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    Here is another aircraft for krzysk to add to his project list: a bush plane with a 980 hp Pratt and Whitney turbine:

    The Draco is a custom built job with extensive modifications.

    Manually tweaking the AO seems to be the best solution. I've brightened everything up and I think I've reached a decent middle ground. I'll definitely be tweaking this a lot more (and redoing some parts that didn't bake correctly) but I'm happier with the results.

    Yes, that looks great!

    Even if the real aircraft doesn't have aileron trim it should still be added for user comfort. Take the Camel or Jungmeister for example, it's nice to be able to trim them out for level flight, even though you would probably have to hold aileron in the real aircraft.

    I agree with this, and I will again beat that dead horse for allowing mouse flight control as in FS 1. In that app, I never had to worry about messing with trim because if the aircraft deviated from level flight when the mouse was centered on the screen, I just nudged it in the direction needed to offset the deviation. For example, for nose high deviation just move it forward a bit and for nose low nudge it back. Right wing low? Move the mouse to the left just enough to offset the deviation, and vice versa for left wing low. This so much easier than clicking cockpit controls or pressing key strokes to trim the elevator and ailerons.

    And before someone points out (yet again) how the mouse is needed to click on all those clickable controls in the cockpit, I will simply say I fly FS 2 aircraft and never use the mouse to do that at all (excepting for the rare case where that is the only alternative), preferring instead to setup keystroke controls for doing the required action. It seems to me that the decision to disable mouse flight control in FS 2 to monopolize it for clicking about the cockpit is an example of the tail wagging the dog...

    And as I have pointed out previously, for people who actually prefer clicking on cockpit controls, it is possible to have a keystroke for toggling between the two modes: cockpit mouse control and flight mouse control. I can't see a good reason for taking a way one control mode, when both can be accommodated.

    I only fly planes from inside the cockpit: I have the idea a lot of people like to fly the planes while magically hovering in the air, somewhere behind the plane, and in that case these models may be fine already! But not for my kind of flying. ;) )

    The only downside to cockpit flying is the cockpit covers so much of that beautiful Aerofly FS 2 scenery. Of course, that doesn't matter too much in this kind of flying where attention to the instrument panel is kind of mandatory:

    The Mac OS has a nifty feature, where you can hold the control-key down and scroll to zoom in (and out) on a specific area of the screen. So you could expand the Flight Information display selectively, although other areas in the image may expand off the screen. But it would allow you to temporarily zoom in on a particular piece of information, and then zoom back out again. Here is an example of a zoomed image:

    I don't know if Windows has a similar capability. If not, an app might be available to do the same thing.

    I'm thinking the Wilga should also be a good STOL package for all those short and high Lukla airports.

    Yes a "typical" landing speed of 30 mph for an aircraft that large and heavy is amazing -- those two wings must generate a lot of lift!

    So this is now working in FS 2? When is the release date? It looks great!

    I think, you can imagine that the pic makes it pretty easy to model the trim tap. But now, for example, check all the pictures for details of the tailwheel of the Carbon Cub. So, there would already be the first problem.

    Guys, don't understand me wrong. Just saying that we should try to get a photo set from somewhere.

    I wonder if the parts and technical manuals used by A&P mechanics would be helpful?

    i fully agree with you ! Only a Super Cub (with 150 or 180hp) can climb, land and take off from Switzerland glacier landing places situated usually between 9000 and 12000 ft....

    While I don't question this conclusion based on your direct experience, I can say that I have landed krzysk's Cub Special on top of the glaciers and even mountain tops in FS 1. :)