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    Merry Christmas! Don't worry about the planes & liveries on fs 4, they will come to mobile when devices get more powerful. :* 8o

    I understand this is a mobile game and I’m not complaining about the graphics, I’m just curious. Why is it certain areas of the game look really really clean and crisp and other areas like Ireland and Scandinavia are real fuzzy?

    IPACS was probably missing high-quality aerial photos for those places, for the graphics, I just think that the reflection was a bit weird, perhaps its a bug, nothing more ;)

    If both versions do not work, then I don't think these functions are implemented in aerofly.

    i’ve been trying to use the panel lights on the Beechcraft baron B58 however the toggle switches do not seem to turn any lights on or off inside the cabin. I noticed this in Aerofly FS 2021 and 2022. Am I missing something, or are these switches just not modeled to where they actually operate any interior lights?

    I have mentioned this problem in my own thread as well, if you quit the app and join back using the same aircraft, there will be no sound at all, so I believe this is a bug.

    For admin and other developers, this is not a reality. 3D buildings are not as simple as you might think. It includes modeling, positioning, texture, and more. If you want your whole European region to get 3D architecture. You'll need at least 80 gigabytes of space to store the extra data. Of course, consider that you need to transfer the files when you import the DLC. You actually need 160GB of storage to import the DLC. This is not practical on mobile. The other 52 frames were the only highest number in the test. Most of the time it's around 30 frames. My chip is a Snapdragon 870. Please also view this item rationally.

    Thank you for your reply, I now understood why... 8o

    The developers are doing a great job on Aerofly 2023 and it's not being appreciated. Every time I come here I only see complaints and no praise. The last update for example came with several bug fixes including missing scenarios. And I don't see anyone praising this feat. It is impossible to turn a mobile simulator into a PC simulator.

    I ofc appreciate their work, no offense, but I think there were bugs that could have been fixed. :)

    I think they are complaining too much about the simulator and that nothing is good. They're wanting a mobile simulator to become a PC simulator. This is unthinkable.

    No, my idea is to think of improvements in future versions of aerofly and ofc some bugs I've encountered, and my only problem here is just the reflections of aircraft, Jet-Pack (IPACS) can we just bring back how it is in fs 2020 or fix the reflection bugs?

    Dear developers and all Aerofly fs players,

    I hope you had a good day already and enjoying your flight in Aerofly fs 2023, but I found some areas of improvement and some bugs that could be updated in future updates (note: only my opinion), Also, if you have experienced any bugs, or find something that is missing in the game, it will be more than welcome to write it down in this thread.

    • Navigation in Monument Valley airport (UT25):

    I’m not sure if it is a bug or not, but I couldn’t make a flight plan to Monument Valley airport, the navigation menu could not identify there was any runway at that airport, is this normal?

    • Sound bug:

    This happens when I quit the game and when logging back into the game, there won’t be any sound if I use the same aircraft.

    • Cloud bug/fog:

    If you try to remove all clouds by dragging the cloud bars down to the lowest, you will have to restart the game to get clear skies, otherwise, there will still be clouds floating (especially cirrus clouds). Also, aircraft won’t get affected by fog when the visibility bar is at its lowest, only some reflections do get affected.

    • Shiny planes:

    I love the new silver engine rims, but, I’ve seen some people including me already report problems with reflections on plenty of platforms, the planes look too reflective in my opinion, and the shadows are a bit too “over”, I compared it to the old versions of Aerofly, which looks more normal (I’ll put some attached images down below to address the problem more clearly- please observe carefully!).

    • 3D Buildings + Street lights + Better graphics settings?

    I appreciate that the devs are working very hard to bring more 3D buildings, and I won’t be asking for anything more, but I would like to ask a question will it be possible to add additional options in settings to control street lighting, graphics, and the amount of 3D buildings? Since I’ve seen powerful devices that could handle streetlights and huge amounts of 3D buildings (image for evidence below).

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) I like fs 2023 compared to 2022 and the old versions, but I discovered weird lighting and reflections off planes in this year's version, and I have fs 2020 which somehow has better reflections & shadowing. The first picture is a screenshot from the PC version of Aerofly fs 2, the second is fs 2023, the third is fs 2022, and eventually fs 2020 in the last image, can we bring back those reflections from the old versions? Since it looks much normal and better to my eyes (I've also noticed that there were shadows of the vertical stabilizer, engine, and landing gear (in fs 2020!), what happened to those reflections and shadows???