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  • Roy, I read your friends Bio last night. Wow, that is one huge contribution to the aviation community. Thanks for keeping the dream alive.

    I opened a dialog with the President of CubCrafters yesterday and sent him a laundry list of items for measurement a few hours ago. I'm hoping it wasn't too much at one time, but we shall see. I will keep you informed of my progress so we don't double dip by asking the same questions of your FBO/friend.


    • Thanks for the feedback.

      Working directly with CubCrafters is probably the best way to go, as it's really in their best interest to have their plane modeled, and you can build up a relationship where they might provide images, plans, specs that aren't available to the public.

    • I agree. But, just in case it doesn't work for some reason at the home office or factory level we might need to use your local contact.

    • No problem.

    • Great. Thanks.