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  • hi, thanks for the reply, i still dont get it, i want to install the that pryerlee offered, can you just create a really detailed video on how to do that and link it here.

    I want to install the airports, the global elevation is straightforward and i now have it, now i want to install the airports.

    i want to install this⏬

  • hi, can you give me a detailed instruction on how to install the

  • Ok thanks :)

  • wher can i download the global mod for aerofly fs 2022 android? Pls Tell

    • No, I don't have the ability to make these mods and share them. I can only share with you the same files used by AF4. They run on the PC. All files can only be modified on an existing basis. There's no way to recreate it. You have to figure out how to add it to Android.

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