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    I knew she's gonna be in good hands after I saw your first project Kai🤩

    Glad to see the progress and don't worry about time mate. Don't rush it, do what you doing, it's stunning👍

    I am so insanely busy since our little one was born, don't take me wrong I wouldn't change a thing but I know how precious the time can be now🤣

    Keep up the great work..


    HI Jay, welcome back I guess :)

    Profiles are one possible solution but there could still be an even better solution that just nobody has thought of yet. That is why I keep asking what you want to assign specifically and what things are actually different between aircraft. Because as I see it only the throttle quadrants have been mentioned so far and a few custom home cockpits that have a lot of controls that could be used differently for different aircraft. But I'm not yet hearing anyone that says: no I want the landing light switch in aircraft A to be on my switch 1 but it in aircraft B it should be on switch 2. Nobody actually likes assigning all these buttons and switches and we all tend to assign the same stuff on the same switches to not get confused with what they do every time.

    Just some ideas that I want to throw in here which would mean less menu clicky thingy and more powerful and intelligent assignments.

    Maybe we can detect that you have a throttle quadrant connected and then prioritize which controls you have on there. Then all you need to do is connect it via usb and depending on the aircraft the assignments switch automatically ...

    Hi Jan

    For me it's only the throttle levers but others have a good point with the light switches. Different planes use different layout.

    I quite like your idea but I'm afraid it would be more confusing, the system remapping assignments on it's own.

    I would just keep it simple and allow for few profiles that can be saved to a cfg file.

    That way we can even reinstall or update the sim and get out settings back from the file.

    In another words..

    As soon as you leave the "save grounds", the real adoption will take place and AFS will become interesting for 3rd party devs, cockpit builders, hardware developers and the real flight sim enthusiasts.....

    No sim is gonna make it over a decade without proper hardware punk! (just my opinion though)

    There are actually many examples, all of which, not having been forced into a hardcore only niche went on to make the type of money consumer-level study sims can only dream of. We could start with War Thunder and its millions of users, and go on to the Ace Combat series with its millions of users and numerous sequels. From there we could mention Arma 3, Vtol Vr, etc......

    The list is pretty long, and the one thing they all have in common is that they are very popular, made money..... And are not often spoken of on hardcore FS dedicated forums. :S

    But we're not after money here.. are we?:/

    Also I was thinking more "simulation"...

    Anyway , back to the subject, I would very much appreciate more complex control options though..

    Hey'all, I simply have to join this conversation..

    This is my post from Novenber 2016:

    "Here's another idea of mine that would make our lives much easier.

    As we have many different aircraft in this beautiful sim I was wondering if IPACS could implement the option to save individual controls assignments to a custom profiles. We could then load these profiles to have best control over the chosen aircraft.

    For example with Saitek TPM module, I prefer to fly single props in a way this module was designed. However flying 737 gives this module great advantage to control each engine individually with (P) & (M) levers, leaving the (T) for spoilers.

    This is very comfortable set-up for 737 by the way, but having to reassign these controls every time I want to change aircraft is just little bit pesky.."

    I understand the need for IPACS to keep things simple and "casual" but let's be honest here.. In which world did the casual users build extremely sustainable and supportive base for any sim developer....?

    you're right, I love it:D

    I'm actually planing to save the original gauges and convert them with stepper motors or servos.

    I'm sure by the time I'll get there, lots of things will be sorted by others.

    Will start with the mechanical portion though.

    Hey guys

    Seeing this thread I can't help it but share my latest "midlife crisis solution" :D

    Just bought this on eBay, going across the country to collect it this weekend. I really hope AFS will eventually be accompanied with something similar to FSUIPC so I can "hook it up" to the sim.

    Well this project is gonna take me the next decade anyway so my hopes are high 8)

    I still would love to see the Carbon Cub in Aerofly. Maybe Jay can send someone else the files to continue the project so that we don't have to start from scratch...

    Hey guys

    I apologise for the lack of updates regarding the Carbon Cub. Trust me, I would love to see it in AFS already but the truth is, I didn't have enough time to make decent progress. I and my Mrs had recently our firstborn so things are little overwhelming:sleeping:

    I will gladly share the "model in progress" with other artist, provided he will pay real attention to detail in the cockpit area (my original intention). I also have tons of documentation that would come with it.

    PM me if you like.

    I don't think I will get the chance to continue working on it any time soon though||

    ok jay . the psd file for photo shop for the engines say engines_left_right_color . what i did was duplicate it and rename one to engine_left_color then the other one rename it engine_right_color .then put them in the folder instead off engine_left_right_color.then paint them and convert them.hope that helps.

    This might be it man!

    I'll give it a shot when I get back from work.

    How did you figure this out? ;)


    The link above is blank.

    Thanks for your attention guys. It's really curious issue though. All the other textures are fine, just this damn engines.

    The exported BMP is showing no traces of California however preview and the model itself does.

    Hey boys

    something is not right.. Trying to repaint the 737 but my aircraft converter won't do anything at all.

    Just following Rodeo's tutorial the same way I've done with the Cessna Patrol skin in the past but somehow, this time, no luck...

    Is there a different approach to the 737 repaint?