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    Oh, it's a great but rather old version aerofly professional deluxe, called AFPD.

    You can download lot of sceneries and models for it at, Higgy's server for sim stuff.

    After AFPD IPACS published aerofly rc5, rc7 and currently rc8.

    This is what I love (and hate) about FS2, its just so accurate.



    Well, 2 doctors in physics and a university degree in aerospace engineering counts a lot for accuracy.

    I'll be interested as well, at least to follow the conversation. Perhaps I learn to avoid my rc models from crashing ;)

    what i do is delete the lights and reflections in the folders, that improves my fps a looot

    The reflection files control the behaviour of the surfaces, you may live without them.

    But removing the light files will remove your night textures. Keep T (time) pressed and see what happens in the dark.

    Think about the flightsim market.

    There exist 'hardcore simmers', who have the latest hardware plus additional tools for their favorite flightsim. They might have spent thousands of bucks for it. They want to use it as close to reality as possible including all procedures like in real life. If it takes 10 minutes to get a Jumbo up from cold and dark, so that’s reality.

    There are 'intermediate simmers' who want to have a certain system depth, but prefer a quick start sequence over real life procedures.

    Another group may be called 'fun simmers', gamers who hop into a cockpit and want to fly, just with the stick controls without caring about fuelling or ATC or pushback.

    Actually the flight sim community comprises all these people and everything in between. And none of the current flightsims can satisfy all the very different requests.

    Now, I’m not sure whether the first group is the largest group. Also think about it, are these people mostly FSX- and future MSFS-users, willing to change at all to another product? I don’t think so, because no other product can compete with Microsoft’s market power (including all the 3rd party devs). And I’m not sure whether aerofly should reinvent all the features, which are already existing in other sims.

    In a competitive market aerofly should focus on it’s own strength and on features supporting this. Let’s say we have a good flight model, 2 outstanding helos (1 user helo!!!), superb graphics, high frame rates and great VR support. What would fit into these positive aspects?

    More helos, multiplayer, weather? Sounds good for group 2 and 3, group 1 will still find so many missing features, that they don’t think about aerofly. But some of them may like a quick nice flight with aerofly in between their MSFS flights.

    Perhaps you have some more ideas in this line of thinking instead demanding another version of MSFS.


    Your price is a sightseeing flight around most beautiful Hawaii!!!


    Isn't that fantastic???


    Of course in this great simulator called aerofly.


    Oh, you do this every day?

    You're already a lucky man!

    Thanks for your friendship :)