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    Excellent story Ray, thanks for that! :thumbup:

    I luckily could experience the formation flying of 6 Ju 52/3m at Hahnweide 2011.

    I think these 6 are the last flying species in entire Europe.

    The sound creates goose bumps!


    Hi Ray,

    another idea for removing separate buildings from cultivation is to use JOSM.

    You probably have downloaded an OSM file for your cultivation.
    You can open this file with JOSM, identify the building footprints which you already have in your city model and delete them.

    Afterwards run your scenProc process to create the cultivation buildings.

    Hi kisvakond,

    I have sent you a link in a private conversation. Please note the conversation at the right top of the forum.

    It contains a description of the task and some example files.

    Hope to hear from you again...


    Concerning the above and previous posts of mine about freeware scenery: read this.

    Mr. Fickle is at it again

    My apologies for some of the stupid remarks I made.

    @ J van E,

    no need to apologize. I know you as a critical, but exceedingly competent forum user.

    Sometimes this may be a good corrective for our overenthusiastic position.

    But anyhow thanks for your words.

    @ all,

    thanks for all your contributions.

    Kisvakond has a major position now, because we just have one missing step about the coordinate files.

    I will contact you and discuss the task.

    Ray's suggestion is a good one (as usual ;) ). We could take Oahu as our project.

    After I talked to Kisvakond and got a positive answer I will setup a conversation group for us to dispose the different jobs.

    Have a sunny sunday


    Just some impressions from the Aero today.

    The booth of Brunner-VRmotion-IPACS was always crowded during the hours I have been there.

    Unfortunately I missed to take a foto of Jet-Pack :(. I'm really sorry Jan!

    Stefan at work:

    Torsten and Marc in a moment they were not occupied by visitors:

    Rodeo flying the F18:

    A pilot confirmed the realism of the simulation after his flight with the R22:

    The crowded booth:

    My primary skill is to moan and complain too much and being negative all the time. Sorry about that. ;)

    No problem at all, your contributions are always welcome and show an alternative view of users besides the active modding gang. :)

    My primary skill is downloading Oldar’s overbuilt airports and thinking up things for other folks to do.



    Rolling over the floor laughing loudly :D:thumbup:


    no Sir. :) For flyover just stay with low levels, no problem.

    But if you do only a high level 13 as the thread starter mentioned, you should also do a full set of lower levels up to your desired one.

    If you skip the lower levels here, you will create this pop up effect.


    I mentioned our requirement in that thread, but there was no feedback.

    Just to avoid some misunderstandings:

    I never thought of doing the entire 50 states of the USA systematically, there is no need for that.

    It would already be a success, to process a handfull of selected areas which are not covered by OrbX or IPACS.

    Or even a single area where we put all of our stuff together.

    Of course there is no obligation. This is our hobby and the result of the work should be freeware.

    The big advantage: The 'end user' can download a complete package from, without missing some parts like cultivation, ground textures...

    And of course usage is free. If you don't like it, don't use it. ;):)


    Hi all,

    thinking still about all the free USGS data I have this vision:

    1. Some people download state by state of the 1m aerial images and convert them up to level 14 step by step.

    We still need a programmer to create the coordinate files for geoconvert.

    USGS data can be published free, just give credits to them.

    And now we have the server installation where all the users can download the data.

    2. Another group concentrates to increase the elevation mesh to a higher level. In combination with the aerial images this is a boost to the visual perception.

    3. Now we have this overwhelming tool FSCloudPort of Spit40, and some users may add the relevant airports for the current state.

    4. There are some specialists amongst us for cultivation. I suggest to do this in separate files for lights, vegetation and buildings.

    This will allow us the replace or modify them separately.

    5. This is our user server to publish all the stuff together:

    Similar jobs could be done for another parts of the world, but in the USA all the data are available without legal problems.

    So all users can benefit from this work.

    What do you think about this, are you ready to join such a group? What is the ranking of the states?

    I'm curious about your opinion.



    I just saw this thread.

    I know that airport__runway does much stronger flattening than airport__outside. I already had another case, where outside was just not enough for ground flattening.

    So there are 2 possibilities:

    1. Try to refine the elevation mesh data as shown in another thread.

    2. Create __airport__runway mesh between the 2 runways, make it partially a taxiway and partially a green surface.


    I named it building_textures and included them into the related airport folders.
    I did not specify them in the TSC file.

    I'm pretty sure there are other possibilities as well, especially when you will use the textures for more than a single airport area.

    But I did not yet test it....


    in most cases the OSM will miss any detailed information.

    If you work on a specific area (not too large) you can modify some data in JOSM or QGIS for your own purpose.

    Single trees look like this:

    To include them in scenproc you need these lines:

    Forest polygons look like this:

    You need:

    Now, if you change the values in your data and the script,

    let's say natural = "shrub"

    or landuse = "forest conifer"
    you may specifically plant the requested group.

    I used this for different height groups of trees (see EDXE), or for different climatic zones.