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    Your price is a sightseeing flight around most beautiful Hawaii!!!


    Isn't that fantastic???


    Of course in this great simulator called aerofly.


    Oh, you do this every day?

    You're already a lucky man!

    Thanks for your friendship :)

    Hey man,

    one and a half year with aerofly and only recently your first posts? You could have been more active here ^^

    No, actually all flight simmers know about MSFS, and some of us are even in the alpha and beta program.

    MSFS will be a burner anyway, it doesn't need additional advertising right now. Many of us have already several flight sims and will have this as well.

    So why not using different sims for different preferences? Let's discuss here about aerofly.

    No offense :)

    Ok tup61,

    you have now 3 posts where you declare aerofly as dead and we should look into MSFS.

    We got it now and you may forgive us, that we still have fun with aerofly.

    This is a very active and friendly forum, but we care about what we have and what we can do right now with the existing tools.

    ...AC3 is to complexe to made a correct Mesh at Airport.

    Hi Uli,

    in fact it has been proven, that it is not too complex:

    But of course you have to learn the tool as we all have to do for other sw like blender, gimp paintshop etc. ;)

    This is the AC3D way:

    1. Actually Antoine is correct, there is no weighting of vertices.

    2. The aerofly converter supports 2 ground meshes with a required naming:

    __airport__outside with average flattening

    __airport__runway with strong flattening

    3. You have to use the aerofly exporter inside AC3D to get the correct result.

    The nice feature is, that these meshes fit smoothly into the aerofly elevation mesh.

    But I like your approach, to find another ways and that you don't give up too early.

    So try this idea:

    Create a flat mesh without texture, name it edxw__airport__runway
    Attention: Double underscores! _ _ between the names
    Call this in the tsc:

    Next create a mesh with texture, call it as an object in the tsc as well and hope, that it works.

    Naming doesn't matter for this object.

    Possible problems:

    Does modelconverter transfer the mesh at height 0?

    Pay attention that the max texture size is 4096x4096 for your airport runway.