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    Hello, if the elevation data problems are resolved, flying in the swiss alps it’s wonderful… I usually fly in that area using AF2021 since it has lots of buildings… and even if it’s not realistic, you can try using the a320 or the b767 and fly mostly visually and create your own landing approach path… at st Stephan it feels like the videos on YouTube about Paro in Bhutan

    To better understand my issue during landing here is the screenshot where, even if the collective slider (left side of the screen) is at 0% the real collective input is 22%… to reduce this 22% I have to operate the collective stick with my finger, which is annoying on iPad. Let alone Iphone. This residual 22% input Creates a certain lift that make the heli unstable when touching the ground.

    Yes I can land with parking brakes

    Yes I can apply a little backward cyclic

    Then I can move my view to operate the cyclic stick and finally be sure to be on the ground.

    The question is: is this how is supposed to work?


    I don't quite get what the issue with the collective is supposed to be. 0% lever already means collective is all the way down. And because the rotor axis is tilted forward of course you'll get a little bit of forward thrust as you increase collective. Same when you touch down. As the tail wheel touches down the rotor axis is forced to tilt forward and thus the forward thrust is increased.

    Wheel brakes are simulated. Just the interface on mobile for helicopters does not support it. But on PC it works of course.

    Ok I understand… I’ve tried and with a 5-7 degree backward tilt after touchdown I manage to compensate.

    Thanks for your clarification. I was worried that the main problem was that residual 14% collective caused an uplift great enough to imbalance the heli causing it to move forward. I’ll practice my helipad landings. Thanks again.

    The user interface currently doesn't support wheel brakes for helicopters

    Thanks for the info… but… the issue is not, IMO, the brakes… even if I had the wheel brakes, when I land at 0 kts and my collective slider is at 0 but the “real” collective input is 15-20%… that gives instantly 5 kts of speed. on a helipad it means you crash… unless you put some brake: but that’s not the solution imo.

    I think, the first thing is to have the collective slider on iPad aligned, in values, with the effective collective of flight info… that is: 0 on the slider means 0 collective… this it would help… even if the wheel breaks is not implemented. If I touch the ground at 0 kts AND my collective in 0 on a flat surface I do not go anywhere and I have all the time in the world to apply my parking brakes…

    I also tried to land with auto hover as per you guide… even if it takes out a lot of the fun… when I touchdown the heli starts to move because of the collective problem…

    All of this does not happen when I start from the ground, because the slider AND the flight info data are aligned… I remove the parking brakes and the heli does not go anywhere… it’s only after I go over 20% that the input are misaligned…

    Do you think it would be implemented in the future, as for airplanes, that the collective slider operates the breaks also?


    With 2 crew someone can pull the parking brake.

    Thanks for the idea but I’m playing on iPad so… That’s not an option for me… As a matter of fact if you hit the parking brake with the 20% collective it’ like slamming the brakes and the heli risks to put the nose into ground… this sort of workaround that as the option of landing with the parking brakes takes out a considerable part of the enjoyment of landing that chopper…


    Do not know if it’s a bug… but… I’ve noticed that, once you land, the heli keeps moving. The collective slider is at 0%, on the other hand, the flight info atop of the screen show 15-20% collective… the only way to stop is to operate the collective stick directly (which is annoying if you land on a helipad) or land with parking brakes… is it a bug or am I missing something?

    Moreover, when choosing the view, I noticed that the left cockpit icon takes you, in fact, to the right seat and viceversa.

    I am disappointed too… it seems that this Aerofly version has been launched with a bit of rush… the missing 3d terrain data from the scenery is really a mess…