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    Hello everyone! I was doing yesterday two flights. One from EGLL to EHAM and another from EHAM to EGLL. The difference between them was the graphics API. I used OpenGL for the first flight and Vulkan for the second (I have a Samsung tab S8+ with a Snap. Gen 1). The final result was an increase performance of 10fps and stability around 30fps on ultra settings with Vulkan. With OpenGL I had an unstable flight around 15-22fps and 14% more battery usage. Otherwise it is very noctory the benefits of Vulkan. However, I know it is more difficult to program it. Thanks Aerofly to do that hard work to provide the best experience. I reccomend everyone to use Vulkan API if it is possible.

    Have good Flights^^

    What does it mean? I don't seem to have any opinions on quality and quantity. 737max9 is planned to be launched soon, and then what? What do you want to express

    I was telling how IPACS prefer quality over quantity using your answer, because they had spend a HOLE year to make B737-900er. That iis incredible! And I told to the guys that are anxious with the launch of 777X to let IPACS team do their Best on it:). Have good flights

    Not only 900er, but also a portion of last year's time was spent on the development of Max9,

    And then we see the quality offered by IPACS. As they spend a hole year to make an airplane (B737-900er), they are becoming the leader of realism, quality and simulation on Mobile Market. :) I am waiting the 737-Max 9 to be launched. However guys, we need to let IPACS team do their work, because they do quality over quantity

    Hello Everybody!

    I know Aerofly FS Global mobile is going to beat (in a near future, very near) every other Flight Sim in the mobile market with the New updates that are to Come. Based on that, I want to know if New added planes Will be free or apart from the players that bought all the planes with the Pack available in the game (Pack to buy all the fleet in a single payment).

    Thank you all! Vini:)