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    > epic mate

    Thank you. as for BMI, I believe that be is British European, while bmi was British Midlands International. Still sad to see bmi go, even though they were pretty small, with only a few ERJ135 and 145's.

    I know it is still early in the process, but do we know if the repaint tools will be adapted to accommodate the Duchess? I know that the FS version from Just Flight came with a blank white texture for repaints, which was better than nothing, but if we are not able to integrate the textures to the model then that won't be of much help.

    Sounds amazing - thank you very much 👍👍👍

    I'm really looking forward to fly the Widerøe some day. I have been sitting in the jump seat of a "real" Q400 from Widerøe a couple of times between Denmark and Norway and it would be awesome to pilot the thing my self 🙂

    Jump seating is fun. Not as much fun as being a meter or so further forward, but still a lot of fun and a great learning opportunity.

    If you are really looking forward to the Widerøe, why not surf the net (Here is a great source...…icType=2573&airline=60903) and pick out a specific airframe that you are interested in, and I'll do my best to include it.

    Thats realy good to here. i think that i might make the 737 liveries for europe that peaple would like.i have ryanair on the go then ill be making more when i have the time too.

    I saw the Ryanair preview. Your work is looking great!

    > Are request or wishes allowed?

    Of course they are!

    Widerøe is already on my list. I am just this evening starting on flybe, and can see from my research tonight that there were quite a few 'specialty' aircraft, with one football player or another, or other special recognition, so I should be able to represent a good collection of those. I like having the varieties, so that just like the Frontier and the WestJet, we can have some with varying degrees of cleanliness and dirtiness. It is fun when I can make other little 'fun' things as well ( hint... "Look! Is moose and squirrel!")

    I'm trying to focus on airlines that would have actually been found in the locations that we have available in AFS2. I downloaded the Orbx Netherlands today, and my research showed a lot of flybe traffic around the Netherlands, which is what led me to select them as the next project. Frontier was prevalent around Eagle Colorado, so that made Frontier an easy prior choice. This is not to say that others can not be done as well, but it would be good I think to give every one at least something authentic for each of the primary available locations within the software.

    That's awesome! I love the Duchess in real life. One of my first aviation jobs was working for a Beech distributer in Hayward California, and I fell in love with them then. Later, I earned my Multi commercial rating in one. Wonderful flying airplanes. A lot of fun to fly, and nice looking too. This is good news.

    Jay, a few things I've been thinking about... First, I forgot to answer your question...I always create a new folder in the Liveries area for each repaint that I do. So just as you now have the California_One folder, I would create a folder in the Liveries section, and place all of your layers for your repaint within that folder. Second, could you show us what the .bmp file for the engines looks like before you compile the project? That might provide some clues as to what is driving the issue.


    It is possible that you may have inadvertently duplicated the California_One layer at a higher priority position. If you have, then you would still see the livery even with the standard California_One deactivated. My next step if I were in your position would be to systematically check every layer with a higher priority to be sure that you don't have one hiding..

    When you export the 24 bit .bmp prior to compiling the model, is the California_One livery showing on the exported .bmp?

    Excellent! She looks beautiful. Trying to get straight lines down the fuselage on the 737 is a real challenge. I have spent a lot of hours on my first 737 scheme and still have a lot to go.