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  • Hi Jan, why was my ability to continue posting and learning in our thread blocked?
    Is asking questions about the direction this software is taking prohibited or something? I am very puzzled by this restriction as quite a bit of information was being so kindly shared by many of you experienced guys, what gives?
  • Any progress on the Learjet 45 tutorial?
    • Working on it, yes. I am currently writing the introduction to the flight deck part. Will take me a couple more days, in about 1 week I'll have a lot more time for it :)
    • Enough progress to add a new section on the wiki?
    • I'm working on it, just not top priority at this moment. But I'll work on it the next weeks, so stay tuned :)
      Right now I'm implementing other cool features for you guys :)
    • No doubt you are working on other good features which is also greatly appreciated. It just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all the long hours and hard work.
  • Jan. Sorry, found it. It's all in place and works a treat. Great stuff Jan. By gosh we need you. People as talented as you are scarce.
    Regards, Jim
  • Guten tag, vees gaten eden. Hi Jan. Don't think my German spelling is too good.!!
    Jan I have download and installed (somewhere, I hope in the AF2 directory) your cold and dark start. Thank you for passing this onto me. Anyway, I read about it in WIKI. When I open planes in AF2 I still only get the 3 default ones (Blue, Standard and one other) where would yours be???

  • Jan, problem solved with the additional user drive. A USB3 drive, the SSD will not work. End up using [K:\myscenerytest] and \scenery\images\user files. Thanks for hanging in there and troubleshooting the problems. Greatly appreciated.

  • Guten tag Jan,
    I assume the FS1 scenery add on ("Swiss obstacles") on your site doesn't work for FS2, correct?

    • That is correct, I don't have the original 3D model for it and I haven't heard from Krzysk for a long time to get the model. Needs to be re-converted with the latest tools and this might not even be possible with the earth curvature now...
  • Jan,

    What file is the CAS alert/warnings stored for the Learjet 45? I am just curious to see which ones are coded.

  • Bonjour
  • Hey Jan hab da immernoch ein paar fragen an dich :)
  • Hey Jan ich bin mittlerweile auch beim RC7 angekommen :D vielleicht sieht man sich ja mal
  • Habe eine interessante Site gefunden, bietet noch mehr Infos außer dieser: [URL=""][/URL]
  • Hi,

    gibts irgendwo ne Liste, wo steht was ich ändern muss, dass AF5 Modelle im RC7 gehen? Hab mittlerweile auch mal einen. :) Grüße Niko
  • I do check sales numbers on Steamspy occasionally, and noticed what appears to be a pretty big drop, which made me wonder and do some quick searches in the likely places, where I found this: [url][/url]

    Thought somebody here might want to look into it.
  • Hi Jan,

    Sorry to bother you, as I'm sure you're very busy. Can you tell me if it is still possible to develop new models for Aerofly RC 7? I have created many FliteTest models for Phoenix RC and would like to create them for Aerofly RC 7 so mac users will have access to the same models. I can get them saved in metasequoia (mqo) format but it seems the developer tools have been removed. I did write to aerofly support, hopefully they can help.

    I am creating the original models in Blender and exporting as .obj.

    Here's a list of the current models I have created for Phoenix if you're interested. [URL=""][/URL]

    Thank you!
  • Hey Jan lange nichts mehr von dir gehört
    hätte da ein paar fragen an dich :)
    Gruß Timo
  • Hi Jan

    I would like to convert some AFPD plane to Aerofly 5 and RC7.
    I know your model converter is not completed but would it be possible to obtain a copy to do my conversion?
    I am not interested to export to a different brand of simulator.

    Thank You in advance

    Michel B.
  • Hallo Jan,

    Wie geht es dir und wie sind deine Fortschritte mit der Software, habe leider deine Mailadresse nicht mehr da mein Outlook gecrasht war. Wollte nochmal nachfragen bzgl. dem Easystar2 wo du mir doch das tolle Bild der Geometrie gesendet hattest. Anbei meine Mail [email][/email]

    Grüße ... Andreas
  • Hallo Jan,

    würde gern meinen alten PT300 als Schlepper mit Autopilot ausstatten.
    Hast du die Änderungen als 'Bauteile' verfügbar?
    Ansonsten müsste ich wohl die TMDs vergleichen.

    Viele Grüße
    Karl-Heinz (rodeo)
  • Jan,

    I have posted the document you requested on the G+ conversation we have going -- minus the formatting details (bold, italic, alignment, etc.). Look it over and let me know what revisions you would suggest.


  • Hi Jan, I got a Google+ message from you. I replied, but since I am not entirely sure how that works, it may not have gotten through. Anyway, I added you to my newly created Aerofly FS circle. I guess that makes you the first member. Congrats!

  • Hello Jan! I hope you are doing well.

    Since I installed Aerofly FS version your ASH 31 Mi does no longer loads correctly.
    I was hoping you could have a solution for this problem or are maybe working on an update?

    Looking forward to enjoy some more flights in your glider!

  • After many tries to activate my Aerofly5 software I'm getting nowhere. I copied to my desktop and opened up the page to activate online but got a 90000 message. I also tried getting the licence on a different computer but I can't seem to combine it to the other files. I also downloaded the updates but they won't connect either. I'm at my wits end, can you help?
  • Thanks for posting the guide to the parameters. I'm having a ton of fun experimenting with my game.
  • Hi Jan,

    Skype: M4rcG4m4r ... ist mein Gamertag deshalb so strange -.-
    Danke für deine Hilfe :)

  • Hallo Jan,

    Danke und entschuldigung dass ich so spät antworten. Habe dass forum ja lange nicht mehr besucht.

    Und ja du kannst meine sound hochladen.

    Viele Grüße,
  • Hallo Jan,

    dann mal viel Erfolg (ich habe noch ein Jahr Zeit ;-))!!!!!!


    PS: Kannst mir ja mal deine Mailadresse geben, dann schick ich dir schon mal Bilder vom Modell.
  • Hallo Jan,

    ich habe mich mal hingesetzt und einen Heli gebastelt. Da ich habe nicht die Zeit und Lust habe den zu Programmieren suche ich da jemanden. Und da du ja mit sowas umgehen kannst frage ich mal. Wenn du interesse hast würde ich dir das Modell mal schicken. Ist im Moment noch das 3D Modell in Blender. Das müsste ich dann konvertieren. Also, wenn du Lust hast melde dich einfach mal.

  • hallo jan wie geht es dir
  • Das hatte ich schon kappiert, aber trotzdem vielen Dank.
    Eine Funktion, selber hinzufügen, jetzt ein besseres Beispiel: Smoke-TipTank, sowas geht noch nicht??, oder. Wie das geht, weiß ich trotzdem (kann es auf den Kanal Fahrwerk, ...) legen, aber es interrisiert mich trotzdem furchbart.


    PS: nochmal ohne drummherumm: eine neue Servofunktion hinzufügen, also Smoke-TipTank, wie kann ich das machen? DDDAAANNNKKKEEE
  • klar würde ihn gerne haben:)



    cool das du dich wenigstens rantraust:)