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    Did you use <[shader][hint][glass exterior]> shader?

    Try to use 'exterior' and 'interior' shaders respectively for each materials ( exterior = shiny, interior=matte)

    you have to split glass materials and objects into interior and exterior

    Hi Delfin,

    The course represents the real tracks at Reno Stead , NV airport where the STIHL National Championship Air Races take place.

    Actually the course is several courses for different classes overlaid on the same piece of ground.

    The map of courses is enclosed in docs folder. More about cources you can find on the organizer's website:

    So I explain why some people see more models, and when models become available to the public.

    There are three groups of models:

    • private, which I develop only myself,
    • shared with a narrow test group,
    • and made available to the public.

    Generally models go through these three stages. When I correct critical errors (such as exploding gears), I make a model available to a narrow group.

    When the model is "almost" ready and for now I don't plan any more features (like VR), I make it available to the public.

    Of course reported issues are resolving in all stages.

    Therefore, many simple models are already available, but more complex models still need to be worked on, and are not available to everyone.

    The current GitHub subscription plan allows up to three colaborants per model in private tests. For this reason, from time to time I change the people who have access to the model, using the available space.

    I hope you will understand my approach.



    It is even not required to declare bump map in a3cd. It should work if bump map exists and map is correct. Is the map correct? Maybe you have normal map , but not bump map - they are different (you can use fuselage00_normal.bmp instead of fuselage00_bump.bmp)

    Please check if you have in model.tmc bump scaling set correctly, ie:




    'uvscaling' is not required, it changes bump map size but not depth.

    Bocian Glider

    1) falls apart and crashes on runway loading before you get a chance to do the rapid up thing.

    2) Small area on front of Stab (both sides) flashing

    Hmm, me and Jetjockey10 cannot observe such glider behaviour. Could sb else confirm?

    Regarding 2) it was fixed

    2) colour washed out on Trimotor... too much reflection I think

    I've just tested full specular maps on that aircraft :) (it happens because I connected GitHb with my running folder)

    You can simply delete all specular.ttx files...

    or download newer version with reworked textures

    4) Chipmunk loads with canopy open and I cant find a way to close it

    Gear button is a temporary solution and comes from Aerofly FS1 model - there was not other solution as it is8o


    Lately I sorted out my projects and connected running versions of models to the GitHub platform. This allows me to share developed staff with others for testing. Most of models are still in the private domain as they are still in the early stage of development, but some of them are available in the public domain. You can find it here:

    You can look at my repositories and see what is currently in the public domain, but also you can download models and test it! (use Clone or download green button). From time to time I will add new models there. If you create GitHub account, you can also cooperate with me to submit comments and issues, or develop these models yourself.

    One note: it is the platform for developers, so the models included there are infinite, they can have numerous errors that cause problems. I am dedicating this possibility to those who can deal with installing and testing models at their own risk (that's why I do not give instructions on how to use it;))

    Enjoy it