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    I have a (very) tiny experience of a piston single helicopter, if anything the PC version should be twice as hard. Mobile should not be fundamentally easier.

    Getting better with a training helicopter should be like sweating blood.

    Hm, that's interesting. I think it depends highly how do you setup your control hardware, although in AFS2/4 there is no control of extreme deadzones, only sensitivities can be adjusted by adding slower response around center, and that is not realistic, although it can help with some hardware. I use VKB Gladiator NXT EVO without centering springs, and it has dampening with adjustable tension, so I find flying helis in any sim extremely enjoyable now, and way less frustrating. I can properly hover for the first time in AFS4, even with expert mode enabled.
    When you land R22 properly and smoothly in AFS2/4 for the first time, there is no going back, you are hooked for life. :)

    Also, training in AFS2/4 to fly R22 in expert mode, will help tremendously flying helis in other sims, also as their flight model is somewhat more forgiving/easier. I bet it can help a lot in training for a real life heli license, at least with the "brain controlling 4 axis" part.

    R22 in AFS4 is considered the best helicopter flight model on a desktop simulator. And it probably is. It is actually used by some helicopter flight schools, and it is confirmed by real world R22 pilots as a great training tool, if I'm not mistaken. I always enable expert mode for a proper challenge. :)

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    A bit color corrected by ReShade, and added real world audio in post. Physics in AFS4 are amazing, so even pushback is very satisfying to do. NOTE: A320 engines are not started as I can't be in two places at the same time. :)

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    Tried the streaming and it's working really well. To make sure, I disabled EU and USA DLCs in the Steam properties. But now, I have a question how to enable 3d airports with streaming enabled? I flew over several airports, and no custom 3d objects were present. I only saw some terminals act as cultivation data, probably seen as a building in Open Street, or whatever IPACS is using (probably even Microsoft's buildings data).

    I flew an approach to EGGP (Liverpool) and I was AMAZED by the number of buildings visible. Literally NONE of the current sims have a possibility to display that amount of objects with that performance. X-Plane 11/12 can, but FPS will suffer badly.

    So, bit the bullet and bought AFS4 on Steam.
    After using ASF2 for few years periodically, usually load it when I miss VR flying at 72+ fps, I must say I'm impressed and disappointed in the same time.

    I'm still definitely impressed with the how aircraft fly and react to controls. Still one of the best sims out there in terms of physics and feel of flying, shoulder to shoulder with X-Plane. I'm also impressed how stable and bullet proof default airliners are. Flew 2 full flights with A320 and A380, both followed a flight plan perfectly, to the millimeter, climb and descent are perfectly on profile, SIDs, STARs, everything. Something that NONE of the rest of the sims have in offer with the default airliners. MSFS is far from it, and even with addons it struggles to get it right.
    I'm also very positively surprised how many "hand crafted" airports are in the sim. Plenty of choice. Time skip feature is a genius move by IPACS, also none of the rest of the sims have something like that, especially the way how smart is implemented. Kudos to the devs for the idea.
    But this is where the positive side of the story ends.

    Scenery is pretty bad in overall. If I exclude a ton of buildings, and vegetation added, which is plus nonetheless, the most importantly, ortho imagery is just bad in colors and resolution. It's usable over 30k feet only. I mean I get it, IPACS used a free cloudless ZL13/14 source, but there should be a better solution, probably by using custom made EU ZL16 ortho. Will definitely try that. I have an amazing Switzerland HD for AFS2, and I don't have a clue can I use it in ASF4 and how (it's an addon from Steam).

    Sound is still pretty bad, even FS2004 does way better in that regard. Not sure why sound is not left open for a simple modding, like replacing WAV files. Quick and effective.

    Weather is still static. If only devs can add weather themes per region (departure, cruise and arrival airport region will be enough), should change everything.

    Visuals are still way obsolete, and I also think it looks worse than AFS2 for some reason. Maybe it's a bit darker, maybe it's becausae bad ortho all around, maybe bad sky colors, but in overall I like AFS2 lighting better.

    VR hands are amazing to use for buttons and, some switches, but for knobs and dense switches area, it's very cumbersome, clumsy and sensitive. I was flipping the nose gear light switch many times accidentally when turning on the landing lights in A320. How many times I was flipping the ADF switches while changing the range on the ND! Very frustrating to the point I used mouse at the end.

    So IPACS had the time to solve these issues with sound, VR controllers and eventually visuals, yet they decided to "only" focus on airports and aircraft systems. While I applaud on the aircraft simulation efforts, it's time to move from year 2010 and follow the technology. AFS4 would be my main sim if I can create the whole EU in ZL16, play some PA announcements in the background that recognize aircraft states, better sounds for the airliners, and of course adjustable weather per region (rain/storm included). Ah, cloud shadows would be a plus. :)

    BTW any good scenery for EU/part of EU, or I need to create the ortho myself? Any tutorials?