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    I think I can give you my feedback :

    Ipad 8th gen

    Same specs, updated to 17.4

    Everything works well without issues. Even in 100% pixel density settings at those heavy airports. (Except 737max9)

    Noticed issues:

    - Tokyo Haneda crashes (been present from the previous update)

    - while loading with 737max, I notice the crashing issues (spawned in big airports like VHHH, WSSS and JFK).

    -fps drops noticed in HD airports like Hong Kong (ikr might be because of my low ram. But that's ok l. Since the game is playable for my iPad. it doesn't matter much.)

    The cockpit is not the same between the -200 and the -300 :



    No, the 200s and 300s do have similarity.

    I think you took the old a330 cockpit image and showed it. It's the EIS difference. Google The EIS model 1. It is similar to the image which you displayed for the -200 Variant.

    Some airlines have them still. But, from my observation, the EIS 2 is used widely across every a330 which I have flown.

    This is EIS 2:

    This is EIS 1: (even in a320 cockpit):

    A320_shrek: Please more details. What is the Aerofly FS version. Does the B737 Max crash over sparsely populated area? I assume the issues are the same as with @boeing_flyer8.

    The amount of RAM on the iPAD 8 ( 3 GB only ) is not sufficient for complex airports.

    I have to partially agree with this.

    If so, how come KJFK and some airports like EGLL worked well with those same aircrafts before the 737max update?

    I noticed also smth strange in the app is that: the load time increase (this was not present in the pre 737max update).

    Second thing, Those heavy aircrafts worked (but, when I load with a small aircraft like baron and then changing to 737 or a320 in the same position).

    Other thing I noticed: as shrek mentioned the pushback issue. This wasn’t present before the max update.

    I hope you understand the real issue which I am undergoing.

    Yes I tried all of them.

    1st try: closed all the apps from background. Starts Aerofly, I select 737NG and for airport I choose Singapore, initialising and crashes after some seconds.

    2nd try: restarted the device, launches Aerofly, i select the same aircraft, this time, I selected Hong Kong, initializing and again crashes.

    It’s strange, only those heavy aircrafts like 737, A320 and other heavy aircrafts like A380 only crashes while, I load from any of the HD airports. Small aircrafts like dash 8, baron work well without issues.

    Regarding the unpopulated areas, yes, it works well. Even with those heavy aircrafts.

    It’s only crashing at heavy or large airports like WSSS, KJFK and some places. It didn’t crash at NZAA, YSSY and some Australian airports . (as well as Mumbai).

    Device model: iPad 8th gen (2020)

    iOS version : 17.3.1

    Loaded airport (VHHH) and (WSSS) with Boeing 737-900 and A320. Still it crashes after (initializing ). This same issue was present in the original version.

    Edit: before beta, New York, Sydney worked well while loading 737NG and a320. Now in beta, it crashes (same as the mentioned issue).

    Can you please fix my issue admin sorry to ping you. But, Im unable to fly with any heavy aircrafts like 737,a320, a380 after this beta update.

    The app crashes while I would like to spawn on any HD newly added airport (eg: New York, Singapore and hong kong).

    A Global Streaming cache issue?

    So, as the cache can't be clear, you have to delete the application and install it again (for free because it's already paid) to clear the cache by the way.

    Tried that fix,

    Still the same. No buildings at city, no night lights (except at Airports). Only I can see some monuments like Golden Gate Bridge etc…

    Did they reduce the building counts from minimal to 0 for my device?

    Here’s a picture to make you understand the issue:

    (Sorry for the bad quality of my image. Due to upload limitations, I need to reduce it.)

    Is flaps 25 even a valid takeoff flap setting? As far as I know only flaps 1 to 15 are allowed, 25 would give you a config warning, pretty sure.

    The flaps positions are probably not yet fully implemented and yes the v-speeds do not change with flap yet. I can fix this in the future when I have time for it. For now, it'd stick with flap 5 takeoff.

    One question, do pilots IRL usually use flaps 5 for take-off (in minimal weight operations)? Normally I've seen some use 10 and when loaded 15 (maximum).

    Someone explained that, 737s don't takeoff with 1 and 2.

    I don't think people take-off with 25 (mostly what I've observed) in any Boeing aircrafts. Be it 777 or 787, 737

    That's nice- I hated how XPlane tied the planes in with the scenery. What is the full price of everything? If it is under $40, I'm buying everything.

    Please do

    No, x plane just like, AF Global has even separate aircraft purchase option.

    What I meant is that: ( when IPACS in the future, adds other online using features like: multiplayer, atc (which I think again will require you, to pay for subs) they can consider merging this bundle aircraft pack, to a subs pack (maybe like x plane. basic and professional).

    This will also help the subs users to enjoy all + new aircrafts (in the future ) without a need of payment. (if you purchased a professional or a pack subs)

    In Option 1: current, Aerofly has ( one time payment) for either one aircraft or a bundle. Let this be a option for people ( who don’t want to purchase a subscription (professional) pack. but, only scenery subs (the current scenery subs))

    Option 2: they can put this as an option that, users can buy a professional subscription to unlock all aircrafts, scenery of the globe, airports and other features (they get benefit to try new aircraft without, a need of payment) (unlike other Sims like, x plane has).

    I hope you understand clearly. What exactly I meant.

    Please read this:

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)
    December 5, 2023 at 2:19 PM

    No, you don't need to buy planes every month. The aircraft purchases remain active, they are a one time purchase.

    As for streaming, depending on what is available it's either a prepaid option, pay in advance and unlock for a certain duration. Or it is a subscription that automatically renews, please check what you actually select and don't assume all options are automatically going to create monthly costs, this is not the case as far as I understand. The store may call both of these options a subscription though.

    Do you have any future intentions or plans to keep all the aircrafts with the subscription pack?

    I mean, you can keep this as an option. Some users can get accessed to the whole game (if you incase, add multiplayer ,ATC in the future ) with the subs. (Keeping the current one time payment for aircrafts as an option).

    If ipacs launches global transmission, please, I beg you to add many more airlines... it would be unrealistic to have airports all over the world and fly with airlines that do not belong to those territories, here is an example, for flights in Latin America we need airlines like Gol, Latam, Aeroméxico, Volaris, viva air, copa airlines, in the United States, frontier, spirit, Southwest, Asia, Qantas, Malaysia Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Garuda Indonesia, Europe, vueling, easyjet, etc. Please, that would give a plus to the new version of Aerofly and I read that thanks to global transmission, airline designs would no longer take up storage space

    You forgot Azul in Latin America? It's also one of the largest airline.

    I agree. But, it's you and me who understands the hardness to put a "global world" for free or one time payment easily. Well to be Frank, why IF, x plane (although has a global in pc) and rfs feature global with subscription? Because, the cloud which buffers the scenery as well as the contents cost more. It's just like paying cloud storage in your iPad or Google drive. I don't mind if it's subs as long as it's not extremely expensive. Devs gain more benefits although, they are a small team they can get more monetization if they implement subscription. Let it not be very expensive. Just, similar to x plane sub price or relevant.

    People these days think life is free to live. They don't realise the "price to be paid" for the amount of Hard Work.

    Does any know if global streaming will be featured in Aerofly for mobile devices?

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)
    September 22, 2023 at 8:39 PM

    For real, because, their aim is to reduce the app size to download (both for Android and iOS devices). AF I think, is the only game so far, has the highest download size in Mobile devices. Yeah, I know PC too does have.

    Forget to suggest one more thing: Along with the a330. I think Dev's can consider making the a340. It's easy for them. Just add 2 more engines and throttle levers and, some extended fuse work to be done. What do you guys think about the a340? Since, both of them share a commonality, in their fuselage. Would be nice to see also a Airbus A340-600.

    Absolutely, still remains the crippling cockpit handling. The IPACS one is far advanced.

    And buy a ToLiss Airbus that costs twice the price of its parent simulator and not to be a native Apple Silicon Application is a customer joke for me.

    Agree. Instead of spending so much, AFS is offering it at a cheap price. Only difference is that, toliss gets some amazing support for soundpacks and you can add liveries (wide varieties in the org).

    There the community didn't care to make a study level a330. Such a shame, a jar toy is the only choice for 11 users like me. That too, same like toliss cost more without any worth in it :(.