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    In my opinion Ipacs just have to make a one-time pop up window in the main menu. In this window you can vote for different Features, like this:

    This sounds reasonable. But ultimately the ones paying are the ones that keep the lights going, so that should be oriented to them in the first place.... That could also bring new customers.

    Also maybe a referencing system to share the simulator and get some sort of reward if the referenced one subscribes to the platform. That could also make the brand grow and keep customers happy.

    I'm curious about this. I'll go flying around Hong Kong (landing and takeoffs aswell).

    I'm on last AF version and my phone is still the same (LG VELVET 5G (around 3.5-4 years old with 4GB RAM).

    Edit: I didn't see any POLE on the runways (I checked all sides).

    I would suggest you say:

    - Aerofly version

    - Total RAM for your device

    - Graphics settings you are using

    This, in addition to what you already share will speed up support for your case. Also to do screenshots and state which runway and orientation you are at the moment of the screenshot.

    How about adding a cabin for Aerofly? This is from a competitor's work: A380,(Key information has been blocked to prevent misinterpretation and promotion of other works

    This would be cool, but I'd be happy with just the passenger seat and window as if you were actually in it, and also maybe ambience sound for both cabin and cockpit (radio chatter). That would make it much more inmersive.

    Finally we got LUKLA!! :love:

    Now we all understand what was taking so much time: attention to detail.

    Congratulations to the whole IPACS crew for such an astonishing creation. This is getting into serious business with its quality. I recommend the sim to every enthusiastic person if aviation that I encounter.

    I can't say I like it, because I LOVE IT!! Amazing job from Ipacs team. It's the best lukla representation I've ever seen in any mobile sim of this airport.

    All being said... Here is the CHALLENGE that I propose as a celebration for this new airport to my fellow simmers out there:

    Take off using Concorde. 8o

    And to showcase it's possible (but not easy), I already did it on my third try.

    Here's the link to the video of my challenge.

    Let's see those skilled pilots out there!

    I would do a progressive implementation as the follow upgrades in order:

    1. (Before 2025) Radio chatter when tuned in and up the volumes to recreate what you would be listening.

    2. (2025.. Ish?) An upgrade with maybe automated audios for ATC requests on airports.

    3. (2025-2026) Eventually ATC multiplayer.

    4. (2026 if possible) Airplanes from other players being displayed in our screen.

    (Much complicated next, for future upgrades)

    5. (2027+...) Colisions and avoidance messages/sounds if appropiate by the colision avoidance system.

    The crown jewel here is the outstanding quality and realism, on the contrary to those other "online sims" which I dumped in favour of this one.

    I imagine they are waiting until the potential of computation is big enough to have it without sacrificing quality at all.

    With the subscription plan it would be much easier for them to include it by increasing the quota when the tech makes it simple to be joint together. That way servers (different than the stream download of maps, obviously) could be paid for etc.

    I imagine this wil be on their schedule for the next 3-5 years from now at some point.

    Happens every time I try to add an approach + an arrival.

    No bug. You need to check the approach and Arrivals that are meant to work together, and if not is when the Arrivals are not for the ILS for example but for VFR landings or something like that. But normally you should be fine if you test the right combinations between those.

    In case the airport has few Arrivals/approaches and they don't match create your own arrival with manual waypoints and use the approach you wanted but make sure you're doing this.

    I believe someone already mentioned this.

    Fuel weight guys. Also configure the FMC including the proper weight, and CRZ altitude etc so it should adjust what CLB and CRZ N1 is.

    I use to do crazy tests in many airplanes and this is one of the few I've been able to take off, get done altitude, turn around and land back with only 1 engine from standing still position at lenghty runways.

    So no weakness imho, but perhaps... missconfiguration?

    About flight levels I recommend between FL27 and FL31.

    Being able to reach a max FL doesn't mean the plane flights there unless the weight adapts by losing Fuel, which is not at the moment. And other factors I will comment below.

    Also check wind speed, wind direction, etc. I don't know if devs also use temperature (regions of the planet, hour of day, and what period it is: winter, summer, etc) and thickness of the air mass to calculate lift, which would be awesome and more realistic and would definitely influence FL for CRZ, max ceiling and N1 power for each FL.

    I don't know if with all this you are satisfied, but those should be in your mind when testing.

    This is by far the best simulator for mobile in price/quality ratio.

    Give them some time, those payments will allow them to advance this a great deal.

    Just try to be more polite. Ask for it, but change the tone and you'll probably have a better outcome.

    Attitude. It's key.

    Yep, that would be nice as well but a little minimap shortcut would surely be easier to implement, also, I haven't found any aircraft that shows a nice terrain map with the flight path on it, are there any? :)

    I reckon the A380 had one, right?

    I might be mistaken but I think it had one.

    Also if I recall, the f18 also had it.