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  • Hello Kai,

    Yes, If I remember well, your wife broke a leg : I hope she is recovering well, that is the priority !

    Like other members since the beginning, I know what a patience here with Aerofly projects ;-), so feel free to ask me : Now I’ve flown more than 650 hours in Af2, mostly GA airplane, and since I’m beta testing the Krszit (sorry for the name) plane, mostly his cub and the cessna 170b, because I love flying taildaggers mostly with glaciers landing in Switzerland. So I understand very well if you have enough competent collegues here to beta test your birds, but I’m avalaible. If not, I will really not mind ;-)

    Regards, Herve

  • Hello Herve,

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    I thought a while back that I have soon the Bücker ready for testing, but then came everything a bit differently than I thought. Anyway, I have some 5-6 people in mind to who I would like to give the plane for testing. If you like, I would include you. But it will still take some 2-3 weeks.


  • HerveF,

    Do you have any AF2 repaints that you are willing to share? I am writing the review and you and I are the first to be able to make repaints that I know.

    Ray M