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    Thanks, I think I've learned something . 👍Yeah, I can see what you mean about the lights in the distance being so bright, although it still looks good. I think I will actually buy this previous version too, just to see what it's like and to have the option of city lights on some routes. Obviously, the ultimate would be to have an actual real-life nightime map in the future, where we can see what is actually seen from the air at night in real life. As I said, it's quite incredible what they have achieved already and and in what seems to be quite a short period of time. No doubt things will continue to improve even further. Exciting times ahead.

    The really good city lights so far have been in places like Denver where mountains or sea terminate the lights well before they can stretch to the horizon. In the absence of inverse square law dimming with distance, very far away lights currently swamp out the background darkness and merge together creating an unconvincing solid glow. The Spanish/Catalan Mediterranean coast where there is sea opposite mountains should be good.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I'm new to aerofly (Did use Infinate Flight) I have seen Denver and city lights mentioned before, in other threads, but Denver city lights were in a previous game, is that right? If so, do you think they might add Denver city lights and possible places like the Spanish/Catalan Mediterranean Coast, as you suggested, in the future? I've no idea what 'inverse square law dimming' is. Is that something that is needed at the game developers side or is something that something the end users device would need the capability to do? Do you know if there is such a thing as real life night time maps, such as the ones we see in this game but obviously shot at night? Or do lights have to be added onto the map?

    Sorry for all the questions and no probs if you don't know the answers. All good. Just interested.

    It's actually quite incredible what they are able to do on mobile as regards to gaming. I've been really impressed with aerofly 2023. I can only imagine what we will see in the future. I would not have believed that I would be able to play a flight sim, of this standard, on a mobile phone and tablet, if someone had said to me, just a few years ago, that I would have been able to.

    I love to see trees. Nevertheless I agree. Night flights would be more worthwhile if there were city lights.

    Tbh, I don't have a clue how easy it would be to implement lights, and I would imagine it would be quite time consuming and take up lots of resources including money. But yeah, it would be great to see. I believe the maps we see are real life maps so I don't know if it would be possible to do the same thing with a night time map. I don't know if there is such a thing as a real life night time map. As, I said before I think the game looks amazing and I'm very happy with how it looks, but city lights, for me, would just be the icing on the cake. I would certainly be willing to pay a good bit extra for city lights.

    Uh, it looks terrific but you bought everything? That’s like saying I don’t like this wine after tasting and then taking the entire stock of the same wine.

    No you are wrong! I live in the UK and my first language is English.

    terrific =  extremely good; wonderful, awesome, impressive

    I think the game looks amazing!

    I must say first of all that what the developers/team have done with this game is great. It looks terrific and I have bought everything. What woukd really put the icing on the cake is city lights. I would actually prefer that to city buildings, which im not a big fan of tbh,sorry. Are there any plans to implement city lights in the future, or am I able to download user created content to have city lights on mobile for aerofly 2023 on mobile? Thanks.


    I'm brand new to this game. I'm trying to work out how to 'rewind' and go back a bit whilst on a flight. I can see that there is a 'fast forward' button but how do you 'rewind'


    Whilst on a flight. How do you easily go back to start I.E back onto the runway.

    I appreciate your help. Thanks