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Leaving community on Dec 30 2023.

Thank you Everyone for being with me in this community.

It’s because, I couldn’t understand you all people wether, you dislike my existence in the community or not. As, y’all don’t reply to me when I comment something.

Maybe, my comment could be inappropriate for y’all. I couldn’t still understand what makes y’all ignore me.

It’s all for good that, I leave the community for your benefit and for me.(I regret personally. As, I am missing devs to share any app related problems).

I’ll still continue to support the game by buying Aerofly app and it’s future global subscription I don’t have issues with that.

Thank you all for taking your time, to read this message.

With deep regrets!!


Welcome to the forum, l like Boeings.

The aircrafts which I love to fly (current and future):

Airbus A220 or Boeing 737max,

Airbus A330neo or Boeing 787 Dreamliner,

Boeing 777x or A350

ATR-72 and G550.