great progress, and I also agree with some views. For example, compared with MSFS and the other two software, the most important orbx seems to have become a dedicated landscape developer for MSFS. Of course, it is not a bad thing for consumers. I hope the mobile version can speed up, because the competition in the field of mobile device simulation flight is very fierce, but this does not mean that I gave up this software and chose another one, but in a word, there is a reason

    I don’t want to tell you the truth but I have to. You should focus more on the mobile version because you are ahead of all flight simulators for mobile devices. In my opinion Aerofly FS4 can be the last PC flight simulator of the Aerofly series because you won’t reach the level of the Microsoft Flightsimulator because their budget is extremely high. The feedback of your Flightsims on pc aren’t good either. You can’t compete with Microsoft but you can compete with smaller developers like yourself on mobile.

    And yes, I do know that we shouldn’t write comments like that, especially comparisons but it’s important.

    Rigorous comment: in mobile devices, this gap is actually narrowing,