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    Thanks a lot! Still quite a bummer, caused me some issues now on the B777-300er entering stall situations. Even thoug already being on FL430 the airplane decided to adapt a V/S of 6.000. Apparently heading for the moon 😂😂😂

    Maybe a maximum flight level could be programmed to the sim?

    Whenever I use the time skip, the autopilot automatically set new altitudes. This would not be a problem, if the airplane (after the skip) would not try to climb to said level with 6.000 ft/min. For the A380 the new FL is always FL430, way too high for the A380.

    Nonetheless, I love the game and think it deserves much more praise. Is there a way to make a donation? Seeing other mobile flight sims charging 90€/year, I would like to donate something to the developers.

    Happy new year