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    Unfortunately I can't fix the green boxes in the sky, they often don't represent what the actual flight management computer will shoot for and what the autopilot is currently doing. It's ok if you don't fly through them all the time.

    Hi Jan, yes that's fair enough. FYI it still won't auto land and just overfly's the runway for me, possibly I am doing something wrong that causes that ?

    Hi All,

    Version: Steam Aerofly FS 4 Version

    OS: macOS 13.0 22A5321d arm64

    I followed the A320 beginners tutorial on the wiki here multiple times but I haven't successfully auto landed without forcing the issue in some manner, and I think I am following the steps to the letter. Things first seem to be a bit off on the descent as it doesn't descend as quickly as the external bars in the air show, then the external bars on airport approach seem too low to me (but on that I could be wrong). Then I am fairly certain I have captured the ILS OK a few times and done the other steps but it still then stays high and seems to follow the Altitude selection. Any ideas what I am missing, or what I might be doing wrong, any advice appreciated

    Can you please check something for us? If you started Aerofly FS and see the main menu, move all of your devices a bit so they get recognized. Then start the flight, is your view still tilted to the roof? And when you don't move the controls and don't touch them at all until you are flying, is the view messed up as well or is it normal?

    Can you also check if the issue goes away if you go to the control settings, view category and remove all assigned controller inputs there?

    You've got it. If I don't touch my stick and start the flight it does not go to the roof, if I wiggle my stick before start then it does go to the roof. :)

    Version: Steam Aerofly FS 4 Version ... I assume

    OS: macOS 13.0 22A5321d arm64, yes its the beta but I suspect that's not the cause

    When I Start a flight on most occasions after the fist successful Start that the view rotates up and I am looking at the roof of the plane. I found after the trial and error steps of uninstalling, trashing the main config file, and calibrating that the simple work around is to use the hat switch to fix the view. It seems there is something odd about the hat switch for my Joystick. No other apps that use the joystick have the same issue.

    FYI for Mac users I moved my images from the steam path "/Users/MYUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator/scenery/images" into what I guessed on Mac to be the correct directory "/Users/MYUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 4/scenery/images" and it worked.

    No cultivation, AF say about FS2 scenery in FS4:

    • Aircraft are not compatible
    • Cultivation files are not compatible
    • Airports are not compatible
    • Buildings and structures are not compatible
    • Images and elevation data are compatible (see note below)

    I'm on a Mac and used the steam directory, may have been a bad idea, also the AU scenery didn't have an elevation folder so I am not sure about that.

    n.b. I am very new to AF, I bought it only a few days ago after much research, I wanted the super fast loading, speed and M1 support, super happy so far as FS4 is early days, so I am also tempering my expectations 😀. And I am tempted to give my first born for super quality AU scenery ...