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    We have thought about this but don't yet have a good solution to importing the data. PDF allows too much so that we would need to include a third party PDF reader which comes with all kinds of headaches for our multi-platform sim. Users would then probably have to save the sequence as a square texture and convert it but that's not an easy plug and play system.

    Thanks for thinking about it! I don't mind converting to any image format. And IAC the aerobatic boxes? Have you considered that? Those two things would really be the cat's meow.

    How do I go about requesting: A simple, fast way to place a custom IAC maneuvers card on the panel of the aerobatic airplanes. It should be as near the normal field of view as practical, without obstructing instruments that might be necessary during aerobatics. Preferably pdf, but can convert to another format (From OpenAero output). This simulator is the best there is for simulating aerobatics, while using VR. Problem is, when using VR, I can't reference my maneuvers card easily. This one feature will make this an extraordinarily useful tool for IAC aerobatics practice at all levels. Well, that and adding IAC aerobatic box markings wherever I want. But the card on the panel is first priority in my mind. Please, please please.

    You refere to my addons. 😀

    For the Extra I have an update for FS4. But I still need to compile the plane to get my aresti sequence into the cockpit.

    For the Aerobatic boxes I still wait for the scenery sdk. Currently the box marker are pointing all into the same direction, so I cannot release it. If you need a specific box, just tell me the location.

    Are you willing to share your work for FS4?

    This is the best aerobatic simulator out there, especially in VR, for full scale acro pilots such as myself to memorize sequences with, practice positioning, etc. The flight dynamics, including stalls, snaps and spins, are good enough with the Pitts, Jungmeister and Extra to be useful. Two things only it lacks: the ability to put up a custom form B or C on the panel, as in VR it's much harder to reference a second monitor or a piece of paper. Also, the ability to place IAC boxes on the ground anywhere. I believe there were addons in AFS2, but it sure would be nice if these features were built in.

    Great stuff all! I’m new to sims, and VR, but have done tailwheel and aerobatic training in the Pitts, and did my helicopter ratings in the R-22. I bought Aerofly FS specifically for realistic training in the PItss and R-22. It’s very impressive to say the least and the original post here is spot on. I’d love to hear if most of this was adjusted or if not, maybe get some tips on how to get mine close to real feel. I am using a proflight Puma helicopter flight controls. Any sensitivity adjustment instructions for the pitts would be welcome!

    Also, is there no ball/slip indicator in the Aerofly FS2 Pitts?

    I haven't flown a Pitts, but I have lots of tailwheel and aerobatic time in Decathlons and a few others (a little bit of competition too), and I own a fully inverted RV-7 that I built myself. I find the Pitts, Jungmeister and Extra in Aerofly FS2 in VR to be the best available tools on PC to practice aerobatics with. Balls aren't too useful for competition aerobatics IRL, as "coordinated" in comp aero means the airplane is doing what it's supposed to do, rather than ball center. And if using a ball to coordinate turns inverted you would need an inverted inclinometer. Better to develop the feel. 'course there's no feel in the sim, but you can "coordinate" by watching the nose slew (or not) rolling into our out of turns, upright or inverted as you would IRL. Cheers to you for taking that training. No doubt you are better for it. I hope they keep the excellent flight models in the next version. As for hardware, I'm using a Warthog HOTAS setup, with rudder pedals (of course). But I have replaced the stick base with a Virpil base. Much more precise than the Thrustmaster base. I have used the Virpil setup software to program a very slight curve in the XY axes to desensitize the stick just a little bit around neutral. Best tool I have to practice with outside my real aerobatic RV-7. Now, if we could talk IPACS into including an RV-7 in the next version...

    I don't care nearly as much about additional features as I do about the excellent aerobatic handling of the Pitts and Jungmeister in FS 2. Please keep or improve upon the realistic handling in stall and post-stall. I use FS 2 to practice real-world aerobatics, and it's immensely helpful to have sim aircraft that spin and snap relatively realistically. This is the ONLY sim I have tried that I can say that about. Also, an RV-7 aerobatic setup would be nice. And a Super Decathlon. But mostly just keep your wonderful stall and post-stall handling potential!