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  • Hello krzysk

    I am new to Aerofly FS2 and already enjoy your fabulous work - many thanks for that.

    My favourite is the Erco 415 but I have a permanent problem with it.

    As soon as I placed it on the ramp, it instantly gets catapulted in the air only to fall down crashing on its back.

    Any idea to solve that problem?



  • Hello Master! ZLIN flies great just the gradual increase in the sound of the engine would need to fine-tune ... would it be possible to repair? I can't find PZL Dromader and Stearman PT-17 Kaydet in your aircraft list. Thank you for great work on aircraft models.

  • Hello from Brno. Thank you for the sound of Zlin Z 526 AFS


  • Thank you to share your models with us !

  • krzysk,

    I love doing deadstick landing practice, and in FS 1 I found a way to get the Cub Special to fly with the engine off. I was wondering -- for the aircraft you convert to FS 2, can you equip them with an engine on/off toggle? And what is the possibility we could get functioning fuel gauges in the aircraft and have the engine stop when the fuel runs out? Both of these would add to the realism of flying in FS 2...

  • Hello krzysk, Welcome to AFS2. Your personal collection is outstanding. I am a retired rw pilot that spends most of every day flying flight sims. I have logged time in your C-337, BD-5J, T6, C-170. PA-11 and Q2. You can use me for confidential beta testing if you like.



  • Hi. I just wanted to say how excited I am about all the models you have and the potential for them to work in FS2. Adak47 told me about the DHC which I have just been having fun flying around in. If you need a beta tester let me know - That Spitfire would be amazing !


  • Hi Adak47, great to see post you sent to me:)

    I had a long break from simulators. Actually thanks to last Christmas promotion I've bought AFS2, and I'm surprised that it it so good. I have even tried to convert some of my older models and it looks quite interesting Maybe I'll publish something again


    • Hello, my friend. Just checking to see if you are having any success creating aircraft and scenery for FS 2. I really miss having a PA-11 Cub Special to fly in FS 2, not to mention your Venice and Space Port scenery. Any progress on the design work to report?



      P.S. Check out:

      Aerofly FS 2 Screenshot Thread

    • Hi adak47, Generally all those models are working now in FS2:) but hey still need to be tuned

    • Well, send me the Cub Special and I will do some beta-testing for you. I have lots of hours with it in FS 1-- I can deadstick land with it just about anywhere, including the tops of mountains! LOL

  • Hello K., long time. Are you still doing aircraft and scenery design for Aerofly FS? And how about FS 2?

    I hope things are going well for you...


  • Hello,

    I yours in you congratulate on your works, I contact you because I would like to convert my Yak 54 of X-plane for Aerofly Fs, could you me helped?

    Cordially Thomas.

  • Hello Krisk,

    I made a simple program, that outputs a template for all known objects of the aeroflyFS and aerofly5.
    E.g. You type "rig" and it auto-completes it to "rigidbody", then it shows the tmd code for that object and you can copy that over to your aircraft. Currently it downloads its templates from my homepage but it can also run offline when it finds its templates. All templates are .tmd files so you could open them manually too.

    If you are interested in the small tool or if you just want all 93 templates as files,
    please send me an email to: jet-pack (at)