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    Good afternoon. I was flying over the ocean on a flight from Lisbon to La Palma when I came across these square shaped black dots over the ocean. I was flying at 39,000 feet with the Boeing 787 when at a certain point these black dots appeared over the ocean. In another screenshot, the plane is flying low at about 3,000 feet when two more square-shaped white dots appear just ahead.

    There are many black squares around the ocean…

    The A380s autopilot is basically the same as the A320s. I did three flights with the A380 in total (London —> Frankfurt, Teruel —> Frankfurt, London —> San Fransisco)

    The new nordic scenery is a very big improvement since the last version of aerofly fs. I think it is great!

    Malmö Airport (ESMS) is the fourth biggest airport in Sweden, but it is not included in the simulator. I have mentioned this when aerofly fs2022 was released. I would really appreciate if it was implemented in a future update.

    Also a big airport in Norway is missing: Stavanger International.

    So, I did my first flight with the CRJ900 from Stockholm to Bergen and as I have arrived at my crz altitude the plane began to stall even though my throttle was the whole time on climb. It felt like a power loss like we had last year with the Boeing airliners. I don’t know if it’s a bug particularly. My cruising altitude was 41k feet. Because of that I had to descend again to a lower crz altitude to stabilize my airplane even though 41k is a normal height for the CRJ.

    Buy aerofly 4 then

    Wouldn’t expect such an unqualified answer from an experienced user. It’s like saying „buy a pc then“ since aerofly FS4 is available on PC only.

    Let other people suggest everything they want to as long as it’s realistic.

    And most important, don’t make fun of them, especially of new people like he is. This is not a joke-website. It’s for making Aerofly a perfect game and not making fun of someone.

    I have the same problem. (I’m on IOS with an iPad). I’m being asked to download all the regions again. Although, it looks like they’re all in the sim. Can anyone tell me if KSEA is in the default download? Or is it a paid addon. If it isn’t, then I don’t have to download all the regions again. Or, please tell me an airport that is a paid addon. I will be able to check if I have it in the sim or not. Thanks.

    KSEA is for free:)

    They said to reinstall the app to fix broken sceneries. I did it, but I don't know if I actually had broken sceneries. Aerofly FS 2023 Bug Tracker

    So if you don't see anything wrong, you'll probably be fine.

    There is nothing wrong with the scenery but in the new regions shop it states that I have to buy the regions again even though I bought them already.

    It's because Aerofly pushed new scenery downloads a few hours ago. Hit Restore Purchases and everything will be back to normal and you can download the updated scenery.

    Are you guys sure?

    Should I download alle the sceneries again after restoring purchase?

    Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Dear admin

    I just opened my app to check my regions and all my purchases went to default. The weird thing is I can still fly in these regions and it seems to only be an issue in the new region shop. Furthermore I can still buy the regions again which is weird as well.