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  • Senhores, alguém pode me dizer onde eu encontrar alguns cenários de ensino de vídeo tutorial, eu não entendo nada disso, mas eu queria tentar fazer cenários ... especialmente SBGL e SBGR

  • Great stuff. I'm actually thinking along similar lines. See this: http://www.multipole.org/disco…ver/viewtopic.php?t=22057

    Could be used to replace those water holding tiles with transparency.

  • It's great Spit40.
    All further development that automate the process are welcome. Now I test batch automatic processing photos in Photoshop. :-)

  • Thanks for your help Hartman. My converter has now been updated - best of both worlds! It produces 6 decimal places by default, but has a tickbox option to output 2 decimal places instead.

  • Thanks for testing my converter and sending the results. It is strange because it works for me with six decimal places and I deliberately set it to produce 6 places because the default showed that (I think? Do you have a copy?). I could easily change mine to output 2 decimal places, but it seems too little. Perhaps 4 would be better. I'll ask rodeo.

  • Rodeo, thank you for a good and clear explanation.
    Now I understand how the numbers (coordinates) appear. :)
    So maybe you should add this to Wiki?

    First, I received an error message. Discovered that the coordinates that followed the aerial photo were incorrect (or maybe another coordinate system?). Confusing.

    But I found a solution. Your calculations were correct - and the conversion went well.

    Thanks so much.

  • Hartman,

    did you succeed with your aerial image?
    Did you understand my calculation?
    I got trouble with my text, since people mix it all up.
    So I hope at least you could work with it.
    Any feedback is appreciated.