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    I'm a bit confused here; you say the streaming currently will override all installed addons. So does that mean you have not made some sort of exclusion for your official addons yet, so that Europe #1, Europe #2 and USA #1 will be "overwritten" by the streaming feature ?

    OR, does streaming only override user created content ?

    I didn't do any of that stuff mentioned above. I downloaded the drivers (reluctatly), calibrated according to a youtube video plug n' play. Its working fine, no issues. Whats this phase 1, phase 2 and beta stuff mentioned above in the first post...? I don't get it :/

    I am on linux, there is no drivers from Thrustmaster for anything else than windows, so we have to depend on the developers of the flight sims to do a good job and support it natively. However there is no need for the firmware drivers, not even on windows if the game you are using it for has official support, you can still calibrate the controls; I could do that even on a operative system not supported by Thrustmaster.

    As to the mentioned beta range; a flight trottle for jets and turbo props will have 2 ranges, the one that controls the actual throttle is the alpha range, the one that controls the reverse throttle is the beta range, you can see this on your Thrustmaster throttle by the yellow marking, when you push it in to that area you are in beta, aka thrust reverse.

    @ Hartman: thanks, the video I watched earlier wasn't showing this correctly, the beta now works. But there is another issue: when I push the throttle ( the hardware one ) in to toga mode it goes into full throttle in the game, it doesn't seem to mind the detents at all, and since I get booted out of the ingame calibration screen I don't know how to get this to work, any ideas anyone ?

    So I had an issue where I couldn't get the throttle lower than 20 % on my throttle quadrant, it wanted me to use the full range of the axis, that includes the beta range. So I went along trying to calibrate it, to no avail, the calibration menu exits as soon as I hit a detent.. then I tried to remove all axis and key assignments and try to calibrate again, again it exits the calibration menu. Is there some trick I need to do to make it work correctly ?

    1. When I read about the sim you said much of europe was included with high quality scenery..something about all the way down to Bulgaria. But what countries exactly ? Or maybe you could provide a map of the coverage area of the hi-res areas ?

    2. Are you planning on adding gps to the GA aircraft; like Garmin 430/530/1000 ?

    3. I really like the new features with the carreer, achievements and statistics, but is there a chance of implementing an optional economy where you could earn money, buy and repair planes etc ? I love using fseconomy in other sims because it gives purpose and it lets me fly to places I never thought of, so something similar, maybe even talk to JustFlight about Air Hauler ?

    Please tell me, what exactly are you inputting into the FMS of the king air that makes it bank 50 degrees.

    Keep in mind that if the FMS frustrates you that you can also set up the entire flight plan with the navigation menu of Aerofly.

    Hi, as mentioned it was a human error, I forgot to click the AP button. I would have deleted this post as it is solved, but I am not allowed to do that I think.

    I'm sorry if I came across as short tempered and grumpy, all is good now, just enjoyed a flight across CA using the FMS :)

    I was like you with the king air and i saw some video in you-tube to have help and just yesterday i make my first full flight with king air

    The issue is solved at least for this plane, I activated the co-pilot to see what my display showed, turns out I forgot to press the AP button xD. Probably because the manual doesn't mention it, although it is obvious. I'm sure I'll be back to ask questions the nex time I pull my hair out out of frustration :D

    I have tried now for over an hr to get the plane to follow the flight plan in the fms to no avail, can someone please help me, I have followed the tutorial from the Aerofly wiki but the plane just wants to bank at 50 degrees and crash if I let it.

    What makes me slightly annoyed is that I have flown airliners in X-plane for years with having any issues, so what magic trick do I need to use in Aerofly, obviously the wiki is no longer correct ?

    Indeed the link is dead.

    However you only need the if the scenery contains a water tower.

    This is extremely rare, so you probably want miss anything if you don't install that file.

    Ok, that's good to hear, at least now I know the sceneries will work without it.

    I did make a post at Flight to, hopefully they can fix it as I understand it's their site that is responsible for the Cloudport ?

    Either way I am happy to know I can install scenery without worrying about other stuff breaking :)

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I am in the process of installing scenery from fscloudport and all the airports I am downloading refers to a zip file called "" , however this link does no longer work, or at least it doesn't work for me, I even tried several browsers and using a VPN just in case, so how do I get this zip file, does anyone know of an alternative download ?