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  • Rodeo,

    Just a heads up -- the link to your website isn't working...

    • Yes, you are right. Some weeks ago Higgy closed his server.

      I decided not to move the outdated page to another address.

      So I'll remove the link from my personal data.

      I'm really happy to meet you again here in this forum! :)

    • As am I! If you create a near website, be sure I get the link...

  • Hi Rodeo, just wanted to thank you for all the amazing help you provide to everyone here, and the huge amount of time it must take to do so. You are an incredible asset to the AeroFly community and we appreciate it!

  • Hallo Michael,

    würdest du mir noch dein TSC schicken, ich könnte das dann mit weiteren Gebäuden testen
    Meine Adresse lautet karlheinz.roeder -at-

  • Teamviewer habe ich schon, kein Problem.

  • Hallo Rodeo,

    falls Du wirklich mit dem Teamviewer draufschauen möchtest, ab 13:30 Uhr wäre okay. Du erreichst mich per Telefon 03641 368978 (neben dem Rechner) oder per Skype michael.basler.52 (nur Chat, kein Headset dran). Ich kann Dich aber auch gern anrufen.

    Danke schon einmal, Michael

    • Hallo Michael,

      ja, das probieren wir jetzt mal aus. Ich rufe dich um 13:30 an. Kannst du teamviewer installieren?


  • Hi Randy,

    I don't know anything about 3Dmax, no idea about their modifiers.

    The first ground I got from Michael (IPACS) had these quads which you see in the tutorial. I thought the same before as you did about nonplanar surfaces. But obviously it works.
    Nethertheless triangles are ok as long as they are not too small spikes.

  • Rodeo, is if ok to use quads for modeling? I've been triangulating everything because quads can cause render problems when they go non-planar. However, I've seen quads in the tutorials.

  • Hey Rodeo, In the 3ds max airport tutorial on the Wiki, there is a comment to use the modifier quantify mesh, I believe this should be quadify mesh.

  • Ray,

    I did stop it, because Jeff wanted to release his Key West first. Actually I still don't know whether IPACS will upload this large scenery with the USGS images.

  • Hey Rodeo,
    Is the updated Whidbey still in the works? I realize you are extremely busy, but . . . .


  • Hi Phil,

    IPACS mixed up the remark text. This is the correct statement:

    <[bool] [write_images_with_mask][true]> // global flag -> if this is false, no image is created
    // if a mask is required. if this is true you can still
    // disable mask images for a selected level, see below
    // images with mask are always 'problematic'. rule of thum
    // is to create an area as large as possible

    <[bool] [write_images_with_mask][true]> // create images that would require a mask
    <[bool] [write_images_with_mask][false]> // do not create images that would require a mask

  • Hi Rodeo. I'm just updating this page as Ray says he uses it. I'm adding mask options and scenery raw writing.

    I'm a bit confused about masks though. The comment at the top of your TMC example says

    [write_images_with_mask][true]> // global flag -> if this is true, no image is created if a mask is required.

    But later in the example it says

    [write_images_with_mask][true]> // create images that would require a mask

    It seems to me that false=do not create images if a mask is required.

    Secondly what is best practice for coastal regions? Surely I need to enable masks at every level I convert if I want to see converted scenery at that level? I don't quite follow when masks would be switched on differently at different levels.


  • Hi Rodeo, any chance you could make a video tutorial on adding adjacent scenery using Geoconverter? Also, what files do I need to keep from previously created scenery that an adjacent tile would need.

  • Hi Rodeo, have you used this tool:

  • Hi Rodeo, I am unable to locate the .ttx files as per your video tutorial. Where are they located in the _aeroflyFS2_airportdesign_ac3d_package?

  • Hi Rodeo, do you have an address where I could send you an archive with data samples ? BR Antoine

  • Ah thanks, they even offer streetlamps as shapefiles.

    Currently I use openstreetmap editor directly, export data to osm, convert into shape and load them into my GIS. This gives me all kind of information, but streetlamps are rarely documented.

    Only limitation is the download size of osm, but I use a manual tile system for it.
    Works quite fluently.

  • Hi Rodeo, another source for street light data:

  • Sharing on a private base is not fair to the community.
    I will publish sceneries which are no legal problem here at ipacs.
    Most others are sort of test sceneries, nothing complete to be published or shared.
    But I can support you using the converter.

    • would you make a video tutorial. alot of us have been requesting one. just make a quick one so we can set it up ourselves and get working cause i got a bit lost

  • i did send a pm- i said if i give u and FTP could you share some of ur scenery with me. Im having trouble using the converter

  • It will be interesting if tpowellau's co-ords are inverted. I know its a simple step but clumsy and prone to problems. I've found another streamlining opportunity for my TMC converter. Rather than click [E] to generate the INI, click [C] to copy the settings to the clipboard then simply paste into my web page. I'm also wondering if the TMC can be generated to output direct to a defined folder underneath the /documents/aerofly/scenery etc etc , so there's no need to copy files.

  • Hi Rodeo,

    ich befürchte du müsstest die tmds vergleichen. Du kannst mich gerne auch per mail kontaktieren oder per Skype wie ich es mit Arthur pflege.


  • Hi Mona,

    zum Zeitpunkt des Erstellens wurden die Previews tatsächlich angezeigt, aber das liegt ja schon eine ganze Weile und etliche Updates zurück.
    Das sollte jedoch kein Problem zwischen uns werden. Ich aktualisiere das Modell demnächst und die Sache ist aus der Welt.
    Falls du mal in die Historie von aerofly sehen willst:

    Karl-Heinz (Rodeo)

  • Sorry Rodeo, für das was du möglicherweise falsch aufgefasst haben magst^^
    Mehr als dich auf den Vorschaufehler hinzuweisen kann ich nicht tun. Das Vorschau-Problem gibts bei uns seit Installation des Modells (und nicht erst seit dem 5.7er Update)! Natürlich steht es dir frei meine Angaben anzuzweifeln und auf Besserwisserei abzuschieben, anstatt dich von Tatsachen zu überzeugen. Fakt ist, das ich das nicht in der Problembeschreibung erwähnt hätte wenn es anders wäre! Vielleicht darf ich in dem Zusammenhang auf meine Beschreibung im Thread verweisen, in der ich vorab erklärt habe, von von den Ursachen keine Ahnung zu haben und mich deswegen auch nicht an Vermutungen beteilige (wie ein gewisser anderer User). Das dieses Problem so lange besteht, habe ich nur erwähnt um DIR die Ursachenforschung zu erleichtern - und nicht um dich zu verarschen!!! Doch sorry vielmals, ich gelobe Besserung und verspreche das dies ganz gewiß nicht wieder vorkommt. In diesem Sinne, viel Erfolg^^

  • Hi Rodeo ... I've been flying Aerofly 5.5 for a few months now and am thrilled with the accuracy and performance of this simulator, especially with the sailplanes. I am a designer/builder of composite sailplanes in California, and would love to be able to have one or more of my designs to fly on Aerofly. Where am I going with this? "Building" a model for the simulator is well beyond my abilities, and I was wondering if there is any chance you could do so for me? I could provide you with 3-views, photos, etc and give my input as far as flight performance, etc. In particular, I'd like to see a version of my Caliber F3F sailplane. You can check out my stuff at

    If you'd be at all interested in this project, please let me know.

    Thanks so much.

    Mark Triebes

  • Tolles Panorama!
    Macht irre Spaß hier zu fliegen ... :^)
    Viele Grüße,

  • Karl-Heinz, have you received my email with Trolley/Ball? I sent it the day before yesterday.
    Best wishes

  • Gosh! Rodeo, the giant of AFPD, asking me for a copy of my work!
    With great pleasure, I'll send it later today.