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    you're right, I love it:D

    I'm actually planing to save the original gauges and convert them with stepper motors or servos.

    I'm sure by the time I'll get there, lots of things will be sorted by others.

    Will start with the mechanical portion though.

    but you already have the external dll sending data to and from aerofly

    I know, but it's a whole new world compared to the other two.

    Things like arduino or open cockpits IO cards won't work straight away.

    Anyway as I said, I'm sure this will be much farther by the time I'm ready to implement these;)

    Hey guys

    Seeing this thread I can't help it but share my latest "midlife crisis solution" :D

    Just bought this on eBay, going across the country to collect it this weekend. I really hope AFS will eventually be accompanied with something similar to FSUIPC so I can "hook it up" to the sim.

    Well this project is gonna take me the next decade anyway so my hopes are high 8)

    I still would love to see the Carbon Cub in Aerofly. Maybe Jay can send someone else the files to continue the project so that we don't have to start from scratch...

    Hey guys

    I apologise for the lack of updates regarding the Carbon Cub. Trust me, I would love to see it in AFS already but the truth is, I didn't have enough time to make decent progress. I and my Mrs had recently our firstborn so things are little overwhelming:sleeping:

    I will gladly share the "model in progress" with other artist, provided he will pay real attention to detail in the cockpit area (my original intention). I also have tons of documentation that would come with it.

    PM me if you like.

    I don't think I will get the chance to continue working on it any time soon though||

    ok jay . the psd file for photo shop for the engines say engines_left_right_color . what i did was duplicate it and rename one to engine_left_color then the other one rename it engine_right_color .then put them in the folder instead off engine_left_right_color.then paint them and convert them.hope that helps.

    This might be it man!

    I'll give it a shot when I get back from work.

    How did you figure this out? ;)


    The link above is blank.

    Thanks for your attention guys. It's really curious issue though. All the other textures are fine, just this damn engines.

    The exported BMP is showing no traces of California however preview and the model itself does.

    Hey boys

    something is not right.. Trying to repaint the 737 but my aircraft converter won't do anything at all.

    Just following Rodeo's tutorial the same way I've done with the Cessna Patrol skin in the past but somehow, this time, no luck...

    Is there a different approach to the 737 repaint?



    Of course, you'll need "few" lines of code to decide what kind of effect, direction and strength is to be send to your motors. This should be done with some kind of control board, H-bridge and PWM. I still don't understand half of what's needed to achieve this but there are some clever people willing to help though;)

    I'll have a closer look to the SimTools. Perhaps this might be an option.


    Do you create resistance by having a motor push in the direction against which you are turning/pitching? Doesn't that just burn it out? And if you didn't make the turn doesn't it mean the motor would move the yoke to a different position by itself. I understand motion platforms and have built a G-Seat but FFB I just don't get yet.

    The idea I'm working on is to take an existing yoke and convert it to FFB by installing 2 servos to provide the resistance. I'm running SimTools 2.2 and can code the Arduino so I can get the AFS2 forces to the yoke.

    Small light bulb moment as I type - I set the servos to hold the existing position and therefore resist movement, but somehow detect small movements in the intended direction and allow some movement after a little effort.

    that's correct.

    For example basic spring effect will try to maintain certain position defined by flight conditions. When you push the stick out, motors kick in with linear load farther you push. Strangely enough they won't burn or even get warm (talking about MSFFB stick).

    If you don't make the turn, the yoke will follow which is the good thing (when you trim the aircraft or engage AP the yoke will maintain desired "center").

    I was always wondering if SimTools can be any useful for FFB application though.

    Your "light-bulb moment" is very similar to what I'm trying to achieve with OS-CL (see my web, very bottom of the page)

    BU0836A uses a matrix wiring system but will do the same job in terms of encoders.

    BU0836X is more expensive, allows for very easy integration (thanks to the clip-rail) and supports wider range of inputs.

    The reason why it works so well, is quite simple. AFS2 allows you to assign key strokes to +/- adjustments of various instruments!

    Bodnar's joystick boards support "rotary to key" emulation via additional plugin so all you need to do is find the best timing for your particular encoders..

    This is my setup for example:

    The Pulse Width makes all the difference..


    I'm not sure which solution you referring to (Saitek throttle scroll wheel or rotary encoders on Leo Bodnar's board) ?

    Anyhow I have to say that AFS2 has the best response with the rotaries! None of the other sims can do this with such natural feel.

    Regarding the FFB yoke.

    V2 is progressing really well so I've launched a little "campaign" to find programmer capable of writing ASF2-FFB plugin.

    And just to re-insure anybody else following the SuperCub development, I'm still on it boys;) (slow but steady)