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    v0.4 won't open. I've had it working before, [...] Deleted all folders and downloaded fresh v0.4 to start from scratch. I click the Aeroscenery with the .exe and it doesn't start. I've moved v0.4 to different Drives and even Ran As Administrator. Nothing. No Firewall warnings.

    Same experience. Could there be anything that changes in the Registry? What could prevent this exe file from running? Maybe I'll try another computer.

    If you happen to click more than 1 square, it will download those too - not sure how to unclick a square - may just have to restart the program to clear out unwanted squares.

    Yes, I realized I could not remove the first square I had finished. When I added a new square - the first square was also downloaded again. Now I can not start the program at all. The program file (exe) can not boot. I dont know why. Choose to wait for version 0.5. :thumbup:

    At that time I had tried to convert several smaller areas (about 30x40 km around the airfields) with "GeoConvertHelper" and then add adjoining areas to it. Unfortunately there were always black areas in between. I did not like that, that's why I stopped it.

    As you describe it sounds simple, but I still do not know myself.
    I have a large number of "Area_L * .bmp files". Editing all "INF files" by hand will certainly take a long time.

    That's why I thought "AeroScenery" could help me.

    Same experience. Downloaded a number of areas for about a year ago. But there was too much trouble with black areas and so on. After a year's break - I'm now trying the new exciting tool AeroScenery.

    AeroScenery works on the size of AFS grid squares for ease of use.

    Currently you can select level 9 squares, which is around 40km . The next version, 0.5, will allow smaller tiles to be selected for getting very detailed images of airports for instance.

    You can select as many of these tiles as you like for one "run" though, so as big an area as you need.

    Thank you for that info. Then I will wait for version 0.5.

    I just tested version 0.4 - and it worked very well - so far. Thank you so much. :)

    (I hope you get control of the masks (the black areas)).

    Thank you for confirming that it is not only me!

    Many of us experience the same as you (black rectangles and stripes). Therefore, I have taken a break for now, and hope that this will be resolved in an update of the Geoconvert tool.

    When you run a second conversion job in the exactly lined up adjacent area, the answer is yes.

    If you don't have a second job of bordering regions, then no.

    Ok. It was as expected. But I want to clarify the limitations of this process. Therefore:

    Will this approach work?

    I would like to add an area to the north (second conversion):

    I delete the masks that create black areas:

    Selects a new area that includes and replaces the areas I deleted:

    The second conversion creates new masks, and as I delete:

    Theoretically, I will then have a perfect "line up" (yellow line). Is that correct?

    I think we need to know how the tiles in FS 2 are defined to prevent the creation of masks.

    Yes, it is important for the further development of scenery.

    All tiles are 2048 x 2048 pixels. Is the entire globe divided into a fixed grid pattern adapted to this tile dimension?

    It appears that all aerial photos that come outside this hidden 2048 x 2048 grid automatically get a mask.

    Please inform us.

    How did you make water mask? I am extremely intimidated by this step.

    So far I have not tested "Aerofly FS2 alpha blending". For now, it has been more important for me to test simple and quick solutions to clean up the bad sea areas along the coast (and there are way too much bad sea areas).

    But so far, here's what works fine for me:

    Here is a typical problem along the coast. Several types of graphics that do not match (I'm using an example from Hawaii).

    Original, used Virtual Earth (FSET):

    In Photoshop I quickly draw a line along the coast with the lasoo tool (select). I draw near the coast where the graphics are bad (or the contrast is ugly). See red arrow.

    After using Feather Radius, I use the Fill command and fill the selected area with "sea color" (Feather Radius value depends on the graphics quality).

    For "sea color" I use (the "sea color" becomes much brighter in AFS2):

    Before converting, as mentioned above, I use Brightness/Contrast. Then it will be like this:

    Hope some of you will find ways to improve this process. Nice to exchange experiences. :)