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    Sorry, but I can not follow the last part of the conversation, so I can not tell if you have solved your problem (I know...silly American ). Have you got your parking position worked out? I have successfully added a number of parking locations without any issue, so if you still need help, I am happy to look into this for you.

    I'm glad that you are enjoying her. I too love the smell and feel of a new plane. It funny, but just this afternoon at work I was having a discussion with some people about being around the new airplanes (and the old ones as well) and what a nice feeling it is to go out into the hangar and get into a new plane. There is just something about it, that never gets old or tiresome, and we all felt blessed to be able to do it. I personally actually prefer the older planes that have comeback to us, and been overhauled with new paint and new interior over the new ones. There is just something about the energy and the spirit that they develop, that the new ones just have not earned 'yet'.

    Wishing you many many happy hours together with your new bird.

    If you could create a virtual clipboard that could display a selected .pdf file, then you could clip your pdf approach plate to the clipboard, and turn it into something truly useful when VR, as you would have access to the plate. Most of your online nav data providers such as provide the charts in pdf format.

    I do wonder though how some of the error/bugs got through to the final release... Like that sound loop bug...!

    Well, here is how "I" see it.

    They could have fixed every tiny thing...but it would take a long long time. And some things, such as the sound tick, do not show for everyone ( I can not hear it on my installation, with my computer for example, although clearly others can). I can say with all honesty that they made a lot of effort, and I am pretty certain ( as Beta testers we only hear an outside message, not the inside discussions) that they did delay release at least once when we came up with more things to address. I can also say that what was released was SUBSTANTIALLY better than the first Beta test. This is not to criticize the initial Beta, this is to point out the time and energy that they put into making it as good as possible before public release.

    I can also say that having been a part of flight sims since the early '90s, and been a 'tweaker' of all of them, I can say that AeroFly is by far the most challenging to work with, and I am sure that with this being JustFlight's first Aerofly release, they may still be trying to work out exactly how to handle some of the more minor items, that were easy in the FS franchise, but are much more challenging with Aerofly.

    Plus, remember that AeroFly is still a relative infant compared to the competition, and there are still some features that no matter how bad you want to fix them, there is still currently no fix available.

    Bottom my book, as a first release on a new platform, JustFlight did an AWESOME job!!! And I, for one, am 'loving' this bird.

    Me too.


    Concerning corrections: my various reported errors/bugs have been send forward to the developer, according to someone from JF on the JF forum. Let's hope the developer finds some time to correct the various things soon! (I also send JF my findings using their ticket system but didn't get a reply from them yet.)

    As a Beta tester for the Duchess, I can tell you that they JustFlight team was VERY responsive during the review process, and made many many requested changes, so keep your fingers crossed!

    It is a very long time since I flew a twin, there is an instrument panel control to drive the HSI if necessary to allign its slaving with the compass heading. That might be it under the turn coordinator, perhaps it works and perhaps it affects the hdg flag? I don’t remember much about it.

    I must get my third ! Aerofly JF Duchess.

    Yes, I used that control to disable the gyro slave and allow the compass rose to intentionally precess, that is how I determined that the flag was not working, under just that ( and so far only that) scenario.

    You are correct. The red flag is an indication of the failure of the gyro slave system, IRL. I have no doubt that they will correct this with the few other minor issues.


    I loaded up the Duchess tonight while preparing the upload file for my first Duchess repaint (Currently posted at and tested the Heading flag, and found that it actually works properly now. I recall it not working properly during the Beta test builds, however they must have corrected it before the final build was released. Please see below for the result of some basic testing that I ran...

    Step 1 Normal State. AC Power applied, Nav 1 tuned to a local VOR with good signal. Gyros set to slave. NO FLAGS

    Step 2 NAVCOM1 CB pulled. Nav signal lost. NAV Flag displayed

    Step 3 NavCom1 CB reset. GYRO CB pulled. Gyros unpowered HDG Flag displayed

    Step 4 Return to normal. All breakers reset, NAV 1 set to a active local VOR with good signal. No flags

    All Breakers set, but NAV 1 set to an invalid frequency, so no VOR signal fromNavCom1. NAV flag is displayed

    Now, HERE is one issue that does need to be rectified, and I will do all I can to see to it that it does get corrected...

    All CBs are set, but AC Alternator off, No AC Power. Gyros set to FREE so the heading is drifting way off heading. Should have HDG flag but do not.

    I hope that this helps :0)

    I never flew the T-Tail Arrows in real life, but I have a lot of time in both the straight tail Lance and the T-Tail Lance, which are just bigger, heavier Cherokees. The T-Tail always seemed to run out of pitch authority in the flair when flying with a forward CG, but was fine with a more centralized or aft CG. THe T-Tail also needed more trim attention with power changes. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the virtual one flied in AFS2