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    When I go to the bakery and buy bread, I pay. Nevertheless, I am very grateful to the baker for selling me bread. Even though I have paid an annual subscription, I can still use IPACS very well

    You're right, what I find strange are the members acting as if they were partners... "IPACS this, IPCAS that..."
    IPACS is not your football team, you understand? Lacks pragmatism...

    We never thank them enough 🥲

    You need to review certain principles. IPACS is a company!
    I'll cite as an example the competing simulator, you know who I'm talking about, it's the most famous, it has online multiplayer, etc... Its community simply became a lot of kissing the developers' ass, when someone questioned something in the community, A group of lunatics appeared defending the company as if they were simply perfect and did not have the responsibility (self-assigned, by the way) to always seek the best for the simulator. There were countless stupid mistakes and there was no clear criteria for what they wanted to deliver to customers (we, who paid for it).
    Fortunately, this is not the case with IPACS, I have nothing to complain about until then, I know that they make a great effort to deliver the best and we see this in the results. Even though we don't have things like fuel limitations, real weather, multiplayer, it's perfectly understandable, given the absurd quality of all the other items. However, here's my addendum: don't get carried away by fanaticism, we are clients, not partners. We must expose our expectations with the simulator, not try to reduce what part of the community wants to be added.
    Do you thank the ATM for withdrawing your money? So why should you overly thank a company for providing you with the service you paid them to provide? It may seem a little rude, but the reality is one. And it's okay to show gratitude for the developers' work, but this is perfectly done through constant subscription renewals, purchasing new planes, reaching out to newbies... Anyway, I hope you understand.

    I agree with the focus on realism. Nevertheless, isn't it fantastic that we will have another aircraft to explore globally? Whether it's the -900 or the -1000, the developers are clearly dedicated to making this simulator exceptional.

    I understand that everyone wants to fly their favorite livery. However, let's remember that this is a mobile flight simulator. What is being offered here surpasses anything I could have imagined 10 years ago.

    Moreover, other teams seem to be working on additional improvements. It's going to be great!

    Yes, getting both -900 and -1000 will be great! But that doesn't change the fact that the experience with the -1000 will be limited for those who REALLY seek realism by only doing real flights.
    I can even use the MAX 9 itself as an example, which despite having many units in the Americas operating for United, Alaska, Aeromexico and Copa, in the rest of the world there are few companies and few routes that use it. If it were the MAX 8, WOW, we would have wonderful possibilities all over the globe.
    Yes, I am very grateful for the very high level of quality that IPACS delivers, for a very good price, by the way. But a forum exists precisely for this, to debate ideas, express our wishes, evaluate, and of course, strengthen the community.

    Guys, do you play Aerofly for the liveries? Or maybe for the sake of realism and high-quality detail?

    Liveries are a very important part. If only the A350-1000 comes, we will be limited to a small number of companies and, consequently, routes (or do you consider flying with any livery on any route to be realistic? Hahah. It would be shameful to see a British A350-1000 flying from Istanbul to Hong Kong and believe me, there are a lot of crazy people who do this kind of thing). If only one variant comes, I hope it will be the A350-900. If both come, great!

    be less ignorant to the point of saying that they have an obligation just because you pay and make your suggestions, without wanting to give the feeling that they have some obligation to you

    Your inability to interpret is noticeable...

    I am not justifying my request with the fact that I paid for the simulator. IPACS has no commitment to me personally, but it does have a commitment to the community that pays for the simulator. We are the customers and we expect our expectations to be met.

    For you to say that "ah, this livery would be a lot of work for IPACS" shows a lot of egg-headedness on your part...

    Companies exist to work.

    I just flew from Belo Horizonte to Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont and loved it. Does anyone have other recommendations of where to fly in Brazil? (0h 45min-2h 10min flight time)

    -And with which aircraft? (Not LAN/TAM/TAP Portugal A320, I've flown them many times)

    Cool! I'm from the city of Belo Horizonte :)

    I recommend flight TAM3300 from SBGR to SBFZ on the TAM Linhas Aéreas A320.

    I didn't know, I only saw photos of him with the Painting that she used before going bankrupt, and for me if they are going to bring it, bring this one, in my opinion, this image is ugly and on top of that it would be a lot of work for ipacs

    Too much work for IPACS? That's what we pay for the simulator!

    Regarding VARIG's livery, know that NONE of its 747-400s received the modern livery with a blue belly.

    All of the only three 747-400s she operated used only the old livery, which in my opinion is wonderful!

    PP-VPG, PP-VPH and PP-VPI.

    Hey guys!
    I don't know exactly how the selection of new liveries for Aerofly works, but I would like to ask for the community's support for the VARIG livery to be added to the Boeing 747-400.

    Varig was the only Brazilian airline and one of the few South American airlines to operate the Queen of the Skies, Boeing 747. Between 1981 and 1993, it operated the 200, 200B, 300 Combi, 300 All-Pax and the 400 variant .
    It was used on many of Varig's international routes departing from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, with emphasis on destinations such as Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Bangkok, Johannesburg and many of the main European destinations. It would be an amazing addition to Aerofly!
    I really hope this thread is remembered.