Colour filter mobile version

The yellow shot is closer to what my real dawn looked like today. Default shot shown for comparison. Colours are not exact to what I see but close (default is a bit more red than these screenshot shows). Simply added a yellow filter in the ipad menu. Refer to forum post about changing default colours for explanation of these screen shots.

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  • Is this the eye-saving mode?

    • In ios there are options for colour-blind or hard of sight users (increase contrast etc...) under the 'accessability' options in the settings menu. I think that is what you mean. Under that option can be found a colour filter. I use the bottom one to customise the filter (hue/intensity), not the presets.

    • I am an iOS user as well but I can’t find these settings, an explanation please.

    • Fab001, go to my post 'how to change default colours', July 23. It explains the menu ios settings complete with the yellow filter settings. I am finding the presets No 3&4 are very good. No3 (green/red) makes the colours much brighter - sky is bright blue and you can adjust the intensity. No 4 (blue/yellow) gives colours a deeper look with a dark blue sky. I tend to fly vintage planes with little colour in the cockpit. In a glass-cockpit the colour changes might be glaring, but you can always make slight changes to the default colours to customise. Let me know if you are struggling. I find the variety is pretty great - different sky colours etc... its almost a season change as far as landscapes go.