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    I've tried to replicate this but couldn't yet. What do you mean by "log out and re-enter" or "leave and re-enter"? Do you switch to another application? Turn the device off? Exit to the main menu and then resume the flight?

    And what devices do you have?

    I mean leave the flight to return to main menu and then re-enter the flight. The "six square" drop down menu on the top right doesn't show the aircraft trace and info options as well as no AI flying around. You need to go into the settings to get it to re activate both of these.

    I have Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

    here is the drop down menu. In same flight

    I never changed the settings on flight traffic in this demo (I never do)

    I simply just went into the settings menu. And you can see this green outline in the menus now?

    After the new update this morning I can't set EDDB as origin or destination on nav page. I tried to set it manually in FMC and its making the unit buggy.

    Also the green outline is coming up like I have a controller connected in game. It then transfers to main menu after.

    I've tried restarting phone but this problem still persists.

    Some aircraft indeed have a V1 call-out in real life but I've never heard of a VR call-out that the aircraft generates. Usually it's the pilot monitoring who either fills in when the aircraft doesn't have a V1 call-out and who makes the "rotate" call-out. Depending on company procedures they may also say V2 but it's quite rare.

    So yeah if we find a sound sample for the V1 call-out that we are allowed to use then I can add it. Doesn't help you for rotation though only for decision.

    The "80"/"100", "rotate" and "V2" callouts aren't part of the aircraft itself and instead they should probably be integrated into a module like checklists or procedures when we start programming that.

    Also "positive rate" and "gear up" if we are gonna go all out with co pilot call outs. 👍

    Hello IPACS

    Just wondering if it's worth in the future to think about Con trails on Airliners at altitude plus vapour trails on the military jets when sharp turning. Also tyre/rubber smoke on touchdown.

    Thanks and keep up the good work

    Thank you IPACS for your customer progress updates here. We know your working hard to bring us the best experiences in the simulator. It's a shame about the Gpu issues but please keep trying. Some people are flying with lights simply moving files. Maybe talk to them?

    Thanks again.