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    C’est quand tu as deux cultivations (pour aerofly, ça signifie autogen), qui se chevauchent.

    Tu ne dois avoir qu’une seule cultivation par zone. Pour la Suisse, c’est soit la freeware d’Orbx, soit celle de Drassaut, par exemple, mais pas les deux, sinon, les maisons flaschent !

    A plus

    Just asking to clarify: you cannot mix Steam- and non-Steam-content, e.g. have the Steam-Version of AFS2 and the non-Steam-version of a DLC installed? Or is there a safe way to do this?

    I own the Steam-Version of AFS2 and currently do not buy DLCs from non-Steam sources because I did not find any information regarding this topic.

    No problem, I use a mix of Steam dlc, Orbx tfx central downloaded addon, aerosoft product, and all is ok without problems. :)


    Since the beginning, here in this forum, we have plenty of talented designers who came like you from fsx world.

    Aerofly fs2 is really another world, with a lot of potential, but a completely new way of thinking. Some tools permit to convert - but it is not easy at all - sceneries from other sims, but that is not the goal, because it is a completely new world, with new codes, etc....I cannot speak in the name of IPACS gentlemen, but these discussions about « you should », « please do that », annoy the creators from IPACS. Like you and many others here, I spend years designing sceneries in THE old sim you mention, but for now my knowledge required new tools to design native FS2 sceneries is way too poor... But you should take time reading some topics here in this discussion - to have an idea. Some talented designer here are building great tools, dedicated to this sim, but you have to forget references to the old sim.

    Anyway Fs2 is way ahead of other sims in many aspects, and the future looks bright :). And remember that Fs2 is young, and the talented IPACS team is very small. But ORBX, Aerosoft and Just Flight already joined the FS2 world. So I’m confident.

    For me, since more than one year, I simply cannot enjoy another simulator that Fs2. No way back. And I began with fs95 in 1996....

    I wish you a lot of success, and I’m happy that you join us !


    Ok for me « modeled » means with customs 3 D essential building, like Berne, Buochs, Reichenbach, Birrfeld, and many other,,,,, except Sion, Les Eplatures, Neuchatel, Gruyere, Locarno, Lugano, Ambri, St Stephan, Munster...and many others

    Overloaded : according to my experience, Bex airport (LSGB), brings full of strange static aircraft in many other swiss airports, like saanen.

    For me, the fscloud Bex airport is responsible of many strange effects on other airport.

    Try to delete BEX, and all will be fine in many other places.

    In my Switzerland dlc, Sion is ok : flat runway, with no building (which is a pity)..

    Jan, Unfortunatelly, no: Sion, Lugano and Locarno are not modeled. They never received the same attention as Samedan, Saanen, Zweisimmen, Mollis and so on...

    Just the runway, starting location and taxiways...

    It is very sad that IPACS did not had the time to complete Switzerland DLC, which is a jewel ! Let's hope someone can enhance these airports, which are interesting destinations in south Swiss Alps.