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  • hay jay if you need help for the 737 engins i can help i have discord and could show you how i do it .

    • thanks mate, I appreciate it. I believe we found the issue, just need to try it when I get to my pc.

      I know the basics though, already repainted the c172 (highway patrol) in the past.

      I didn't noticed the texture needs to be "split". Could have been mentioned in a small readme file or something (clue for ipacs) :)

    • exactley mate . lets hope it works out for you.it should do it did for me.

  • damn it, not acceptable!!
    Keep the pressure on ;)

  • Hello Jay,
    I just got at email reply from the CC Dir of Marketing. He said they had participated in several previous attempts to build a flight sim model of the Cubcrafters but nothing was ever completed so they declined. I pleaded for one more try.